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Prayer to the martyr Boniface from the drunkenness of her husband, son or daughter


Drinking in Russia and in the world is a big problem. Families, loved ones and the drinker himself are suffering. Mortality from alcohol poisoning has proliferated universal scale. For many years we have been struggling with a dependency with a cousin, because of which he lost his job and family. The prayer to the martyr Vonifatiya from drunkenness helped to conquer the green serpent and free the soul of man from deadly sin. In the article I will tell you how to properly pray.

Saint Boniface

Before offering prayers to saints and miracle-workers, you need to know a little about their living and service to God. In his youth, Vonifaty indulged in the sin of voluptuousness together with a rich woman, with whom he served as manager. The young man lived a dissolute life, not realizing his fall into sin.

The miracle of God's mercy is manifested precisely when he calls a person to serve from the bottom of life.

Vonifatiy gradually began to realize his dissolute life and secretly pray to God for salvation. The rich Roman woman, with whom Boniface was cohabitating, became aware of his sinfulness. One day she asked a young man to bring the relics of the saints to her house. In those terrible times, persecutors of Christians sold the relics of the righteous who were killed by them, trade was in full swing. When the young man went to fulfill the request of his mistress, he did not suspect that they would bring exactly his relics.

When the young man arrived at the places where the followers of Christ were tormented, and saw the mutilated bodies, his heart was transformed. He began to cry and hug the sufferers, began to ask Jesus for a blessing to help the tortured people. To this day, St. Boniface helps the suffering, tormented and destitute people. The saint's heart is filled with compassion for all who need help and support.

Martyrdom of Boniface

When the nobleman saw the experiences of the young man for the tortured Christians, he demanded that he offer sacrifices to idols. The brave young man categorically refused to worship the dead idols, for which he was hung upside down. During the torture, Boniface prayed Jesus to strengthen his spirit. The miracle of instant healing could not go unnoticed, because the wounds from blows and spears completely disappeared from the body of the brave young man.

Then the city nobleman ordered hot tin to be poured into Boniface's throat. However, this cruelty agitated the people, and the torture was not carried out. In order to temper popular unrest, an order was given to cut off Boniface's head. So the martyr perished for the Christian faith, who was canonized.

Satellites of the young man with whom he came to the city bought the remains of Boniface and brought it to the Roman mistress. A rich woman built a temple in which the relics of Boniface were placed. Since then there have been many miraculous healings in that place. The woman spent the rest of her life in fasting and prayer and quietly went to heaven with a pure soul and heart.

Prayer from drinking

The prayer to Boniface can work wonders if a person truly wants to improve. Holy pray for healing from bodily and mental illnesses. Considered to be very strong maternal prayer for children obsessed with the sin of drinking. Together with the mother can read the prayer of St.. Boniface and loving wife, if he wants to help her husband get rid of his addiction to alcohol.

If a person himself wants to get rid of the influence of the green serpent, he must:

  • confess regularly in church;
  • take an unction
  • observe all orthodox posts;
  • find a worthy occupation in life.

If you decide to pray for deliverance from the sin of drunkenness, talk with the priest. The Holy Father will bless you in prayer and will mention your name in daily prayers. It is also necessary to order a health service - akathist or prayer. If the akathist is blessed, you need to drink consecrated water daily on an empty stomach with prayer.

Have patience, pray daily and do not lose faith in healing.

Fasting is of great importance to the soul of man, when he fights with his bodily whims and conquers it with the spirit. Those who wish to improve and gain a sober lifestyle are recommended to withstand a 40-day fast without fast food and alcoholic beverages.. During the fast, it is necessary to read the Boniface prayer daily from drinking.

However, the sin of drinking wine can come back again, so be vigilant. To resist temptations, one must constantly pray, confess, and take communion. For the rest of your life.

Can a prayer to saint Boniface from drunkenness help without the knowledge of a person? Not only it is possible, but it is also necessary to intercede with the saint for a person dependent on alcohol or drugs. Only before this, one should ask for blessings from the priest. St. Boniface himself led a dissolute life in his youth, but then he reformed and repented. Therefore, he can be offered up a prayer for lost souls.

Do I need to pray St. Boniface, if a person is undergoing treatment for alcoholism in a clinic? This is necessary because prayer strengthens the spirit and promotes better healing.

Prayer to the holy martyr Boniface from drunkenness:

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