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Red threads from Jerusalem: how to tie the wrist and what prayer to read


Last month, a friend came to the playground (we walk with the kids together) with a red thread on the left wrist. At first I did not pay attention to it, but the thread did not disappear the next day or week. So I realized that this is not children's creativity, but something more serious. It became curious, asked. It turned out that I was "behind the times" and now without such a talisman. But is it?

What does this symbol mean?

It is a talisman that must protect the wearer from the evil eye. That is, from envious people or just people with a “heavy” look, who can (specifically or not) jinx, look “not so”, drawing good energy from you, disrupting your plans and bringing many problems into life.

Why is the thread brought from Jerusalem? There is the tomb of Rachel - a woman who is considered the mother of two tribes of Israel (it is honored by both Judaists and Muslims, as well as Christians - the life of Rachel is told in the Book of Genesis). This woman symbolizes righteousness and light; It is believed that she has the strongest energy. For kabbalists, she is pramat.

The grave is a world famous shrine and place of pilgrimage. Red wool threads are wrapped around it. Here is how it is done:

Then they are cut - these are trimming and serve as talismans. Moreover, such a protective ritual was not invented yesterday - according to beliefs, it was created by the sages of antiquity.

The thread is tied up and adults and children. In the latter case, the guardian must protect the little ones from Lilith. It is an evil spirit that is feminine at night and abducts newborns and babies. The Jews believe in it, and Lilith is not mentioned in the Bible. Although there is a popular opinion that she was the first wife of Adam, and when God created Eve, she ruined the lives of both by offering Adam and Eve the fruits of the forbidden tree.

How to tie a thread?

  • The thread is usually tied and worn on the left wrist. The fact is that according to Kabbalists, all the negative from the outside enters our body exactly in this place, therefore it must be protected.
  • Need to tie 7 knots. Each means a certain spiritual change that will soon enter our lives.
  • It is desirable that the thread is tied to the one who loves us and whom we believe.
  • While knots knit, you need to mentally turn to everything good and bright, asking for protection, not only for yourself, but also for relatives.

In a bag of thread often put a prayer for believers. It should help create an even stronger “shield” of all evil. It is necessary to read a prayer at the very beginning. Her text is:

It is also believed that the thread can not be given. It is worth buying it for yourself (an exception is a thread for a child).

The thread is torn: what does this mean?

Or not torn, and unleashed and lost?

Fine! So, the amulet took over the negative sent to you, that is, managed to protect you.

You can buy and tie a new one (yes, many believe that you cannot make or weave such a thread yourself, you just need to buy it, and it was brought from the Holy Land - you already know how this talisman is “charged”).

Is this a sign of Kabbalah?

What is Kabbalah? The mystical teachings of Judaism.

It is the Judaists who create the red thread from Jerusalem. Moreover: you can often see a warning that the real thread-talisman should look only in a certain way, because otherwise it would contradict the Kabbalah:

Moreover, even the holy star of David for Judaists is an unacceptable thing for decorating this thread.

However, it cannot be said that other religions and cultures did not create anything of the kind.

  • Yes, Hindus also tie such threads, and in the temples. But only at the hands of young girls. This is not a talisman, as a hint for young guys: here is a young unmarried person, take a look!

  • Buddhists also wear thread as a sign of protection. Understand that the talisman is Buddhist, you can see the interlaced sign of Shambhala (photo above). Although of course, it will already be more fashionable accessory. This photo (below) proves that in the temples Buddhist clergymen do without all sorts of accessories, tying simply “bare” threads to adults and children.

  • Historians claim that the Slavs also wore scarlet threads in their hands. As in our days, this talisman had to save from the evil eye (our ancestors were very afraid of damage, so they created a lot of defensive beliefs from it - for example, they could wear a shirt over it). In addition, the thread was supposed to attract wealth and luck to a person.

Do the stars and even the powerful of this world really carry such a string?

It's true. Here is a photo of show business stars (not only ours, but also “imported ones”), which proves the popularity of the red thread all over the world.

Moreover! Not so long ago, attentive viewers could see such a talisman on the hand of the head of the Russian state. And not only saw, but even made a screenshot of the speech. Later, the president several times "lit up" with such a thread. What can I say, sometimes even high-flying politicians need a talisman!

Other colors, other talismans

There are people who do not wear red, but pink or yellow thread. This is not a mistake, they use this color to attract good luck, peace or love in their lives. The main thing is to choose the right color for you!

  • Pink. This is a color that enhances femininity.
  • Violet. Develops imagination and creative thinking.
  • Saturated maroon. Color helps with dating and connections. It is suitable for business people and politicians.
  • Orange. Good luck color. In addition, this thread will protect against disease.
  • Yellow. Often it is this charm that psychics put on. This is a sign of protection for a person who is learning something new. Also amulet brings success.
  • Blue. Best friend in business. It will help with luck, as well as tell you how to bypass rivals.
  • Blue. The color is a bit mystical. Such a thread will attract into your life a wise mentor who in time will give profound advice.
  • Saturated green. It soothes, relaxes, discharges the atmosphere. For example, people tie such a talisman before they come "on the carpet" to the strict boss.
  • White. Sign of purity. Wear this thread, if you crave for enlightenment and peace.

But, probably, if you are a Christian / Christian, the other is more important to you: how does the church look at the red thread, is it nothing but a talisman, and our faith does not favor talismans? I have prepared for you a report video in which the priest will tell whether he advises the red thread to wear to the believers and whether this is not a sin: