Dream interpretation

How is the posture of sleep and character


There is much to learn about the character of people not only by their actions and behavior, but also by the posture they take during sleep. In whatever position a person falls asleep, in the deep phase of sleep his body will take exactly the pose that is most comfortable and natural for him.

When I got married, I noticed that my chosen one always sleeps in the same position, and changes him only in certain circumstances. I wondered why this is happening, and what it is connected with. After studying some of the works of psychologists on the topic of sleep, I realized that the position of the sleeper is closely related to his character, and how exactly - I will tell in this article.

What affects the position of the body?

Getting ready for bed, a person occupies the most comfortable position in bed, but after a while, his posture changes to the one in which he will spend the greatest part of the night. This process takes place on an intuitive level, and is associated with psychological aspects and personality traits. By the position of the body, you can learn about the presence or absence of leadership qualities, the degree of self-confidence and the peculiarities of character. But in some circumstances, the position during sleep may differ from the usual, so you should consider the following factors:

  • noise level in the room;
  • ambient temperature;
  • the degree of comfort of the bed;
  • changing the place of sleep (overnight in nature, in a hotel or a guest);
  • the presence or absence of another person nearby.

The position in a dream is also closely related to the state of human health, therefore, it may change due to illness or stress experienced throughout the day. In the absence of these factors, the person will always sleep in the same position.

Body position

Trying to study the character of a person according to his position in a dream, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the position of his arms and legs, as well as the occupied space as a whole.

Hand position

Thanks to hand gestures, people can more clearly show and explain many things. In a dream, by their position you can learn about the mental state of a person.

  • Arms crossed on the abdomen - defensive posture. It is possible that at this stage of life a person has some problems with which he is trying to fight.
  • Hands behind the head with elbows bred to the side indicate a developed intellect.
  • Bent in hands, lying on a pillow on the damage of the head, but not crossed can indicate that a person is happy with his life, he is not disturbed by anything, and he feels his importance. In this position, children often sleep.
  • Straight, elongated limbs - the pose of a passive person. Such people are not inclined to set and achieve goals. They "go with the flow," and are content with what they have.
  • If the palms touch the face, as if closing it, then such a person has recently experienced a great loss, or has seen something terrible that she would like to forget.
  • If a person holds his hands over the edge of the bed or its back, then he clearly needs help or support from loved ones. He is probably in a difficult life situation.

In addition to the position of the hands should also pay attention to the palm. If in a dream a man clenches his fists, then most likely he has a hot-tempered and aggressive character. It also indicates perseverance and the ability to achieve the desired.

Leg position

The legs are part of the musculoskeletal system, on which the speed and confidence of a person’s movement depends. That is why in a dream their position on purposefulness, ability to achieve goals and a person’s life position.

  • If the legs are covered with a blanket or a blanket, or are hooked on the edge of the bed, this indicates the constancy of nature, which is manifested in all spheres of life. Such a person can be trusted, he will never fail, but at the same time he does not strive for development.
  • Limbs hang from the bed - impermanence, the thirst for frequent change. Such people often change jobs, love partners and place of residence. They reject the generally accepted rules and regulations, and follow only their internal bylaws.
  • Interlaced or crossed legs indicate a person’s uncertainty. He goes through life with timid steps, afraid to stumble. Such a person is often manipulated, because she easily surrenders.
  • The position in which one leg is folded over the other indicates that the position is passive, and they can be even or bent at the knees. Such individuals take any situations that life presents to them, easily adapt to them, but do not try to change anything.
  • The direct position of the limbs is typical for courageous and goal-oriented people who are ready for any actions in order to achieve the desired. They have well developed leadership qualities, which are manifested not only at work, but also in everyday life.

Occupied space

Depending on what area of ​​the bed a person occupies while sleeping, one can recognize the main features of his character and temperament. For example, self-confident people with a strong-willed character and an active lifestyle take a lot of space. Often they are located in the center of the bed, and their favorite position is the star. As a rule, such people are quite sociable, cheerful and cheerful.

Passive, self-confident individuals prefer to sleep on the edge of the bed, regardless of whether there is someone else nearby. They are often depressed or in a bad mood, completely dissatisfied with their lives, and are skeptical of everything. These people are pessimists, so they are not trying to change anything for the better, because simply do not believe in the result.

