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Name days in June according to the church calendar


The appearance in the family of the baby, as God's creation, is associated with the need to choose a name for the baby. In accordance with Christian traditions, the priest gives the name to the child in church at baptism. Parents can choose the name of the newborn themselves, focusing on the veneration of the saint, whose names are celebrated in the month of June according to the church calendar.

Orthodox calendar: what is it

Today, the associates of Orthodoxy in our country are increasingly turning to the traditions of Russian Christianity, striving to return the true values ​​of the Orthodox faith after several decades of the godless years. The trend also affected the choice of a male or female name for a child; for Christians, this procedure simplifies the appeal to the calendar.

The Sacred Church is a list of church events by months and days of the year related to the feat of living of Orthodox saints, especially revered by the church. The chronology of spiritual books is presented in a calendar sequence, each day of which is celebrated by the commemoration of a certain canon, therefore, the calendar also called the calendon.

Any baptized person can determine his birthday on the church calendar, which is dedicated to the commemoration of the saint of the same name. You can also find a description of the canon's fate, information about his spiritual feat, and an image of the saint in the facial saints. The naming of the Orthodox rite is necessary for the remembrance of prayers, confession and communion, weddings, as well as funerals.

If the parents did not name their children according to the calendar, during the sacrament of Baptism, the priest selects the second name from the church calendar in order to manifest the soul of the newborn before God. Names that are not specified by the month, the ceremony are not supported.

Influence of Christian tradition

The name of the child from the point of view of Christianity not only shows the veneration of the Orthodox faith by parents, but also reflects on the character and fate of their children. In addition, it is an important side of the educational process, the key to national identity. At the stages of growing up, a person realizes his belonging to a great nation, takes part in the fate of the country, which contributes to the formation of the right civic stand and the fostering of patriotism.

The children, born in June, are distinguished by the trepidation of a vulnerable soul, painfully carrying an avalanche of any setbacks. People around you who need protection and support are often considered to be weak-tempered, but at the peak of their life situation, those who celebrate birthday in June are capable of bold actions to make an important decision. It will also be useful to get acquainted with the interpretation of the name chosen by the calendar, since it can influence the formation of certain character traits.

Named in June: what names are offered for children

The most important woman in Orthodoxy is the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus Christ. Turning to the church calendar for June, parents of a newborn girl have the opportunity to choose a heavenly patroness for their daughter. According to the women’s calendar, the choice of naming is made, which will determine the future fate of the child.

Guided by the church calendar for boys, born in June, you can pick up the unique name of the canonical saint. Although before God, people of any sex have the same value, male names in the calendar or calendars are much more than women. Honored canon will be the protector of the newborn for life.

If on the birthday of the girl only male names are dropped, it is allowed to choose a female modification of the male naming of the canonized holy father.

June 2018: the name day of the main saints and Orthodox holidays

On the pages of the church calendar, one can find not only the biographies and dates of commemoration of canonized saints, but also the calendar of church holidays celebrated in June. In June 2018, there are more than 100 commemorative dates related to the life of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the commemoration of martyrs and venerable fathers, and Orthodox icons.

