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Horse and Tiger Compatibility - Perfect Relationship


Compatibility of the Horse and Tiger promises partners a strong alliance, full of trust and mutual respect. But there are also problematic points about which it is important to know. Let's analyze the predictions of the astrologers.

general characteristics

Astrologers believe that the union between people born under the signs of the Horse and the Tiger can be very strong. Such couples can often be found in real life.

What is characteristic of their relationship:

  1. Both love freedom and travel, want to enjoy it fully. Therefore, the family and marriage at a young age do not dream. Thoughts about serious relationships they appear already in a more mature age.
  2. They can live together happily ever after. But there is a condition - everyone should have their own personal space, inviolable for a partner. They have different interests that they willingly share, so it’s never boring to be with each other.
  3. They like to share with each other impressions about the time spent separately. This allows you to always remain interesting for a partner and not to limit life only within the framework of relationships.
  4. They understand each other perfectly and easily find compromises during quarrels. Therefore, conflicts are rare, and end quietly, with the benefits and satisfaction of both.
  5. They are always drawn to each other, sexual attraction remains strong even after many years of living together. Both love and willingly go on experiments.
  6. After marriage, they begin to quickly build a nest, give birth to domestic animals, arrange their life and think about the birth of a child.
  7. The tiger is a rather closed nature, the Horse understands this and does not require the partner to disclose the soul completely. Sincere and frank conversations, growing into each other is not about them. They are quite a few hours a week spent together. And the rest of the time everyone will be engaged in their own lives.
  8. A horse is more active in nature than a partner. She is the person who manages to pay attention to absolutely all spheres of life. She has enough time for both children and household chores, and for maintaining relationships with friends and parents. In this case, the partner does not suffer from lack of attention.

If, in a lonely life, Tiger manifests itself as an egoist in turn, then, in conjunction with the Horse, he learns to take care, thinking not only of himself, but also of common interests. Wife he pays enough attention, do not stint on gifts and surprises.

Man-Tiger and Woman-Horse

The partners have a lot in common, similar interests become the main point of contact.

What is characteristic of the relationship in this pair:

  1. A man is wise enough to understand how important attention is for women, romantic surprises and gifts. He appreciates her contribution to the family and never leaves her without care.
  2. He is an extremely purposeful person, realizing his goals by any available means. Therefore, do not stop in trying to win the favor of the chosen one, even if at first she is against his courtship. With the same perseverance, he achieves success in his career.
  3. The girl is attracted by his tenderness, understanding and the ability to openly express their feelings. He sees in her a sincere and romantic princess that she wants to surround with attention and affection.
  4. She, in turn, appreciates and respects her lover. It is able to turn a blind eye to its minor flaws, gives enough care and attention.
  5. Sincere feelings between them help to build a truly happy and harmonious union that no one can destroy. They will overcome any obstacles together and will not part even in a critical situation, they will surely find a way out.
  6. Horse Girl is perfect for a serious relationship. It is said about such that ideal wives are made of them. This opinion is quite justified - she is able to create an incredibly comfortable, warm atmosphere at home, becoming an excellent hostess and mother.
  7. They don’t feel bored with living, they don’t like to sit in one place all the time. They travel a lot and prefer to take time active leisure.
  8. Relationships between them start and develop very quickly. For the wedding and the birth of children it will not be. The marriage ceremony will be the most luxurious and unforgettable for both, because they want to leave a lot of impressions of the most important day in life.
  9. The tiger will be the breadwinner and financial stronghold of the family. The woman plays the role of hostess and keeper of home. Strange, but a man can change. This may be a light affair on the side, after which he begins to appreciate the family even more.

But the Chosen Horse never betrays, because the family for her is the most valuable thing in life.

Male Horse and Female Tiger

The man in this union is very attentive and gentle. He will be nice to look after in order to win the favor of his beloved. Sooner or later, she will respond to his courtship, and relationships begin that can become very strong and stable.

What is characteristic of such a union, according to the eastern horoscope:

  1. A man above all appreciates loyalty and devotion, therefore treason and flirting on the side of the chosen one hurt him painfully. If treason is revealed, he will immediately break off the relationship, no matter how painful it is.
  2. In all other respects, he is loyal enough, tolerant of the shortcomings of the second half, ready to give in and make compromises. It is precisely because of his calm nature and sincere feelings that peace and harmony reign in the couple.
  3. But the Tiger girl is a bit selfish. She values ​​her interests above all, she loves herself more than her partner. But the relationship is not harmful. She is smart enough and wise to maintain harmony in the union. He devotes enough time to the au pair, reaches career heights, attention is enough for both her husband and children.
  4. The main thing is that in achievements man should not lag behind her. If she somehow becomes superior to him, she loses her respect and can start looking on the side of a more promising life partner.
  5. The problem may be a man’s pressure on his beloved, the desire to impose his own order. Sometimes the Tiger does not stand up and runs away from total control, wanting to regain its freedom and independence.

Only in adulthood will she be able to give up part of her freedom and continue the relationship, realizing that the man-horse is an excellent partner with whom you can go through life.