Persons who, during sleep, take the position of the embryo, and occupy only a small corner of the bed, behave uncomfortably, are afraid to open up, and do not seek to let something new into their lives. They are like snails hiding in their shells. Nevertheless, such personalities are incredible talents, which shyness and fear of rejection by others do not allow them to reveal.

Calm during sleep indicates the balance and consistency of the person. Impulsive people, who often do not bring the work begun to the end, always turn in their sleep and make sudden movements.

Toque common postures

Each person has his own special posture for sleep, which would seem to be unique, but this is not quite so. Experts identify 10 basic body positions that people take during sleep. They have clear parameters by which they are easy to recognize. Each posture can tell a lot about the personality, its inclinations, character, social status and life priorities.

  1. "Bud" - a pose in which a person lies on his side, knees bent and pulled up to his chest. Often he takes a small corner of the bed, his back to the wall, and clamps a blanket or pillow between his knees. Approximately in the same position the child is in the womb, where he feels protected. In adulthood, fetal posture indicates character indecision, anxiety, and timidity. Such people hardly make contact, so it is not easy to build trusting relationships with them.
  2. "Star" - position on the abdomen or back with widely spread limbs. It seems that a sleeping person is thus trying to occupy as much space as possible. For such a person it is very important to be recognized by others and to feel its importance. Also, the star posture may indicate persistent, and sometimes aggressive, behavior, which often hides complexes. It should be noted that sometimes a person assumes such a position in bed in cases where someone puts pressure on him in life and tries to invade his personal territory.
  3. "Soldier" - lying on his back, his legs straight, arms stretched along the body. Such a pose is inherent in restrained, closed and silent people who are used to doing more than talking. Such persons are straightforward, sometimes cruel, they place high demands on others, do not like being contradicted.
  4. “King” is a relaxed, free posture in which the legs of a person lie straight, slightly apart, and arms extended along the body, but not pressed, but at a short distance. In this position, sleep frank, self-confident personality, which disgusting lies and cunning. They are honest, decent, persistent, possess leadership qualities, and always achieve their goals.
  5. "Philosopher" - position on the back or stomach with arms bent and behind the head. The first position is inherent in intellectually developed, judicious individuals who like to discuss "deep" topics. They are passive, pensive, slow and indecisive, which makes it difficult for them to establish relationships with the opposite sex. The position of the second type indicates a refined and closed nature, which often doubts its own decisions. Nevertheless, in the life of such a person is quite practical, provided that there is a number of reliable support and good advisers.
  6. "Cross" - twisted position in which the sleeper lies on his side, his hands are located on the bed in front of him, with one higher than the other. The legs are also in different positions, one bent and the other straight. In this position, the person resembles a frozen runner. It is characteristic of unorganized persons, who often forget their belongings, are late for meetings and events, do not fulfill promises, and do not finish the job. The discipline of such individuals is also not consistent with generally accepted standards, because they are capricious and spoiled.
  7. “Heron” is a common position in which the sleeper lies on his stomach, with one hand under the head or pillow. The legs form a triangle, because one limb is straight and the other is bent at the knee, while the foot is usually in contact with the first. In this position, unpredictable, capricious personalities are sleeping, which are characterized by frequent mood swings.
  8. "Log" - has a resemblance to the pose of a "soldier", but in it a man lies on his side. She points to the good nature, sociability and openness of nature. Such people easily make new acquaintances, and establish friendly contact with them. They slowly make decisions, and are not inclined to reckless actions. If a sleeping person has one arm extended in front of him, then he can be called gullible, which often confronts deception.
  9. On the stomach with arms outstretched above his head and straight legs sleep closed personality. In life, they try to keep distance with others, and do not allow anyone into their space. Such people are distinguished by autonomy and independence. They like order, so they strive to maintain it in everything, be it home, work or everyday affairs. They are stubborn, persistent, able to achieve their goals, and usually achieve a good financial position and solid social status.
  10. The classic pose, in which the third part of the population of the planet sleeps, looks like this: the position on the side, the limbs are slightly bent, and not infrequently the hands are located slightly above the head. This position emphasizes the openness, balance and sociability of a person. And if he, turning over in his sleep, maintains the same position of the arms and legs, then we can say that the person can adapt to any conditions.

Thanks to the above-described interpretations of the positions that people take during sleep, you can learn about the peculiarities of the nature of loved ones, their inclinations and needs, as well as understand how to establish relationships with them.