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How to make a list of sins for confession


I always take with me the list of sins at confession, in order not to forget anything during a conversation with the priest. I advise you to do the same thing - it greatly simplifies the task. In addition, it helps to overcome the excitement, because of which, in the process of the sacrament, you are able to forget half of what you wanted to say.

How to write sins for confession

If you plan to go through confession of sins in the first, it is not surprising that you will have many questions. And the most frequent question in preparation for confession: "And where to get the list of sins?".

If you need the most complete and detailed list, you should contact the church shop, and you will be given a special book. But not everyone needs this - you can simply read the list of sins for confession in Orthodoxy, which I will give below, and see what responds in your heart and soul.

All misdemeanors are divided into three types: committed against people, yourself or God.

The sins against God are as follows:

  • The lack of faith, doubts about its existence, reproaches to God and ingratitude. Sayings like: "How did God allow this to happen?", "God is unjust," "God does not hear me," and so on.
  • Do not wear a baptismal cross, silence in response to other people's negative statements about God.
  • Oaths, the use of the name of God in vain.
  • Participation in sects, the study of magical practices, religious idols.
  • Reluctance to live, swear words, gambling.
  • Refusing to communicate with God in prayers and the church.
  • Refusal to observe fasting and reading Orthodox literature.
  • Distracted thoughts during church liturgies.
  • Hiding sins.

Sins against people:

  • Negative emotions about others: anger, irritation, arrogance, pride and others.
  • Slander and lies, insult others, evil sarcasm.
  • Reluctance to instill in children faith in God, not to participate in their religious education.
  • Disrespect for parents.
  • Abortion, murder, violence against people, moral and physical.

Sins against myself:

  • The use of expletives in speech, excessive self-love, idle talk, gossip and slander.
  • Obsession with material things, when a person sets himself the goal of only enriching himself, but does not think about spiritual development.
  • Criticism in his address, self-doubt, lack of faith in their own strength.

The list of sins for confession for women

For women, communication with God, his forgiveness and blessing, divine support are especially important. If this connection is not present, her eternal friends will be fear and anxiety - for the future, relationships, children. Only having repented of sins, having earned forgiveness and having felt God in herself, a woman feels safe, protected, becomes more relaxed and calm.

Therefore, sincere repentance of sins at confession is so important. And it must be done regularly in order to constantly be in peace and feel the divine around you.

The sins at confession for women are as follows:

  1. Refusing to attend church and prayers, failure to follow the rules of your religion.
  2. Either thoughts during a prayer about something else: mechanically uttered words for a tick, and not sincere feeling and desire to turn to God.
  3. I had sex before marriage, had many partners, behaved loosely and obscenely.
  4. Artificial abortion, including advice to other women to have an abortion.
  5. She was unclean in her desires and thoughts.
  6. I watched erotic and pornographic films, read the same literature.
  7. Gossiping and discussing other people behind their backs, envied, offended, lazy.
  8. Too open clothes that provoke sexual desire in men. Desire to attract attention by nudity.
  9. Fear of old age, including attempts to remove wrinkles with injections or surgeries, unwillingness to live, suicidal thoughts.
  10. Dependence on alcohol, drugs, sweets and other things.
  11. Refusal to help people who turned to her.
  12. Using the services of magicians and fortune tellers instead of sincere faith in God.
  13. Belief in omens and superstitions.

These are the main sins for confession, but you can also study the full list in a special book that is sold in church shops.

List of sins for confession for men

In preparing the list of sins, do not forget that you will not only have to mechanically pronounce them, but with sincere repentance, from the heart. Therefore, paying attention to the list, try to understand whether sin refers to you or not not by your “head,” but by your heart. What responds and causes emotions or reactions in the body?

So, what sins are in men:

  1. Indecent behavior in the church - loud talk, discussion of God in a bad light, blasphemy.
  2. Doubts about the existence of God, in their faith, the immortality of the soul, atheism, or even the denial of all divine as such.
  3. Sarcasm and ridicule of the weak, the sick, the poor. Bullying (moral and physical) of people with physical disabilities, mental illness.
  4. Cruelty, violence against living beings.
  5. Laziness, apathy, depression, despondency, lack of active actions, unwillingness to solve problems and take care of the family, a feeling of powerlessness, weak character.
  6. Unfair fulfillment of its obligations, including evasion of military service.
  7. Hatred, slander, insults, vanity, pride, participation in fights and any other conflicts.
  8. Stories about other people's secrets, giving out secrets.
  9. Any dependencies: from alcohol, drugs, computer and gambling, women.
  10. Disruption of family ties, disrespect for parents and elder relatives, absence or refusal to help them.
  11. The theft of another's property, both material and mental labor (theft of ideas, manuscripts of books, etc.).

This is not a complete list, but the most basic.

And remember that a formal confession, for the sake of a tick, will not bring you anything, because such repentance is not considered sincere. On the contrary, you will add hypocrisy to your personal list of sins. Therefore, come to church only when you are truly ready.