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Icon Fadeless Color: Meaning, Pray About


The icon, where the Mother of God is depicted with a flower in her hand, is called “Fadeless Color”. One interesting story in my life is connected with this icon. My unbelieving friend had a face full of acne, which caused her great suffering. No medications and ointments helped, and scars remained on the acne face. The girl suffered a lot. And one of the believing grandmother told the girl that the icon of the Unfading color could heal her terrible acne. Lena did not believe it at first, but the words of the old woman sunk into her heart. Now the girl has a clean and delicate skin, like a lily - white and beautiful. The Virgin Mary helped her to get rid of the ugly face, because she sees pure and faithful hearts.

Icon history

Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos published Tales of the Mother of God, where the story of one miraculous healing is recorded. Healing took place with the help of the Mother of God flower growing on Mount Athos. This flower is considered immortal and life-giving. According to legend, the archangel Gabriel gave the Virgin Mary a flower as a symbol of purity and innocence, when he announced the miraculous conception of a baby from the Holy Spirit.

The flower symbolizes the spiritual purity and holiness with which the Virgin Mary was endowed. This woman has surpassed the disembodied angels, by the grace of God. She was chosen to be the mother of the Lord who was made man in the flesh.

This image appeared on Mount Athos in the XVII century. The motive for writing the holy image was the words from the Akathist to the Virgin Mary, where she was called the unfading color of purity.

In the Annunciation, it is customary to bring white flowers to the icon of the Virgin Fading Color, reminiscent of those brought to the Mother of God by the Archangel Gabriel. In Athos, the flower arrangements brought to the feast of the Annunciation remain fresh to the time of the Dormition, and they are not watered at all.

Variety of icons

In tsarist Russia, girls often turned to the icon of the Mother of God Fadeless color with a plea for the preservation of virginal purity before the wedding. So we can say that the icon was especially venerated by girls for marriage. The oldest specimen of the holy face is kept in the Alekseevsky Monastery (Moscow). On it, the god-child Jesus is depicted in full growth, he rests his elbow on his mother's shoulder. The flower branch was depicted in a picturesque vase and placed on the throne.

In the Assumption Church on Mogilyts, another image of the icon is kept, where the Mother of God holds a white lily in her right hand. The icon depicts angels located above the head of Our Lady. Angels hold a crown over the head of the Virgin Mary. Unfortunately, the original icon disappeared during the reign of the Soviet government, and now in the monastery there is a copy of the icon.

In Ryazan is an amazing list of icons, which gave the monastery of the town of Kadom someone Bogdanov. This icon was brought from Georgia, it always accompanied Bogdanov on military expeditions. This miraculous image was especially revered by the elder Seraphim of Sarov.

In the city of Kungur of the Perm Territory there was a miraculous image in which the Mother of God is depicted waist-high framed by flowers. A copy of the holy image is kept in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Photo icons Fadeless Color:

Sometimes in the hands of the Mother of God there may be a blossoming rod. The image of the rod is associated with the biblical tale of Aaron, in which flowers on a wooden rod bloomed miraculously as a symbol of high priesthood.

In later icons, many attributes disappear, and the Mother of God remains with a modest flower in her hand. Icon painters have focused the attention of believers on the main images - the Mother of God and the Divine Infant.

Help icons

What is the meaning of the Fadeless color icon and how does it help? Before the holy image offer prayers:

  • about a happy marriage;
  • about the preservation of chastity and spiritual purity;
  • about choosing the right spouse;
  • about saving marriage;
  • about women's well-being;
  • on the resolution of family problems;
  • about the extension of beauty and youth.

Before the icon, they pray for both girls and young people who dream of creating a strong Orthodox family. The Mother of God answers sincere and pure prayer, helps young people to find family harmony.

The value of the icon Fading Color for Family Happiness is hard to overestimate. Face of the Virgin blessed the bride before the wedding. Orthodox believe that the blessing of the icon will help the girl to find a happy marriage in harmony and understanding with her husband. This icon should always be in the dwelling of spouses, it will protect the family hearth from unforeseen misfortunes and temptations.

The day of honoring the icon - April 16.

Older people make pleas for overcoming the passions of the flesh and spiritual confusion. The Mother of God helps to find peace of mind and harmony, fills the hearts with quiet joy and happiness. In family quarrels, the image of the Most Pure helps to restore peace and understanding between the spouses.

Before the icon Fadeless Color offer prayers for children who do not speak for a long time or have speech problems. The miracles of healing make believers filled with great gratitude to the holy image.

Prayer to the Virgin of the Unfading color:

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