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Athos elders - warriors of the spirit, the prayer of detention


Earlier on Mount Athos there were temples of pagan deities, and now it is a Christian shrine revered all over the world. Who are the Athos elders? My friends recently came from Greece, where they visited holy places. Many interesting and amazing stories they told us about the holy monastery.

Interestingly, women are not allowed to enter Athos, although the Most Holy Mother of God herself is the Mother Superior of Athos Monastery. Orthodox pilgrims from all over the world come to Athos to breathe in the air of holiness and receive instructions from spiritual fathers, whose wisdom is rooted in the origins of Christian apostolic teaching.

Athos monastery

According to legend, the Most Holy Theotokos descended to the peninsula near Mount Athos and loved these blessed places. She sought the land of the Lord from her. It was on holy Mount Athos that Orthodox monks built the abode of piety and the ideal Christian life.

Elderness in Orthodoxy is a special kind of asceticism. The elders take an active part in teaching in the faith, feasible help with advice and recommendations to believers. Elders are considered to be as close as possible to the righteous spiritual life, from which believers need to take an example.

The main task of the monks-ascetics of Athos is to serve the Lord. For his sake, they completely abandoned worldly goods and comforts.

Athos elders, who live far from worldly vanity and temptations, are an example of piety and righteousness. A solitary life contributes to the development of insight and prophetic gift. Monks see the person through, can give the necessary advice and guide on the path of truth.

The spiritual tradition of eldership is lost in the depths of centuries, the monks sacredly adore the instructions of their spiritual teachers and pass them from generation to generation.

On the holy Mount Athos, which has the status of a state, there are more than twenty monasteries of men. Every day hundreds of tourists from all over the world flock to the holy monastery to receive the instruction of the holy fathers and the grace of God. Especially revered on Mount Athos are the elders, who are considered seers and saints.

The holy monks of Athos actively participate not only in liturgical affairs, but also help the laymen with advice and admonitions. The prayers of the ascetic monks provide invaluable assistance in various needs; however, a person must be aware of his influence on life. Many themselves attract various misfortunes and misfortunes to themselves in an unjust way of life, and then seek help from holy people.

Prayer of Detention

This miraculous prayer was compiled by the Athos monk Pansophia in 1848. With this prayer you can keep an unclean spirit so that it does not interfere with a person’s life. Prayer is read daily until circumstances are corrected. Detention prayer is also read in occult attacks, when sorcerers begin to pursue the believer. It stops the demonic obsession and purifies the soul from the corrupting influence of sin.

Also prayer protects from:

  • severe debilitating disease;
  • envious people;
  • slanderers and gossips;
  • threatening with violence and extortion;
  • haters and malign people.

How to read a prayer? This is a special prayer book, which has its own rules of reading:

  • read a prayer at the icon Detention;
  • you cannot disclose that you are reading a prayer;
  • the text should be read slowly, meaningfully, delving into every word;
  • if you interrupt reading, you need to read from the beginning.

While reading it is better to stick to fasting food, not to attend entertainment events and to quit smoking. It is advisable to attend church liturgy, to confess and take communion.

It is very important to forgive your offenders and not to demand their immediate punishment. Also, the names of the offenders should not be remembered in order to point the Lord at them. Before the Detention icon you need to light candles, a lamp or a nun.

Prayer of retention helps even in hopeless situations.

The prayer of detention becomes the protection of the believer, forms around him a saving talisman from any manifestation of evil. Often a person can receive such blessings that he never dreamed of.

Detention prayer text: