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Eastern horoscope: distinctive features and an overview of all the signs of the zodiac


The eastern horoscope (also known as the Chinese Zodiac) is based on the twelve-year lunar cycle, in which each of the years corresponds to a particular living creature. The Chinese are convinced that the signs of the zodiac animals lay a significant imprint on the character and behavior of each person. In this material, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the detailed characteristics of the Eastern horoscope by years and signs, as well as by animal signs. It will be interesting!

What is your Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese zodiac (from Chinese "Sheng Xiao" actually translates as "like a birth"). It is set by the lunar cycles - the beginning of the zodiacal year falls on the onset of the Chinese New Year.

Each year, the Chinese New Year comes on different dates in the twenty-first to twentieth of February. Based on this, if the date of your birth is in the period from January to February, you should be especially careful when you calculate your Zodiacal animal.

What will make you luckier in the years of your patron

The Chinese have such a thing as "Benmingnian", which stands for the Year of Destiny, that is, that zodiac living creature, in the year of which you were born. For example, in the current 2018 year Benmingnian for all those who are born into the world within a year will be a dog.

In China, traditionally with particular trepidation belong to the Benmingnian. It is significant for each person, so they prepare for his arrival with great care and are eagerly awaiting him.

Despite this, the Chinese are convinced that the people whose year is coming are insulting the majestic deity of Tai Sung time and for this they will be subjected to various tests. It is for this reason that Year of Destiny in China is the time when unpredictable changes and anxiety occur.

Zodiac signs - because of what exactly these animals?

The choice of twelve animals according to the Chinese horoscope is not at all accidental. Selected living creatures either played a large role in the daily life of the ancient Chinese, or were called upon to bring good luck according to ancient signs.

A bull, a horse, a goat, a rooster, a pig and a dog have always been traditionally carried in the household. And according to the famous Chinese saying: “6 living creatures in a dwelling are a symbol of prosperity". Consequently, the choice fell on the animals listed above.

And the remaining six, represented by a rat, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake and monkey - are those living beings who have always been very revered by the Chinese.

What caused such an arrangement of signs in the Chinese horoscope?

The twelve signs of the zodiac in the Eastern horoscope are arranged in a certain order not just like that, but in the art of Yin and Yang.

The ratio of animals to the category Yin or Yang occurs according to the number of their claws (paws and hoofs). So, if the specified number was odd, it means that the animal belonged to the category Yang, and if it was even, then it belonged to the Yin group. The location of animals in the Chinese horoscope occurs in a sequence of alternating categories of Yin and Yang.

As a rule, living creatures have the same number of fingers on the fore and hind legs. But a rat, for example, has 4 fingers on its front paws, while on the back paws it already has 5 fingers.

In China, there is a special saying: "Things are rated for their rarity." Therefore, the rat was placed in the first place among all twelve animals. After all, it combines both the odd characteristics of Yang and even Yin, where there is still a predominance of signs of Yang, which ultimately classifies a rat in the category of odd creatures.

What do all twelve animals symbolically signify

The ancient Chinese each of the zodiac animals attributed their specific symbolic characteristics - a different sign. All twelve living creatures were divided into six pairs in such a way that the characteristics of one of the animals in a pair represented the opposite of the characteristics of the second member of the union. Due to this, it became possible to achieve harmony Yin and Yang.

The sequence of living creatures in the zodiacal circle is also not accidental: among the Chinese, they first put the most important things in the first place, and then all other characteristics will mix on a decreasing scale. This is similar to how in the first place there is always a stronger beginning of Yang (is dominant), followed by the beginning of Yin, filling everything with harmony.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the signs of all twelve animals according to the Chinese horoscope.

  • Rat - associated with wisdom;
  • Bull - with industriousness;
  • Tiger - with courage;
  • Rabbit - causes association with prudence;
  • The dragon symbolizes physical strength;
  • Snake - is the personification of flexibility;
  • Horse - associated with the desire to move forward;
  • Goat - associated with a tendency to unity;
  • Monkey - symbolizes change;
  • The rooster - in contrast to the previous sign, on the contrary, is a symbol of stability and stability;
  • Dog - this sign of the zodiac is associated with loyalty;
  • Pig - a symbol of friendliness.

And now it is time to dwell in more detail on the characteristics of each of the signs of the zodiac in the Chinese horoscope.

