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How is the communion in the church


I regularly take communion in the church in order to cleanse myself of the accumulated negative, to feel even better to have a connection with God and be filled with the amazing energy of the temple. I will tell you in detail about the meaning of communion and the features of the ceremony, which are important to know if you are going to perform it.

What is communion?

Communion or communion - the oldest church rite, whose history began during the passage of the Last Supper. The rite and its rules were established by the son of God himself, Jesus. Christ, with his own hands, broke off the bread and distributed it to the disciples-apostles, saying that it was his body and his wine was his blood.

The sacrament of the sacrament has its deep religious and sacral meaning. The ceremony symbolizes the restoration of unity and harmony between man and God, which existed in the Garden of Eden before the original sin committed by Eve and Adam.

The meaning of the sacrament is to give the beginnings of a new life in the kingdom of heaven. The sacrament of the sacrament is inseparable from the image of Jesus, who at the cost of his own life and shed blood saved the human race and redeemed all his sins. And in the name of this sacrifice, a person, agreeing to receive communion, helps to restore the flesh and blood of God's son.

It is noteworthy that it was during the sacrament of the sacrament in the Orthodox Church that flesh (meat) and wine could be eaten. It is believed that the dead body of an animal in this case symbolizes the imperishable divine nature. The meat feeds the soul, which is then reborn during baptism.

Recommendation: the rite of baptism is allowed to be held once in a lifetime. The priests recommend holding the communion at least once a month.

How to partake in church

Almost everyone has heard the name of this rite, but few people understand how to receive communion in the church. I'll tell you about the basic rules and give recommendations.

It is important to understand that communion in the church is a ceremony that implies that a person is ready to transform his body and shake his soul.

What is important to observe in preparation for the rite, during and after it:

  1. You should be most aware of what you are going. Understand why you need it. Not for curiosity, but for what? Answer this question honestly, and you will understand whether you need a rite at all.
  2. The temples are so energetic that most people feel some kind of awe, a feeling of sacred reverence. If you are completely indifferent, you may not need to think about how to partake of the sacrament. Your soul is not ready - it does not feel a connection with God.
  3. Only a sincere believer should take communion. Otherwise what is the meaning of this action? The event will only affect someone who feels, understands God, believes in him and wants to enlist his support.
  4. Before the ceremony, one must understand the whole sense of this great mystery in order to fully account for what will happen.
  5. Communion in the church has its own rules - the state of the soul of a person must be peaceful and calm. It is better to clear yourself of negative emotions, offenses and complaints in advance. Internal state, emotions are extremely important.

Before and after the ceremony, it is imperative to read the prayers appropriate to the moment.

How to take communion in the church: the rules

So, how is the communion in the church.

The whole ceremony takes place in strictly regulated stages. It is important to know how to behave in this or that minute of time. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. On the eve of communion, special evening services are held in churches, during which the priest says prayers with special religious significance.
  2. On the day of the sacrament it is better to come to church early, before the beginning of the whole action.
  3. When the rite begins, you must silently listen to the priest. Do not leave the temple until the end of the prayer. Stand and listen until the pop leaves the place at the altar and calls for communion.
  4. As soon as the invitation follows, people in the temple line up in the following order: children, the sick, the handicapped and the elderly, men, women.
  5. In the queue you need to keep your hands on your chest, folding them crosswise. Important: as soon as your turn comes to the bowl, you do not need to be baptized - during communion this is not accepted.
  6. When you find yourself near the priest, introduce yourself and open your mouth. It will put a lie, which you need to lick your lips. Then blot them with a handkerchief and kiss the edge of the bowl.
  7. It is very important to pass the ceremony silently. Do not contact anyone, do not approach the icons. After committing the sacrament, simply stand back and take the wine with holy water.
  8. After you are at home and the ceremony is performed, read the prayers, turning to God or the saints with thanks.

Watch a video on what communion in church means:

What then?

Once you have been involved, it is important to follow certain recommendations. It is necessary to avoid negativity, not to let it into your soul. Follow the commandments and not commit sins. Repeat the sacrament periodically. Well, if there is an opportunity to come to the temple for this at least once a month.

This will help your soul to be cleansed of all bad and negative things in order to make room for positive events and joyful emotions.

A long refusal of the sacrament is a real misfortune for a person. Sins, passions, negatives are accumulated in his soul. The further, the more of them. All this from within poisons life and corrodes the soul. Therefore, it is important to occasionally visit the temple and cleanse it all.

But, of course, it is necessary to come to the temple only consciously, and not because "it is so necessary." Only sincere desire and understanding of the process, its religious significance will make sense.