June Church Holidays

June, days of the monthWhat church event is celebrated in 2018Who is dedicated to the day of the angel in the church calendar
1On the 5th day of Trinity Week, the parishioners honor the memory of the Blessed Great Prince Dmitry of Donsk, who died in 1389 on that very dayThe pious Christian and outstanding commander sought to unite the Russian lands. The prince became famous for his victory in the Battle of Kulikovo, so the carriers of the male name Dmitrii celebrate the name day on this day of June
2On the 6th day of the Holy Trinity Orthodox commemorate the martyrs Alexander along with Falaley and AsteriusThe most modern male name for the calendar will be Alexander. The martyr glorified God to the very execution, he was beheaded on that very day, which became Alexander’s birthday after the sacraments
3On the last day of the Trinity Week, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God is reveredThe holy face recalls the salvation of Moscow from the enslavement of the Tatars. It is also the day of the angel Constantine in honor of the king, who established the Christian religion in the Roman Empire. His mother, Equal-to-the-Apostles Helena, became famous for finding the Life-giving Cross;
4The beginning of Petrov (apostolic) postThe fast precedes the feast dedicated to the holy apostles Peter and Paul, who spread the Christian faith and gave their lives for it. Angel Day is celebrated by people whose names are chosen according to the church calendar.
6Commemorate holy Xenia of PetersburgAngelica Women's Day is associated with the feat of Blessed Xenia, who distributed her property to the poor, who devoted all their efforts to the construction of the church at the Smolensk cemetery. According to the church calendar, the date of June became the name of Xenia
7On the sixth day of Petrov's fast, the attainment of the truncated chapter of John the Baptist is celebrated.After the truncation of the head of the Forerunner, his body and the vessel with the holy head were buried in different places. During the persecutions of Christians of 850, the chapter was discovered once again, so the date was the day of the angel John (Ivan)
10Revere all saints who shone on the top of the Holy Mountain of AthosThe main names of this day of June are celebrated by Nikita, in honor of the eponymous preacher, who called for the worship of holy icons.
11On the eighth day of the Apostolic Lent, the icon of the Mother of God is revered.According to the church calendar, it is the day of the angel Theodosia, the eponymous martyr who died for the faith of Christ. Ivan's name day is celebrated in honor of holy fool John, who suffered from mockery for asceticism and tireless prayers.
18Orthodox remember the Grand Duke Igor ChernigovName days in June of the carrier named after Igor according to the church calendar are connected with the veneration of the prince-passion-bearer, who, without the guilt, died of the revenge of the perturbed Kievites

The remaining dates of June are connected mainly with the celebration of the Cathedral of the Holy Fathers from various temples, the reverend wonderworkers and some icons. Recently, parents are increasingly turning to the choice of names for the calendar, because they believe in the intercession of the saint, in whose honor they call the child.

What icons worship in June 2018

June, days of the monthName of the Holy FaceBrief information
3Mother of God VladimirskayaIt is believed that the face of the Virgin patronizes the Russian people. In June, the holy image is revered in honor of gaining victory (1521) over the hordes of Tatars who tried to seize Moscow
11Loving EyeThe image, as a symbol of the Christian universe, is called miraculous after numerous healings. It also helps the disclosure of human abilities.
24Meruler (Worthy is)To the miraculous face of the Mother of God with the Child they seek healing from serious illnesses, gaining family happiness

The name of the child should be chosen consciously, with full responsibility realizing that the naming is given for life. If your baby was born in June 2018, you can choose the name yourself by the calendar or entrust this mission to the priest, who by date of birth will select the correct naming.

How to choose according to the church calendar

If, when choosing a name according to the church calendar, you will be guided by the name of the saint, on the day of the bright memory of which the baby was born, this saint will become the guardian angel of the child. There are no hard rules for choosing names from the month of the month, but one should dwell on the nearest date of the person’s birthday and choose a saint whose name falls on this number.

Those who celebrate the name day in June are under the auspices of Mercury, which bestows on them the brightness of the living imagination, not excluding the presence of internal contradictions. Birthdays of June strive for spiritual improvement, are able to survive under any conditions, are not without ambition and sociability.

How correctly according to the calendar to choose a naming for born in June:

  • choose from canons, whose name falls on the date of birth of the baby;
  • if the names do not match, refer to the list of saints listed on the 8th day of life;
  • You can choose a name that corresponds to the 40th day after the baby is born.

The tradition of celebrating the name-naming celebration (name-name day) is connected with the eighth day of the baby’s life. On the fortieth day after birth, the Orthodox were supposed to bring the child to the temple in order to accomplish the rite of baptism, which manifests the soul of the newborn before God. Taking advantage of the church calendar, adults can find out when they are supposed to celebrate their name day, with the feat of which saint they are associated.

According to the conviction of some Christians, birthdays are not considered a reason for celebration, the Orthodox celebrate only the name day - the date of commemoration of their spiritual patron in the church calendar. When choosing a naming by dates, you should pay attention to its combination with the patronymic and surname so that the tandem does not look comical and does not cause unpleasant situations for the carrier.