Characteristics of the Chinese zodiac signs


Personalities related to the sign of the Zodiac Rat, have a rather attractive and charming appearance. Thriftiness is typical for them, although they are generous to relatively dear people. The nature of such people combines strength and elegance.

Do not overly trust their seeming calm and tempting cheerfulness, which are nothing more than a bait for unsuspecting victims. And if you enter into a longer contact with them, you will understand that they are in fact quite restless, intense, and sometimes even aggressive.

For the majority of people, rats are characterized by accuracy, pedantry, ambition, but complemented by pettiness. They show enough honesty and openness, are distinguished by dexterity in the business area of ​​life, tend to succeed and always get what they want. We can separately mention the straightness and powerful vitality of the Rats.

The bull

Those born in the year of the Bull are distinguished by modesty, diligence, great patience, silence, perseverance and endurance. But from the opposite position, if circumstances do not turn out in the most favorable way, then the Bulls can express extravagance, lack of patience, and also become violent and lose their temper.

In order not to fall under the hot hand it is better to bypass the tenth dear heated man-Bull, because his aggression runs the risk of becoming uncontrollable and will pour out on others without any limits.

When the Bull is under the influence of strong emotions, it can affect a large audience of people, a whole crowd. With all this, for the majority of representatives of this sign is characterized not only by excellent intellectual data, but also by excellent physical training.


There are significant differences between Tiger people, especially in matters of the spiritual plane. Some of them are distinguished only by a positive characteristic, and secondly, the very opposite is extremely negative.

For the first category, the main thing in life is the traditional concept of honesty and decency. Such personalities are distinguished by courage, bravery, kindness, willingness to take risks, to restore justice, the desire to protect the weaker, those who need it. Tigers of the first category always adhere to their personal principles, tend to act decisively even in cases where they are not guided by logic, but only by their emotions.

The second category of Tigers is also very bright personalities, but already having directly opposite characteristics. In their case, instead of self-esteem, one can speak more about vanity. Persons of this type are distinguished by excessive self-confidence, stubbornness, painful sensitivity, hot temper, irritability, rudeness and pettiness.

They tend to quarrel with their fellow workers, people who are higher than they are on the career ladder. Their anger can even extend to representatives of government agencies and departments. Often, being in a state of emotional instability, Tigers begin to make rash decisions because of which they cannot draw the right conclusions for a long time. They do not like to ask, they prefer to demand. They will defend their position until they win a victory.

A rabbit

Rabbit people (also differently, this sign of the zodiac is considered to be the sign of Kota) are accustomed in all situations “to be on their paws”). These individuals have a large number of different talents, are distinguished by sufficient ambition, modesty, elegance and virtue, they still have excellent taste and are well versed in the field of art.

Rabbits adore society and receive love from society in return. As a rule, they express maximum friendliness with regards to other people, perceive them as their loved ones. From the representatives of this sign go true friends, gentle and affectionate, showing sympathy for their favorites.

A rabbit is easily recognizable by its keen intelligence, ingenuity, instantaneous reaction to an irritant, a quick analysis of the situation and the corresponding response. Such a person is inclined to achieve his life goal with perseverance and perseverance, he has the understanding that not everything that he wants can be achieved instantly. At the same time, Rabbit’s life is often saved by his optimistic attitude, complemented by hope and faith in a bright future.

The dragon

Naturally, dragons have excellent health and a very large reservoir of vitality. Such people are characterized by energy, active life position, the presence of emotions, determination, but supplemented by self-will and willfulness.

Dragons are volitional personalities distinguished by nobility and generosity. They are constantly striving to improve themselves, as a result of which they show increased demands on both themselves and all other people.

The Dragon has certain vices, namely: increased excitability, aggressiveness. Sometimes his stubbornness turns into obstinacy, then the Dragons become extremely unrestrained.

But at the same time, such people are enthusiasts who are able to succeed in any area of ​​life for which they would not undertake, convince or even change the opinions of others. In this case, the opinion of the Dragon is always authoritative, it is taken into account and used to reckon with it.


All those who were born in the year of the Serpent, characterized by innate wisdom, the ability of a psychologist and insight. Snake people are very persistent, hardy, long tolerated, and also perform a little perfectionist. Although they are typical of some greed, selfishness and vanity, they show sympathy to all those who are a little less fortunate in their lives than they are.

