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Horoscope for Libra in December 2018


Astrology is the science of the effects of stars and planets on the characteristics of a person and the life of each person as a whole. People often turn to astrology for help when they want to know what awaits them in the near future. In this article I am going to reveal to you the features of the Libra horoscope for December 2018.

What will Libra remember last month of winter?

People-Libra in December 2018, expects amazing enterprise and activity. And while all your surroundings are actively preparing for holidays, you do not waste time in vain and achieve new successes in your life.

It should be noted that these successes will not keep you waiting too long, but you will need to give up many things for the sake of future merits. For example, you will have to spend less time at home with your family, as the main part of the day will be occupied with regular work.

How stars and planets affect Libra in December

Representatives of the Libra constellation by December 2018 will become the real workers and they will receive such motivation from above, from their planetary patrons of the month. After all, the fact that Libra is thinking only about work, first of all, will want three powerful planets that will begin to control their lives in December.

Who will be your December defenders? Their role is taken by the sensual Venus, sensible Saturn and cold-blooded Mercury. It is the last planet that will begin to actively “push” Libra so that they begin to make new successes in the professional field. Mercury has a keen mind and ingenuity, which means that you should not doubt his advice, but simply execute them in practice.

The planet Saturn instills in the Libra people boundless faith in their own strength and motivates them to further movements towards a brighter future. And the customary patroness of the constellation Venus continues in December to support the amorous front of Libra’s life so that nothing happens on it.

Still, it will be impossible to fully insure yourself against minor troubles. And they will be caused by attacks of your only planet, the opponents of the month. It is a very powerful and powerful planet Jupiter, which, if it really wants, is able to nullify all the ideas of Libra.

Hence the main recommendation of the month for you - you can not deviate from their plans, be afraid of minor difficulties, because they are temporary in nature, and when they end - everything will be fine again.

Characteristics of the amorous life of Libra in December

People-Libra in the first month of the winter of 2018 will be so passionate about work that they simply do not have enough time for anything else. Therefore, all questions of everyday life and pre-holiday preparation will fall entirely on your soul mate.

Therefore, it makes no sense to be offended if a loved one at some point makes you a comment about the lack of attention on your part. You just need to convince him that you spend so much time working, solely in order to have confidence in your future together.

If, for some reason, Libra has not yet found his soul mate, then they simply won't have time to look for it now. Plus, they will not begin to appear so often in the circle of their friends and acquaintances, which will also reduce the chances of meeting someone.

In principle, do not be in a hurry to get very upset - the entire lack of communication for this month will be more than compensated for by the New Year celebrations, during which you will begin to actively communicate with your surroundings, plus you have every chance to get acquainted with a very interesting person.

Characteristics of the sphere of health of Libra in December 2018

By the beginning of winter, representatives of the Libra constellation will be energetic, witty and very attractive. Nothing can harm your health now, but in the first two weeks of the month, be careful when you get behind the wheel, as the risks of accidents, injuries and other negative incidents increase greatly.

There is a high probability of getting some kind of injury, so be extremely careful on a slippery road at a height and take care of risky entertainment.

It may sound very banal, but in December 2018, Libra should control the amount of alcohol consumed by them, taking into account the volume and quality of consumed beverages.

Speaking about cosmetic care, I must say that you exaggerate too much. Stars advise you to pamper yourself with the help of cosmetic procedures, which among other things will also charge you with a great mood - fragrant baths, chocolate wrapping and so on.

Overview of the monetary sphere of life

The monetary area of ​​life will be fairly stable for the entire month. It is foreseen a regular flow of funds against the background of insignificant expenses, and quite predictable and reasonable.

Approximate dates when finances should visit your wallet - fourth, fifth, fourteenth, fifteenth, twenty-third, twenty-fourth and thirty-first.

The main financial advice for you for a month - you should foresee and plan all your expenses in advance, because acquisitions made at the last moment in time, carefully thoughtless, can adversely affect your budget.

Characteristics of the scope of business and work

The horoscope for December 2018 says that all people will be busy with something, and Libra will do the same work. Now their professional responsibility reaches its peak, it is possible that they will face with enthusiasm at the same time to do everything they had planned.

This is especially true for situations of a competitive nature: others did not have time, but I will certainly succeed! In general, now pushing you to perform your work duties will not be particularly difficult, and thanks to this you will gain useful life experience.

The main trend of the month is the further improvement of relations with non-resident and foreign partners. But here, as in everything, there are both disadvantages and positive aspects. In particular, against the background of improving relations with some colleagues, there will be a deterioration in ties with others.

Weights-entrepreneurs and chiefs of all plans, the stars foretell a strong disappointment in their subordinates, who for various reasons decide to launch a “strike”. Probably another development of the situation - some of your subordinates will have to fail a very important event because of their clumsy actions and you decide to dismiss the guilty one. Scales-employees will face disagreements with business partners, the risks of various rumors, gossip and unhealthy intrigues in the team are not excluded.

Recommendations from astrologers for the month

These tips will be useful for Scales if they wish to spend December of 2018 with maximum benefit for themselves and minimal risks and losses.

  • In the period from the first to the seventh, remember that your motto for the next week is: "life in motion." Hikes, trips to vacation, buying a new car - now it’s worth doing everything related to transport and travel.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth of December - do not forget about the fact that you can not trust only common sense, you should always remember about your needs and desires. Remember that life is not only your daily duties and organize a celebration for your soul!
  • In the period from the sixteenth to the twenty second, use the opportunity to solve all outstanding issues and finish everything that you had to finish.
  • Between the twenty-third and thirty-first numbers - enjoy all that you could achieve, but do not dwell only on this, because otherwise you risk to get stuck in your “comfort zone” for a long time.

So must pass for you in December 2018.

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