Dream interpretation

Prayer for Mom's health: for Mom not to hurt


My friend got sick mom. The doctors said nothing serious, but it was not there: the woman did not get out of bed. I decided to help with what I can, and went to the priest. She put a candle in the church for health, filed a note and asked for advice what prayers to read. Batiushka suggested that the daughter's prayer would have great power, and told how to read and who to contact.

The modern rhythm of life leaves no time for thinking about spiritual aspects, communication with God, offering prayers for the health of mother, loved ones. Reading prayers for mother, close relatives and friends is an absolute obligation of believers, but in the usual time she is not often remembered. And when dear people start having health problems, even unbelievers begin to offer prayers.

What does the Orthodox prayer help for?

Reading the Orthodox prayer gives various effects:

  • Improves the state of mind;
  • Relieves physical pain and stress;
  • Increases the speed of recovery from illness.

How to read the Orthodox prayer

Among Orthodox believers, it is believed that the prayer for the recovery of the mother should be read every day by a separate petition as an evening or morning address or an arbitrary prayer to the Lord.

In the prayer rule, which forms the basis of Orthodox spiritual life, there is a brief petition for parents to be healthy, addressed to God. It is necessary in the morning to read strictly by the prayer book, substituting the names of parents.

So that mom does not hurt, it is advisable to pray to God about her well-being at least once a day. Even the biblical commandments say that honoring father and mother is the key to your own health and well-being.

It is possible to offer a prayer for health in various ways: use the texts of prayer books and turn to the Lord and the saints in your own words, offer home or church prayers. The church advises to use the latter, but they will have an effect only on people baptized by the Orthodox Church:

  • Serve health notes;
  • Order a Forty or Psalter about mother's health;
  • Serve prayer in the nearest church.

Do not shift your duties and efforts to other people's shoulders: Forty minutes, read through the lips of believers, is strong, but emotional binding to a person is much more important. Prayer, emanating from a person indifferent, earnestly desiring a mother to recover, will add strength to the general message. Despite believing in God, those who read forty days will not be able to put in them the same emotions as you, therefore, in order for it to be heard by God, it is better to be present personally at the liturgy and at the ministry.

To address prayers for the health of the mother

Besides the Lord, holy words can be addressed to Saints. Often with similar problems are addressed to the Matrona of Moscow. In anticipation of help, hundreds of people are applied daily to the relics of a famous healer.

I propose the text of the appeal to the Matron. He is advised to read directly near the shrine, where the piece of the saint is located, but this is not a prerequisite. It is enough to install an image at home and kindle church candles nearby.

In addition, it is worthwhile to turn to saints with a reputation as healers, such as:

  • St. Panteleimon, who received an excellent medical education, was a doctor in the imperial palace. Having met a Christian spiritual mentor, he was able to resurrect the departed, was baptized, but was executed because of his religious views.
  • The fate of St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) is closely connected with the events of the Great Patriotic War. Being a talented surgeon and scientist, he offered up a prayer to God before each operation and saved many lives. He continued his medical practice in peacetime. Becoming a bishop, did not leave the faith, despite repeated references. He was buried in the Crimea, where he completed his last ministry.
  • The holy words spoken by the martyr Trypho had special power. It is believed that the young man held a ceremony of exorcion of demons and freed the daughter of the ruler from their influence. Preaching Christianity, he led many to faith, causing the emperor to be displeased. Trifon was committed to torture and cruel execution.
  • The holy brothers Cosmas and Damian walked in Christ, were trained in the art of medicine. Being fervent believers, the brothers believed that God gave them talent not to charge people for him, so they gave help to the needy for free, to His glory. Having earned themselves envious, they died at the hands of the murderers, but after the death at the burial site of the saints, miracles of healing continued.

How daughters pray about mom's health

Family ties appeared on earth with the blessings of the Lord, so that people would give each other support and care. With the advent of babies, the purpose of the mother in bringing up, caring for the child, introducing him to the faith. And the years take their toll, and mom and dad grow old, the responsibility of children is honoring them, regardless of how the relationship between them develops.

The child's prayer has a special power, so do not be lazy and wish the health and well-being of the soul mate. You can look into the prayer book, or you can voice the words coming from the heart. Be sure to offer praise to the Lord for the fact that with His blessing, mother is next, for this is a great happiness.

It's not about the number and duration of communion with the Lord or the Saints - it is important to do this regularly, sincerely believing in the power of Heaven. You can do it at home, but do not forget to attend services, submit notes. Contact the clergyman to read a special prayer before the Royal Doors, so that the congregation asked for the health of your mother.

If the situation is very difficult, try to bring the father to the mother in the hospital so that he can communicate, spiritually encourage the sick and speed up the healing process.

Pray for the health of the mother more often: it is a great blessing to have a person nearby who can understand and accept you by anyone, provide necessary support and sincerely sympathize. Some people in life do not have such happiness, and you have it, so take care of relatives and relatives!