Dream interpretation

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Tiger - an extraordinary union


Compatibility of the Dragon and the Tiger can be favorable, because the partners are very similar to each other. This is a union of two leaders, goal-oriented and strong personalities. At the same time, they are wise enough and responsibly approach the relationship. We will understand in more detail.

General Compatibility Characteristic

This couple seems to be very explosive and temperamental. And for good reason - partners are both natures active, strong, stubborn and quick-tempered. These are the people who seek to change their lives at any cost, set goals and go to them, not noticing the obstacles in their path.

But at the same time, they strive to bring goodness, justice to the world, to make the surrounding space brighter and more positive. Therefore, it is pleasant to be in their society. And when they unite, they are able to illuminate everything around with internal fire.

It is very important for them to learn how to act together, to believe in their own strength and to multiply their capabilities by helping each other and supporting their partner in everything. They can create not only vibrant relationships, but also establish a successful business, raise promising children, or realize themselves in creativity.

Tiger Man and Dragon Woman

This union is an excellent example of harmonious relations between two loving people who seek to live in peace and balance.

What is characteristic of relationships in this pair:

  1. They are united by many common interests. They easily find common themes, can work together on creativity. Spiritually develop, complementing and supporting each other in everything.
  2. A man from the first minutes of communication completely falls under the charm of a charismatic girl. She provokes him, intrigues, conquers with her talent, bright appearance and clear goals in life. He does not like too soft and weak women, so he will appreciate the strong character of the chosen one, who in no way prevents her from being charmingly feminine.
  3. She is able to give him an abyss of inspiration, will be a real muse. At the right moment, he will support and surround him with care, if necessary, make him act decisively and destroy obstacles in his path.
  4. A man also charges her darling with energy, helps her develop and move forward. Next to him, she becomes fully realized in the work or favorite business. It turns into an absolutely happy and harmonious woman, next to which it is always pleasant to be.
  5. They are always happy with each other, they are mobile, love to live actively and are constantly in search of new impressions and vivid emotions. Both have developed intelligence, so you will not be bored for sure. Sometimes they shock people around with unpredictable acts and eccentric behavior, but it only amuses them.

It is important for a man to help a woman reawaken his family and household, otherwise their union will never turn into something more serious than just a comfortable union of two like-minded people.

Dragon Man and Tiger Woman

This union option is less favorable. Partners are not very easy to get along together and establish a comfortable lifestyle.

What is typical for this type of relationship:

  1. A woman is completely indifferent to everything related to everyday life and housekeeping. She prefers to keep the focus of attention on herself; she spends a lot of time on care, spiritual development, creativity and entertainment. If she can’t take the relationship more seriously, the man is unlikely to stay with her for long.
  2. At first he likes to have fun together. But gradually the endless club parties, travels and outdoor activities begin to tire him. He thinks about family, children, but doubts that the chosen one is able to give it to him. Therefore, it can take a pause, which in the end will end in a complete rupture of relations.
  3. So the responsibility for the development of a couple lies mostly with the woman. Everything will depend on her desire to settle down, to become more wise, calm, balanced and start to appreciate the quiet home comfort.

If she is capable of this, she can surround her chosen one with care, becomes flexible and learns to understand the partner, everything can turn out well. Then they will create an extremely harmonious and happy union, full of love and understanding.

Union cons

Both partners have a strong, bright character. Therefore, quarrels are almost inevitable, they have a long time to get used to each other. If the feelings are strong enough, they will cope and will not allow the family boat to break about life.

The minuses of the relationship in a pair of Dragon and Tiger are as follows:

  • They can endlessly sort things out, compete and compete with each other, because everyone wants to be a leader and make decisions. Stubborn and uncompromising, it is extremely difficult for them to give in and build a peaceful relationship.
  • To save love and bring relationships to a new, higher level, they need to become more flexible, learn to listen to the partner’s opinion. Unfortunately, in reality such a development is rare. And sooner or later there is a break.
  • Also, the disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that over time the partners become too predictable for each other. Because of this, mutual attraction passes, they can get bored and break off relationships in search of new bright emotions.

In practice, the pair of Dragon and Tiger, who have successfully overcome all obstacles and created a happy union, are rare. But there is still a chance, albeit a small one.

Sexual compatibility

The moments of closeness for both partners are always bright and unforgettable. And it is the woman who often becomes the initiator of various experiments. She does not hesitate to make a variety: she offers her chosen one toys from a sex shop, then role-playing games.

A man willingly responds to the initiative of the chosen one, although sometimes he thinks that she overdoes it. It is extremely important for them not to turn the bed into a means of resolving conflicts, so as not to interfere with sex and spiritual intimacy with each other.