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Prayer to Tikhon Zadonsky from despondency, about healing, about marriage, from damage


Prayer prayer to the saints is of great importance in the life of the believer. Every day you have to fight with the everyday troubles, the temptations of this world and the slander of the evil one. Holy prayer books show us an example by their God-fearing living and help in difficulties even after their death. Once my friend told me about a miracle that happened after the appeal to St.

Tikhon. Prayer to Tikhon Zadonsky about discouragement helped her young son get rid of prolonged depression. The guy already wanted to lay hands on himself, and the case could end in hospitalization in a mental hospital. But the saint came to the rescue in time, freeing the young man from a grave sin. I will tell you about what you can pray and ask the saint.

Life of Tikhon Zadonsky

The saint man was born into a poor family of a deacon who served in the church of the Novgorod gubernia. His father died early, so Timofey (that was the name of St. Tikhon in the world) hardly remembers him. Mother could not cope with the maintenance of children, so she just wanted to give Timothy to strangers for adoption. But the older brother asked not to do that. Then the mother gave the boy to the religious school, where Timothy received official content. He had food and clothes, also in his free time, the boy worked part time.

When the young man comprehended the wisdom of knowledge, he was appointed a teacher of the religious school, in which he studied. Timothy taught theology and Greek. Soon he took monastic vows and received the spiritual name Tikhon. He received the name Zadonsky because of educational activities in the area of ​​residence of the Don Cossacks, among whom there were many Old Believers.

Days of worship sv. Tikhon Zadonsky - August 13 (second acquisition of relics) and July 19 (presentation).

In old age, Tikhon Zadonsky weakened health and asked for privacy in the Zadonsky monastery. He was granted a pension, which the elder gave completely to the needy. The saint never demanded for himself comfortable living conditions and was content with the most modest coziness: he slept in hay and hid himself with outer clothing (sheepskin). The saint prayed tirelessly, instructed people in the faith and wrote theological works. But health became so weak that Tikhon died, not reaching 60 years of age. His passing was peaceful and peaceful, as if he had just fallen asleep.

The saint was canonized and found national love, he is revered as a miracle worker. At the opening of his relics, about 300,000 pilgrims gathered, and this is in the small town of Zadonsk. Svt. Tikhon is the patron saint of monks, students of theological seminaries, church choristers and catechists.

Finding relics

The saint was buried in the crypt of the Zadonsky monastery under the altar. When the monastery gathered to build a new cathedral, they discovered the incorruptible relics of Tikhon. That was in 1845. Not only the body of the saint was not touched by decay, but also his robes, although it was very damp in the crypt. A message was sent to the Synod about finding undecayed relics. After that, Tikhon Zadonsky was officially canonized, although the people revered him as a holy wonderworker during his lifetime.

After the revolution, persecution of the church began, and the relics were carried out of the monastery. For some time they were kept in museums, and after the war they tried to open the relics for believers. But party policy did not allow open worship of Christian shrines. It was only in 1991 that the relics of the saint found peace in their monastery in the city of Zadonsk.

What to pray

Believers venerate sv. Tikhon of Zadonsk, to whose icon prayers are offered:

  • about strengthening faith;
  • with emotion and anxiety;
  • with depression and despondency;
  • for comfort and humility;
  • from aggression and malice;
  • from mental and physical ailments;
  • from poverty and lack of money;
  • from witchcraft and sorcery;
  • from madness.

The saint is asked to be freed from addiction to alcohol, drugs and other attachments. Also Tikhon Zadonsky pray for release from witch influence and damage.

What else do they pray to Tikhon Zadonsky? When the meaning of life is lost and everything seems gray and dull, the prayer of the saint will console in any situation.

The saint was notable for his explosive temper and temperament from nature, but he managed to tame the violent temper and learned meekness. Therefore, prayers are offered to him when they want to get rid of aggression and malice.

Prayer of despondency:

Prayer for Depression:

Prayer from witchcraft and defacement:

Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk is asked to heal mentally ill people and possessed with demons. To do this, order akathists at the relics or pray in front of the icon at home.

Healing Prayer:

Prayers for marriage, a happy marriage are also offered to the saint.

Prayer for marriage: