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Prayers to St. George the Victorious: how they help


Great Martyr George the Victorious is the patron saint of Moscow since the reign of Dmitry Donskoy, and he is also depicted on the coat of arms of the Russian Federation. St. George Cross and St. George Ribbon are symbols of victory and the greatness of the Russian army. I knew about the miraculous deeds of St. George from other people, but once I could feel the miraculous help from the prayer to St. George the Victorious herself. It was during the attacks and prosecution of enemies at work, when one of them wanted to get my position as a manager. Sincere faith in the heart and fervent prayers completely changed the circumstances, and the enemies decided to move to another organization.


The life of the heroic Saint George the Victorious was filled with tireless struggle with the persecutors of the Church of Christ. These were the hard times of pagan resistance to the teachings of Jesus, when earthly rulers physically destroyed the first Christians. Terrible pagan king Diocletian brutally cracked down on all who profess faith in Christ.

St. George was born to wealthy parents and was accepted into military service to the emperor. However, St. George believed in Christ and began to secretly serve him. When the emperor found out about this, he ordered him to be grabbed. For a long time, the imperial soldiers tortured George, forcing him to renounce Christ.

The warriors of the emperor drove the young man with spears, but the metal tips miraculously turned into soft tin. For three days the saint was kept in a pit filled with quicklime, but his body miraculously remained unharmed. The stable young man was singed with poisons, beaten to a pulp, but he miraculously restored his strength. It was an incredible testimony to the grace of God.

The heroic death of the saint was an example of the incredible resilience of human flesh before terrible agony: 8 times after terrible torture, the saint's body was completely healed by the grace of the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer to Christ.

Part of the holy relics of St. George the Victorious is in the temple on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow.

What they did not do with the Great Martyr George, which torture was not used - he was safe and sound in the morning. Only by cutting off the head, the nobles were able to get rid of the demonstration of the miracles of God by the great martyr George. Only then did death take the soul of the saint, and he gained the kingdom of God.

Seeing the miracles of healing from bodily harm, many people believed in the Savior. In the prison where St. George was imprisoned, suffering and sick people reached out. They bribed the guards to let them go to the saint for healing. This did not please Diocletian, so he ordered the hero to cut off the head.

After his martyrdom, George was canonized, and after his assassination he continues to help believers in their afflictions and infirmities.

What to ask the saint

There is not a single Christian believer who does not honor St. George the Victorious. He is considered the patron saint of all warriors and defenders of the fatherland, as well as people who, by their profession, save people from emergencies. Prayer to St. George the Victorious is a very strong defense against various misfortunes and troubles.

Also in the prayer petition to the saint are addressed when:

  • any hazards;
  • safety in hunting and in the forest;
  • preparation for participation in hostilities, protection against aggression of ill-wishers at work or in another society;
  • preparing for participation in sports competitions;
  • serving in the armed forces;
  • release from captivity or slavery;
  • blessing the harvest for the current year;
  • deliverance from damage and witchcraft of evil people.

Earlier in Russia, all military campaigns were accompanied by the icon of St. George the Victorious, the soldiers offered prayers for victory.

It is customary to ask for the help of the saint when sending on a long journey A person does not know what dangers may await him in foreign lands, therefore he asked for blessings and protection in advance on a long journey.

Traditionally, George the Victorious is the patron saint of tillers and cattle breeders. Yaroslav the Wise built a temple in honor of George, and since then the day the consecration of the temple on November 26 is called St. George's Day. Also on this day all agricultural work in the village is completed. The beginning of the field work is also timed to the veneration of St. George - April 23.

Prayer to St. George from the visible and invisible enemies:

However, when addressing the prayer, remember that St. George has a look at people's hearts. If your hidden desire becomes the hope of punishing an innocent person out of envy, then you will be punished for the deception and unauthorized accusation of the person.

Before you ask for protection from enemies, you should repent to confession and take the Holy Gifts. Only then can the prayer of St.. George the Conqueror about intercession. Remember how Jesus taught to pray? He said, first of all, to forgive the enemies, and then offer prayers to God.

Prayer from enemies and evil people at work to St. George the Victorious:

Troparion to St. George the Victorious:

If you are pursuing hard times, you need to order Sorokoust for health in the church, and read the prayer to Saint George all 40 days. Your requests will not go unanswered.