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Compatibility of the Tiger and the Rat - why is it difficult for them together


Compatibility of the Tiger and the Rat, at first glance, is quite favorable. But the fate of the relationship in this pair is usually unpredictable. It is not known how long they will be together - it all depends on the ability to find compromises and the experience of partners.

Male rat and female tiger

These partners usually like each other immediately. This is the union of two opposites, which are known to be attracted. Therefore, immediately after dating, they are trying to build relationships.

But as soon as it comes to marriage or general life, the first problems begin. A man is not satisfied with the frivolous attitude of the chosen one to life, she can begin to irritate him and check his nerves for strength.

A woman treats everything easily. The reasons for the quarrels, the initiator of which becomes a man, seem to her far-fetched. But conflicts do not subside. And if the partners fail to find a compromise, they will lose all feelings and leave.

Relationships can be maintained only if a woman has enough experience and wisdom to interact with a man comfortably and correctly. It should become a reliable support and support the chosen one, tolerantly treating all its shortcomings.

Tiger Man and Rat Woman

In this variant of the union, the chances of building a happy and harmonious relationship are higher. The Rat Woman is wise enough to accept a partner with all his flaws and help him develop his virtues.

It is on the fragile female shoulders that it is responsible for maintaining psychological comfort in a pair. She can keep herself in time and not nagging a man over trifles. Not very well, everything will be in a relationship if the girl is still young and inexperienced.

A man is also quite easy to make compromises. He does not attach much importance to petty quarrels, always remains calm. If the partner does not begin to provoke and start conflicts first, the atmosphere in the couple will be quite peaceful.

Union cons

Since the union of the Tiger and the Rat does not have the best compatibility, the shortcomings of this relationship is complete. But do not despair - if you know what moments can become a stumbling block, they can be successfully neutralized by quenching an argument in time.

What may be the causes of conflicts in a pair of Tiger and Rat:

  1. Both partners are rather stubborn and uncompromising individuals. They find it difficult to make concessions, because of this they often argue and quarrel over trifles. If they want to stay together, it is important to grow up and learn to tolerate the disadvantages of a partner.
  2. Tiger - nature is unpredictable and frivolous. He does not have a clear life plan, he prefers to live for today. It annoys a rational and practical Rat, it can try for a long time to remake its chosen one. But attempts will be in vain, because such a nature can not be changed. You can either take it or leave it and find a more suitable candidate for the role of life partner.

Sexual compatibility

With regard to sexual relations, they usually suit both completely and completely. They perfectly complement each other and receive the necessary satisfaction. They love variety, they are always active and ready for intimacy.

But sex is both considered the most insignificant part of the relationship. Therefore, the storm of emotions should not be expected. Intimacy for them is only the satisfaction of natural needs, without which both can do fine.

For this reason, there is practically no betrayal in a pair, because both are not so temperamental as to seek entertainment on the side. Or too lazy to deceive a partner, and then remember what to say at the right time.

Compatibility in business

In business, they can be good partners. They have a lot in common in their views on how to conduct business. Both will give the work completely, responsibly to their duties, performing them one hundred percent.

Both easily generate new ideas, have enough energy to implement any, even the most ambitious plans. Such people are also called "money magnets" - any business for which they undertake, makes a profit.

It is desirable that the leading role played by the Tiger, and the Rat will become the responsible performer. She does not like to make important decisions, that is why it is better for her to take a subordinate position.

For this tandem on the shoulder any difficult task, they put together incredible goals and achieve great success. But the problem may be the question of the division of money. Everyone will feel that he deserves more than he is offered.

Also Tiger prefers to spend, Rat - to save and invest. Because of this, there are also differences.

Friend Compatibility

If in a love relationship they are compatible badly, then in friendship everything is different. They can be great friends and carry on good friendships over the years. They are interested to talk, both of them have a wide enough outlook. Both seek independence and understand each other perfectly.

The stumbling block may be the eternal desire of the Rat to manipulate, to benefit from a friendly alliance. Sooner or later, the Tiger will realize that they are trying to control it, and will be disappointed in such a friendship.

It is difficult to give in to both, therefore small friendly quarrels can either lead to a major scandal, or cause the complete completion of friendly communication. Complicating matters is the explosive nature of the Tigger and the stubbornness of the Rat.

If both learn to give up sometimes, they will stop competing and find out who is in charge, the friendship will become strong, indestructible and long.