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The danger of adultery and adultery, and what is the difference between them


A Christian must keep his body morally clean, as well as thoughts. You can read about this in the New Testament - the reference book of every Orthodox believer. However, the mores of modern society are so far from the principles of the Gospel that it is difficult to express in words.

What is the fornication about which the holy apostles spoke, and why did they give such attention to this? Talking with young girls of the Orthodox faith, I had to explain the difference between fornication, adultery and outright fornication. The conversation also concerned decency in clothes that young people do not observe at all. Let's look at what the holy fathers of the church are teaching us to explain to the youth the moral principles of Christian morality.

The sanctity of marriage

The church sanctifies marriage bonds during the wedding ceremony, giving this action a deep sacred meaning. Marriages are made in heaven - everyone has heard of this. However, in the modern sense, the institution of marriage has acquired a completely different meaning, or even completely depreciated. Short meetings are now in fashion to satisfy sexual needs.

The church says that after the marriage ceremony, the husband and wife become one flesh and become holy. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself clean both in marriage and before marriage. If a person combines marriage after several intimate contacts with different people, he bears the burden of sins for unlawful sex. They can be erased from memory, but it is impossible to purify spiritually.

The prodigal connection defiles the body and the soul, giving the evil one the reason to constantly seduce a person and torture with sinful thoughts. These connections do not give happiness, but only fill with disappointment and pain of memories.

Adultery and adultery

Fornication and adultery - what's the difference? The New Testament is written in a language that is not quite clear to modern people, it is very rare to find a translation into the spoken Russian language that is familiar to our time. Therefore, people do not always understand what is at stake. For example, the word “fornication” is not generally used in the modern language, and the word “adultery” is not entirely clear.

The sexual act in the gospel is called the premarital sexual relationship between young people. Adultery is adultery. Fornication can be called everything together - fornication and adultery. However, a more subtle gradation of the meaning of the word “fornication” is promiscuous sex life with different partners. This is immoral from the point of view of Christianity behavior, which denigrates the honest name of a person.

Where do these sins come from? The source of the fall is the heart of man and his thoughts. If in the Old Testament an act of adultery was considered to be an act that was discovered or not found by witnesses, in the New Testament even thoughts of unworthy actions are called fornication. In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus says:

That is, if a person indulges in sexual contact with an object of his passion in his fantasies, this is already considered to be sexual immorality or adultery. Jesus categorically forbids indulging in such fantasies and teaches to avoid them.

Also adultery is divorce from the husband without the guilt of treason. In the gospel, such an action is called fornication: the initiator of the divorce and its second half, who is forced to seek solace on the side, fornicates. In Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul says:

For the will of God is that believers do not indulge in lustful promptings and do not seek consolation on the side, but serve Jesus with a pure heart. In the First Epistle to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul explains why it is impossible to fornicate believers:

Our souls and bodies belong to the Lord, therefore must be kept in purity and innocence.

The fornication desecrates the temple of the living god, which is our physical body. By committing fornication, the believer forgets about God and his commandments. And this is the grief and insult of God.

The fornicator is a haven for demons, voluntarily settling them in his body.

When committing adultery, a person can become so distant from God that he will generally fall away from faith. These actions corrupt not only the body and thoughts, but also defile the immortal soul. Surrendered to temptations, gradually degrades as a person and reaps the bitter fruits of his actions.

In the Epistle to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul says that the fornicator cannot inherit the kingdom of God:

Fornication also includes:

  • viewing pornographic films and pictures;
  • group sex;
  • masturbation (masturbation);
  • intercourse during menstruation;
  • sex with a person of the same sex; the idea that you are having sex with another person instead of the legal spouse;
  • other types of perverted actions.

Temporary pleasure can cost immortality in eternity. Therefore, one should resist any temptations that come to the mind from the devil. A believer must understand where such thoughts come from, and who their initiator is. The task of the devil - to seduce people and lead away from the path of truth. Therefore, do not fall for his tricks, keep thoughts in purity and holiness.

The causes of the riot of the flesh

What is the cause of thoughts of fornication? To such a behavior, the crafty leads a person gradually. Everything can begin with seemingly innocuous things:

  • the desire to look beautiful and attractive;
  • vanity, the desire to prove their sexual superiority;
  • addiction to prolonged sleep and stay in bed;
  • love for idle life and worldly vanity.

This leads people to the habit of indulging their whims and momentary desires. And then everything ends with thoughts of fornication and fornication. Fathers of the church teach that one passion entails a second, a second - a third, a third - a fourth. This is a whole vicious chain, whose links cling tightly one after another.

Is it worth mentioning that fornication can lead a person not only to spiritual ailments, but also to physical? Sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and other problems with the systems of the body are the result of prodigal passion. Moral licentiousness may result in unplanned pregnancy and serious consequences for the health of a young girl. Many after abortion can not be mothers. Therefore, you should listen to the covenants of the apostles and review their behavior.

Carnal incompetence cripples fate, poisons the soul and can even lead to suicide. This is what we are striving to prevent from Holy Scripture and save the incorruptible soul from corruption. Animal passion must be defeated, otherwise it will defeat you. A believer must realize the foulness of the prodigal passion and repent before the Lord, and in the future not resist the devilish temptations.