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The amazing power of the icon of the Holy Trinity


In total there is a huge number of Orthodox icons. Each of them stands out from the total mass due to its unique properties and values. In this article, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a fairly well-known icon of the Holy Trinity, learn about the significance of the icon of the Holy Trinity, and how it helps people.

Historical background of the shrine

The miraculous icon of the Holy Trinity is different plot, which is based on a story from the Book of Genesis, in which the eighteenth section tells about the meeting of the three travelers (personify the trinity of the Almighty and Abraham).

Initially, the composition was created using the same scenes taken from the Bible: travelers, Abraham and his wife, and a variety of everyday scenes. It was because of this that the shrine was given another name and began to call it not just the "Holy Trinity", but "Abraham's Hospitality."

With the passage of time, part of the real events on the icon began to be filled with a radically new meaning, symbolic. At the same time, angels (appearing on the icon as travelers) began to be revered like the symbol of the Trinity of the Most High, and the manifestation of the latter to Abraham acquired the name of the "appearance of the Holy Trinity".

For this reason, there are several variations of the writing of the icon:

  1. First - depicts all three angelic beings equal.
  2. The second - the central angel stands out separately on it, with a big halo on its head (in some versions the angel marks the sign of the Most High).

The value of the icon of the Holy Trinity

The face of the Holy Trinity has a special meaning for the adherents of the Christian worldview, as it demonstrates the height of unification with the Almighty that an individual can attain if he sincerely serves the Lord.

Interesting fact. The icon "Holy Trinity" refers exclusively to Christianity. It depicts three angelic beings, personifying the three travelers, who in their time appeared to Abraham.

The main purpose of creating the icon of the "Holy Trinity" - to enable every Orthodox Christian to imagine the trisolar light of the Most High. When believers admire the icon, they are filled with divine grace and realize the great power the Lord possesses.

In what situations will the Life-giving Trinity help you?

Now let's find out in what situations the sacred face can help you.

So, pleading with the icon should be with such problems:

  • Orthodox Christians who pray earnestly at the icon of the Holy Trinity will be able to receive the forgiveness of their sins;
  • Also, the image will help them navigate the difficult path of life, find the right path, and also successfully cope with any trials and blows of fate;
  • In addition, the icon allows the believer to consider the desired and such necessary hope for him, relieve the soul from oppressive experiences and worries;
  • If a person finds himself in a difficult situation, a large number of problems fell on him - his face helps to cope with them in the easiest and most harmonious way;
  • The image of the Holy Trinity allows us to eliminate the negative from the energy field of a person, but for this to happen one important condition must be met - the presence of faith without a shadow of doubt and complete sincerity in their requests.

Miracles, created by the way

The impressive face of the Holy Trinity has long been attributed to impressive properties, confirmed by a large number of stories. One of these wonderful stories associated with the name of the famous ruler of the Russian Empire, Ivan the Terrible. We will tell you about it further.

Before his military campaign in the Kazan kingdom, Ivan the Terrible decided to visit the divine shrine, for this purpose they visited the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. The records that have survived to the present day tell that the sovereign offered very hot and long prayers at the Holy Face, asked to protect and bless his soldiers and take Kazan.

And the Holy Trinity helped the king: in the end result, the army of Ivan the Terrible was able to cope with the enemy. When the king triumphant returned home, he again went to the Lavra and again offered the icon many hours of sincere prayers of gratitude to the Almighty for his divine help.

Places for placing the icon in the home

As a rule, according to tradition, a shrine is located in a dwelling in a certain sector. At the same time, both one icon and the whole iconostasis can be used.

Let's look at where it is best to hang the Holy Trinity in your home.

  • Orthodox Christians prayers are traditionally read when a person is facing the eastern side of the house. As a result, the clergy recommend placing the icon on the eastern side.

It is important that the divine image has free space. This will be needed with the goal that a person can approach the healing image and fully delve into the reading of prayers, while not feeling any inner discomfort.

  • The house also has another place in which an icon can be placed - at the head of your bed or sofa. With this arrangement, the icon becomes a permanent defender of the person, protecting him from all evil.
  • When they seek to protect their home from various negative influences from the outside, they have a face next to the entrance door.

Note! In fact, it is not so important where the icon will be located in your home - it is much more important how you set your mood and frequency with your prayers and requests. Plus, complete sincerity is vital.

The shrine can be, as hung on the wall, or placed in a special cabinet or shelf. If your iconostasis is already supplemented with several miraculous images, then it is recommended to put the Holy Trinity on the highest position.

According to popular belief, provided that the icons are correctly positioned in their home, the believer will have an amazing opportunity to discover a more spiritual and luminous world and attain enlightenment.

Where can I visit the Holy Trinity in the world

  • The shrine created by Rev. Andrei Rublev is located in Tolmachy (Church of St. Nicholas)
  • Another famous and revered by the Orthodox copy is located in the Kremlin (Patriarchal Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
  • In Ostankino, in the Temple of the Life-Giving Trinity, you can also discover this temple divine shrine.

What date does the celebration of the Holy Trinity fall on?

It is customary to celebrate the honor of sacred angelic beings on the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of Jesus. This event is known as the Pentecost, which occurred almost twenty centuries ago.

Then, on the fiftieth day after Easter, the Holy Ghost appeared to the Apostles, and later they composed the New Testament - the main treatise of the modern Christian faith.

Now you know the history of the creation of the icon of the Holy Trinity, its sacred meaning, and also with what requests you can turn to it for help.

Once again, I would like to note that the indispensable condition is the maximum sincere faith of the applicant, as well as openness and efforts on his part, too, to improve the situation.

In the article you can see the photo of the icon of the Holy Trinity, and finally, I invite you to view the video, which recorded a prayer appeal to the person: