Dream interpretation

Sarov Seraphim: life, prayers, Seraphim stone


The life of the holy righteous is an example for every Christian. Sarovsky Seraphim is revered as a miracle worker in the Orthodox Church, since this godly prayer book could perform the real miracles by the power of the Savior. The image of St. Seraphim is one of the most revered by the Russian church. What pray to the holy?

Short life

Rev. Serafim Sarovsky became famous during his lifetime, gaining fame as a righteous man. He was not vested with the priesthood, however, he was honored to see the image of the Mother of God.

Saint Seraphim was born in Kursk in 1759 and was named Prokhor. His father was a prayer and righteous man under the name Moshnin. This man was engaged in merchants, constantly investing in the construction of churches. However, Seraphim's father died early, when the boy was three years old at the most.

Mother Seraphim Agafya continued to lead the unfinished business of her husband and participated in the construction of a church in honor of St. Sergius. One day, when inspecting the construction of the temple, little Seraphim broke from the bell tower, but miraculously survived. Mother saw this patronage of God.

At the age of ten, the boy saw in the dream the face of the Mother of God when he was seriously ill. The next day, the city was wearing the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. When the boy touched her, he received a miraculous cure for an incurable disease. After this, Prokhor constantly poured into the temple to pray. He refused to learn the merchant case, as his elder brother wanted.

At the age of 17, Prokhor finally chose the spiritual path and went to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra as a pilgrim. For two years the young pilgrim stayed there as a monk, and later went to the Sarov monastery, which was located in the Tambov province. Prokhor was a diligent novice, with joy in his heart carried out all the orders of the abbot. Then Prokhor decided to pray in the forest where the monks let him go.

The young man differed enviable patience and perseverance, endured all the diseases on his feet and diligently performed a prayer feat. During the crisis, when his life hung in the balance, the face of the Mother of God reappeared in a dream and healed his servant.

At the age of 28, Prokhor took monastic vows, and after 12 months he was appointed hierodeacon. At the age of 35, the saint man left the monastery in the forest on the bank of the Sarovka river. There he had a cell with a stove and no more amenities. Once he was attacked by robbers and severely beaten. St. Seraphim of Sarov was broken head and broken ribs. And again the image of the Mother of God appeared to him to heal the wounds.

The wilderness came to the monastery wounded, and after a while returned to his forest cell. When people learned about his miraculous healing and salvation from death, they began to come for advice and help.

Miracle Cases

The years of life of Seraphim Sarovsky are filled with righteous deeds from infancy. The faithful ascetic of Christ did not for a moment stop pious thinking, and his prayerful feat inspires believers to diligently serve the Lord. When people turned to him for advice, he taught all of God-fearing life. No matter how much they offered the saint to take up honorary church positions, he did not refuse from seclusion.

In 1810, the hermit returned to the monastery cloister from a forest monastery, where he lived for 15 years, and took a vow of silence. For 10 years he was a recluse, diligently preparing for the afterlife. The Monk Seraphim ceased his vow of silence after the face of the Mother of God appeared to him.

In 1825, Saint Seraphim had a vision of the Mother of God, who pointed to the holy spring, knocking her staff on the Sarovka River. The elder took a shovel in his hands and began to dig in the indicated place, and since then the miraculous source of Seraphim is a life-giving force for many patients. In this place was built Diveevsky monastery.

Reverend Seraphim died on January 2, 1833, and after his death he was canonized. After 70 years, the relics of the great righteous were transferred to the sarcophagus, and at the same time, Seraphim was canonized.

Icon of Serafim Sarovsky

In Diveevsky nunnery there is a lot of written evidence of healing from ailments at the request of the saint. Incurable patients had a miraculous recovery. The power of prayer over the relics of the saint creates true miracles.

What pray Seraphim of Sarov? People seek salvation from diseases and various ailments. Also, believers ask the wonderworker to help in different needs:

  • find the right path in life;
  • find harmony in the soul;
  • help in overcoming temptations;
  • help in mental turmoil.

Also, people ask the wonderworker:

  • protect from enemies and detractors;
  • help with finding a life partner;
  • assist in the attainment of material well-being;
  • assist in the conduct of trade affairs.

Days of veneration of the saint - January 15 and August 1.

In January, the hermit Seraphim was counted among the holy images, and in August he gained incorruptible relics. Every year in the Diveevsky nunnery, a procession takes place along the groove of the Mother of God, which she pointed to the saint in a dream. Believers read the Mother-of-God rule, which says 150 times, “The Virgin Mary, rejoice”. On the procession come hundreds of pilgrims who firmly believe that it is at this time you can gain healing from infirmities and the fulfillment of cherished desires.

Prayer to Seraphim of Sarov:

Seraphim stones

Close to the Serafimov spring there is a stone, on the place of which the holy kneeling prayers for 1000 nights. Unfortunately, there is no stone itself, since it was broken into pieces immediately after the death of the prayer book.

The Bear stone is especially appreciated. It is associated with the memory of the holy feat of prayer. There is even a legend that after the death of a prayer book, his friend the bear petrified with grief. In 1953 a lot of people noticed a bear, which appeared from a thicket and walked around a stone several times. At the beginning of the two thousandth, a bear appeared with a cub at the stone. The people truly believe in the healing power of the Seraphim stones. People get to the venue of worship from the Tsar's Skete.

The first group of boulders is called Small Stone, there is a chapel and wooden crosses. In the center is the largest of the boulders, on which are visible marks from the knees and hands. Nearby is a stone called "Verigi". It is believed that this particular stone the saint wore behind his shoulders all his life. The third stone is called the Bear.

People say that next to the crosses began to grow new boulders, which are constantly increasing in size.

A few kilometers from small stones there is a large boulder one meter high and a source of hydrogen sulfide water. Near the source built bathing, where you can pour healing water. It is impossible to store water for a long time, so it is used for washing and bathing.

However, the Seraphim stones are not considered holy by Diveevo monastery. The nuns say that these boulders are located near the Sarov monastery. In this place is a sculpture depicting a saint praying. However, among the stones there is no genuine one on which the elder offered up his prayers.

The stone on which Seraphim prayed in his cell was in the Diveevsky monastery. During the revolution, the stones disappeared, so the people moved their pilgrimage to a group of large and small stones, which were mentioned above.