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What is the sacral significance of the tattoo mandala


Tattooing today is a very popular way to decorate your body. In addition to the decorative, each tattoo also has a certain semantic meaning. Therefore, it is not recommended to do the tattoo thoughtlessly, if you do not know what it means, you first need to get all the necessary information about it. In this article we will talk about the meaning of an unusual mandala tattoo.

What is the magic of a mandala tattoo?

The mandala pouch has not only visual appeal and mystery, but also represents a powerful magical talisman and magnet that attracts positive energy to a person’s life. Because of this, it is very popular with tattoo studios clients, the latter often decorate their bodies with the help of this symbol, which is similar to the map of the Cosmos. Next, consider the origin of the mysterious mandala.

If you translate the word "mandala" from the ancient language, it means "circle" or "sphere" and is associated with a sacred schematic representation. Initially, the symbol and concept of the mandala originated in the culture of Buddhists and Hindus, where they personified the divine world.

Mandala is a complex geometric symbol, a map of the cosmos and a model of our Universe. It is always depicted as a circle in which the square fits, and in it there is another circle - the inner plane. At the same time, the square is oriented in the directions of light, and in the central part of the inner circle they depict the main sacral symbol - some deity, animal, plant or sample of writing.

The value that a mandala tattoo has

The mandala tattoo is a symbol of wisdom and spiritual integrity, which is why the drawing is always depicted sharpened in a circle. On the inside, there is also a square with triangles facing in all four directions of light.

All the details of the mandala are associated with different spiritual characteristics: comprehension, strength of mind and intentions, spiritual integrity. In most cases, the mandala circle is decorated with beautiful patterns, thanks to which it begins to resemble a lotus flower, which has dismissed its delicate petals.

Mandala can be customized for each individual. In the wheel of the world (this is another one of the names of this wonderful symbol) is a labyrinth with a zodiac circle or dial. As a rule, the mandala is created from patterns and symbols chosen by each person, based on his taste and preferences. Each person gives this intricate pattern a particle of his own soul, gives him his own meaning, which ultimately helps to get real pleasure from this process.

The most important task of a tattoo with a mandala is to protect the inner world of its owner. The symbol has the effect of preserving, preserves spiritual integrity and contributes to the attainment of inner harmony with its subsequent expression in the surrounding world.

How will the mandala tattoo work?

It should be noted that the tattoo with a mandala will be effective only when you sincerely believe in it. By tradition, the bulk of fans of this symbol are people close to Buddhism and Hinduism. They fill the ancient symbol with a special sacred meaning.

Next we list some types of mandalas with a description of their healing effects:

  • Healing mandalas - designed to attract a healthy spirit, increase vitality and human energy.
  • Protective mandalas - help stop and successfully eliminate the flow of negative energy.
  • Mandalas-mills (also called "spinners" in a different way). Mandalas of such a plan help transform the energy of one quality into another. For example, if a person is distinguished by activity and anxiety, the mandala of such a plan will add peace and prudence to it.
  • Mandalas for men and women are filled with the energies of both beginnings and contribute to the normalization of the hormonal background in the body.
  • Paired mandalas - are designed to adjust and balance partnerships, promote peace and harmony in the family.

What impact on your life will have a tattoo with a mandala

  • Mandala is the oldest magical resonator that has a strong impact on humans and is capable of creating powerful information-biological fields. Fields can have protective, activating, harmonizing properties and adapt to each specific person.
  • An important aspect is that you have to give a special choice to the selection of a drawing so that it will make you genuinely sympathetic. Mandala tattoo has a very strong energy, which will have an impact on its owner, especially if he truly believes in it.

Next we give examples of the most common today sketches of mandalas, indicating their properties and effects on the human body and its life.

Examples of mandalas with their meaning

Mandala of love

The mandala of love is a symbol of peace of mind and harmony. It is believed that it attracts a soul mate to a person’s life. This mandala consists of petals and buds, and there is often an image of a peacock in it.

Mandala of happiness

This mandala is designed to awaken a sense of integrity in a person, allows you to better feel the taste of life, contributes to the harmonization of mental state.

Mandalas of this kind are mainly formed by curls, petals and flowers - that is, symbols of the flowering of life.

Mandala of luck

Mandala programs a person to fulfill all his desires. She also represents a kind of amulet. Due to strict geometric shapes, the mandala of luck is very similar to a crystal that absorbs all evils from adversity. Another version of the mandala of luck is the lotus flower.

Mandala of wealth

Designed to attract monetary energy. Of course, you should not expect to receive at once the golden mountains thanks to this symbol, but it will set you up for work and improve your morale. In this mandala, leaflets and flowers, as well as a bunch of grapes, symbolize wealth.

The most popular places for the application of mandalas

In general, the deep meaning of the mandala will not change from the place of the drawing. Also, the execution variant of the mandala does not play a significant role - you can depict it exactly the same as in a Buddhist book or in an inverted form.

But what exactly will affect the value of a mandala tattoo is the addition of new symbols, shapes, and even the smallest elements.

Guided by purely aesthetic considerations, tattoo experts advise applying the image of a mandala on the elbow or on the forearm. Often you can also find mandalas applied on the back of the feet, the outer and inner sides of the palms, the wrist, the back, the shoulders, the chest and other parts of the body.

In addition, often the figure is divided vertically by half and the part of the drawing is applied on one hand, and the second part - on the other. In a similar way, mandalas are placed on the feet or even on two fingers, if they perform a very small image.

Features values ​​of color tattoo mandala

The triangle into which the inner square of the mandala is divided is oriented in different directions of light, and each square has its own color:

  • Northern - green;
  • South - yellow;
  • Western - red;
  • East - white.

The central figure is usually made blue, although there are also variants of a bright red or emerald background. In some cases, on the inside of the mandala, you can see an image of meditating divine entities.

Modern tattoo culture does not give too much importance to the colors of the mandala. In most cases, customers stop at the most "suitable" side of the world or their favorite color.

And when the “watercolor” style became popular, characterized by blurred colors, the mandala began to appear completely black, but surrounded by a bright background.

In conclusion

It is not necessary to give the tattoo mandala a special sacred meaning. It may well be perceived as just a beautiful image or an interesting geometric shape. And an additional bonus - your tattoo will not only be a beautiful art on the body, but also protects you from bad effects, will give creative inspiration and help you concentrate on something great.

At the end of the topic you should look at an interesting video review of the mandala tattoo designs: