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Strong prayers for family welfare


Not everyone can achieve well-being in the family and keep warm, loving relationships. Many couples disagree due to the fact that they could not overcome the difficulties of life and troubles. When there was a rift in my family, I did my best to rectify the situation, but in vain.

Relations with my husband were constantly deteriorating, children began to get sick often, and the financial situation deteriorated sharply. My last hope was the Lord, and I began to pray daily. In this article I will tell you what a prayer for the welfare in the family has become my salvation, as well as who among the saints helps in such situations.

What does prayer help?

Family discord is not uncommon because of the machinations of the devil, which pushes people to sins. As a result, they lose the protection of the Lord, and bad things begin to happen in their lives. In the place of love, prosperity and mutual understanding, chaos, violence and calamity reign in the house. In order for the well-being to return to the family, it is necessary to ask for help and protection from the higher powers, but before that it is important to repent of your sinful acts.

Family prayer helps in the following:

  • improve financial position and attract wealth;
  • avoid adultery and protect against love spells;
  • reconcile husband with wife when they are on the verge of divorce;
  • reach an understanding between the spouses and end the quarrels;
  • strengthen love and return tender feelings;
  • protect children from disease and negative effects.

It is important that spouses pray for family well-being together, because only by mutual efforts you can forge your own happiness. The couple, in which the beloveds support each other, make concessions and are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the family - they will be able to withstand any ordeals and confront evil enemies.

Lord's blessing of the family

To create a happy union, there was a tradition earlier, according to which the newlyweds during the marriage pronounced sacred texts, and asked the Most High to bless and protect. Today, couples also turn to the Lord to give their blessing and protection. Most often this is done during the wedding, but the spouses can also attend the church on their own and ask about the welfare of the family. To do this, say the following prayer:

Prayer from trouble and sorrow

When misfortune occurs in a family, one must seek the help of the Matrona of Moscow. It will help to cope with any difficulties, and returns to the house of well-being and love. During her lifetime, she urged people to come to her grave when they needed something or felt sadness. If trouble has come to the house or a rift has begun, a very strong prayer will help to recreate family happiness:

Before you begin to pray, you must read the canon "Symbol of Faith", and then "Our Father." After addressing Matron, it is recommended to pronounce the psalms numbered 86 and 116, which are beneficial for married couples.

Prayer to strengthen marriage

The strongest holy couple is Fevronia and Peter. They went through many trials and proved that true love will help to cope with any difficulties. If in the family instead of joy, peace and support there are quarrels, curses and mutual reproaches, it is recommended to pray daily to Peter and Fevronia for the strengthening of the union. It is necessary to pronounce the text in the evening near the bed in which the spouses are sleeping.

The evening prayer should be supplemented by reading Psalm 10 in order to achieve mutual understanding and harmony in the family, as well as Psalm 127 for attracting wealth to the house.

There is another sacred text about well-being, addressed to the holy couple, who has incredible power. It can be read for any family discord and trouble, including during adultery.

Appeal to the Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary is the intercessor of families, so most prayers are addressed to her, which concern well-being in married couples. To protect your union, and make it even stronger, you need to read the morning prayer daily, which sounds like this:

When spouses are constantly quarreling and can not reach mutual understanding, you need to visit the church and put a candle in front of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At the same time, a prayer for family happiness is read.

Prayer for good luck and happiness

The well-being of a family is measured not only by love, mutual understanding and support of the spouses, but also by financial prosperity. It so happens that the couple work tirelessly, getting exhausted, but still live poorly. In this case, it is worth asking for help and patronage from Xenia of Petersburg. Good luck in business and family happiness will not keep you waiting. It is recommended to read the prayer to both spouses in order to increase its effect.

This sacred text will also help in cases where quarrels often occur in the house or one of the spouses offends the other.

Prayer for Natalia and Adrian

Prayers calling to the holy couples are considered the strongest, because they proved during their lifetime that the power of love is unshakable. So saints Adrian and Natalie to this day help couples to find true family happiness, will not succumb to diabolical temptations and preserve reverent feelings for the beloved. If love has begun to fade, and neglect has come to replace respect, then there can be no talk of any kind of well-being. To save your family, you need to ask for help from Natalia and Adrian, by saying the following prayer:

Help your daughter or son

Each parent wishes happiness and well-being to their children, so it’s difficult for them to look at the disorders in their families. In order to help them in such a situation, it is recommended to call upon the Lord and ask for his protection for their children. To do this, utter the following words:

For greater efficiency, you need to visit the church, put candles for the well-being of children and their families, and say a prayer several times. If you can not visit the temple, then you can hold this small ritual at home in front of the icon of Jesus Christ.