The Serpent Man maintains the holy conviction that he is born in order to accomplish great goals and seeks by all means to achieve this goal. And in order not to spend himself at once on many occupations, he devotes himself entirely and completely for something one - one hobby, one person, one world outlook, and so on.


The horse is filled with the desire to live, she loves adventures and various feats. For her, a light temper is typical, and she charges the people around her with her pleasant cheerful energy.

The horse is distinguished by intelligence, insight, plus it has many different talents. She learned to properly manage finances. Prone to the fascination with something quick, they are energetic and swift.

Just like in the air, Horses need large spaces, freedom of thought and constant movement. Often possess remarkable oratorical abilities.

These individuals like to be in crowded places, to participate in public shows, so they can often be found at exhibitions, concert halls, sports stadiums, various rallies and demonstrations. Often they independently practice some kind of sports, and achieve considerable success in it.


For representatives of this sign of the Eastern horoscope, typical is the presence of a large number of talents, as well as excellent fantasy. The typical Goat man is very kind, helpful, elegant and artistic.

As a rule, it has a good taste, an understanding of colors and shapes. They are strong intuits. If Kose needs it, she will surely find a way to please you, you can even be in no doubt. Very clearly defends his position, always has his own point of view on any topic.

Among other things, the Goats are very sweet and kind, often do charity work, with the desire to share with others, who are much less fortunate. They love to give valuable advice to others.


Monkeys are easy to select from the crowd for a lively mind, agility and agility. But they are also distinguished by sufficient overhead, inconsistency and unreliability. Pretty quick-tempered, self-willed, wayward.

The great bulk of such people shows high ingenuity and originality, are inclined to independent decision-making.

At the same time, it is difficult to find such an area of ​​life in which the Monkey-man could not be successful. This sign is characterized by the desire to have everything at once. But they can easily be distracted from their occupation and change their opinion under the influence of circumstances. Due to even small obstacles, clutter, Monkeys quickly lose their complacent mood, all their plans are lost.


It is not particularly difficult to learn a Rooster man, because he is a very straightforward and aggressive person. The cock is very sharp, he is not embarrassed to express directly what he thinks. On the other hand, such behavior cannot always make you understand the whole nature of such a person.

After all, in fact, the Rooster is a very complex character. His character is an amazing combination of conceit, sarcasm, whims, quirks, inner tension and excessive sensitivity, innate charm and modesty, excellent understanding of others, attention to their needs, ability and desire to control their will, using suggestion and persuasion.


Those who saw the world in the Year of the Dogs, for the most part, are rather restless personalities, always on the alert, and rarely relaxing. Their characteristic feature is that they cannot stand injustice.

Dogs are distinguished loyalty, loyalty, honesty, justice, complemented by nobility and generosity. Despite this characteristic, Dogs also show some chill in communication, restraint, love to be alone with themselves, are prone to criticism, often unjustified.

Such individuals know perfectly well what purpose they are fighting for and how to do it. If they set a goal for themselves, they will move towards it directly, strive to achieve it on their own, and in most cases everything ends with success.

The dog is an excellent organizer and leader who knows how to keep other people's secrets, so that inspires confidence in the people around him.

As for the sphere of interpersonal relationships, here the Dog is careful and prudent, and also - good faith and goodwill. It rarely suffers from emotional outbursts, which often results in a state of internal stress.


Pig humans characterize courage and sacrifice. They are also very honest and respectable, attentive to the people they love, whom they treat well, with respect.

Representatives of the Zodiac sign Pig are distinguished by their truly knightly character, which is remarkably well known to their close circle. Due to its gallantry, courtesy, spiritual subtlety and excessive scrupulousness Pig quickly deserves a positive perception in the person of other people.

Such individuals also have very good intellect, but cunning, deceit, hypocrisy and flattery are able to bring them out of the state of spiritual harmony.

They are inclined to set excessive demands, both in relation to themselves and to the people around them, and they act as people who are not ready for compromise solutions. The pig is often inherently naive, she believes in what she is told to, and tries to back up her words using solid arguments and facts.

Now you know all the main features of the Chinese horoscope, plus you know the detailed description of all its representatives. This knowledge is very useful, because it helps to better understand their behavior, as well as the behavior of their loved ones. The Eastern Horoscope is the key to many points and a guide to improving your relationship with others.

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