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Can pregnant go to church


If you are a church man, you probably do not ask this question. But if you are just a believer and plan to attend a church holiday, wedding, christening or just want to light a candle for the health of the baby and your future childbirth, you may wonder: can you go to church? Is there a particular ban on your current situation?

How does the father look at this?

You will be pleased to learn that official church officials not only prohibit, but also strongly encourage visits by pregnant women to the temple of God. Moreover, many of them suffer from constant fear of childbirth, and the Lord will be able to calm them down. The Holy Fathers also recommend receiving a blessing before the birth - in this case, they will be easier.

In the churches you can find a lot of icons that pray "hochushki", "waiting" or young mothers (more on this below).

Most people put candles, give notes, order Forty Taws, private services about the health of relatives. A pregnant woman can do all this, but for her own health. Do not worry, the church will not think that you are an egoist. On the contrary, they may even advise you to do this, they will also prompt a prayer for pregnant women.

Wedding and baptism of women in position

If, before the wedding, the girl is already wearing a child’s heart, it is a question of sin, so some brides wonder: can they decide on the sacrament of a church marriage? Of course! Do not forget that before the wedding the newlyweds confess - this is where you will be cleansed before the Lord by repenting of all your sins.

The only thing that can disturb you is your own ailments during pregnancy. For example, some “zhdushki” constantly faint on the 1st trimester, or because of edema they cannot stand for a long time on the 3rd. In this case, perhaps, the wedding will have to be postponed for the post-pregnancy period, because you can not risk the baby.

And besides, a pregnant woman is not forbidden to become a godmother. But in this case, take care of comfortable shoes in advance (after all, you need to stand for more than 40 minutes), and also warn other godmothers so that they will not give you a baby in your arms. Only in appearance it may seem that it is not difficult to keep it - even a newborn can weigh from 4 kg, and this is very much!

If you are not baptized, and before the wedding, and before the christening, you should start with the procedure of your own baptism. If you fear that it will be difficult for you to reschedule this lengthy procedure, choose a weekday when the church is empty. In this case, there will be more air and less noise.

Icons for pregnant women and hot parties

There are many, and each worth a separate attention.

  • Icon of the Blessed Virgin, in the birth of the Assistant.

This is a popular image, which is devoted to the Virgin's pregnancy period (although she is depicted here rather schematically). And in general, the Virgin Mary is the main intercessor of women in the position, and if you have not found any of the icons listed below, just put a candle in front of Her face.

  • Great Martyr Catherine.

It is believed that this holy helps with pregnancy, as well as during childbirth.

  • Saint Anastasia the Girlmaker.

The icon with its image can be taken to the hospital.

  • Soothe my sorrows.

This icon is suitable for women who are depleted by the fear of childbirth, as well as other sorrows (for example, problems with a robot, in a family, with health).

  • Pregnant Mother of God.

It is very difficult to find such an icon in our churches, as it is considered very rare. But if you find it, it is best suited for prayer and holy communion.

By the way, in Latin America, women are so accustomed to praying to the Virgin Mary bearing the Christ, that they even began to make her figurines. Agree - it is very beautiful, besides, next to such a shrine in my heart it becomes a little warmer.

Practical moments

Sometimes a pregnant woman is forbidden to go to church not by the holy father, but by the mother (mother-in-law, grandmother). And they are not always wrong.

  • On holidays, many people gather in temples and churches, and you may be accidentally pushed. Therefore, it is better to immediately take a secluded place in the corner on the bench. Especially if you want to attend a long service - you absolutely categorically tired of getting tired. Or as an option: come to the temple on a normal day, pray and take communion, and put the holidays for later.
  • Long standing (especially in the last trimester) can cause swelling of the legs. If there are few benches in the temple and they are busy all the time, bring along a light folding chair. By this you do not violate any church prescription, besides, do not harm your body.
  • In summer, a filled temple can be hot and stuffy, so even a non-pregnant woman can feel dizzy. So that no trouble happens to you, just stand at the open door.
  • In the first trimester, the body of the “rainbow” may not respond best to the smell of incense and other church incense.
  • If the gynecologist warns you are at risk of miscarriage and you are shown bed rest, even if you really want to receive a blessing, listen to the doctor and humbly rest at home (in the ward). Surely you have a mother, mother-in-law, sister or girlfriend who can carve out an hour and run into the church to light a candle for your health. Ask them to buy you a "pregnant" icon of the Virgin, and you will have a little intercessor not only at this difficult time, but also during childbirth.

Why do many people think that it is impossible?

There are several reasons for this superstition. Firstly, in the old days, women in a position not only in the church - they did not even let them out of the gate, so that the expectant mother or her fruit would not fall victim to the evil eye. Even now, many grandmothers fear that someone will look at their granddaughter "wrong." In vain, that the fathers have repeatedly condemned superstition in their sermons, reminding that a true believer will never be touched by someone else's evil will.

By the way, about superstitions ... Some people seriously believe that it is impossible not to cross the church threshold not for all pregnant women, but only for those who conceive a baby without marriage. This is also a mistake! If sin is present in a person’s life, there must be repentance, as well as prayers. And where else to pray and confess, if not in the House of the Lord?

And besides, many people know that before the attitude towards women in the church was ambiguous. The fact is that in old times the floors in churches and temples were made of white stone. And since during these “most” days (as well as after childbirth, miscarriage), women did not use hygienic means, they were asked not to attend the temple of God, because after such visits it was very difficult to wash the porous stone. That is why many periods of a woman’s life were called “unclean”. Now, by the way, this ban has long been lifted, and neither the wedding nor the sacrament is prohibited on any day of the women's monthly cycle. But many women are still afraid to break some rule, so even during pregnancy they are afraid to go to the temples.

And then there are things that pregnant women can do on church holidays, unlike the rest of the flock. For example, during fasting, they can take communion with everyone - but at a time when pious Christians must adhere to strict fasting, the Lord does not forbid the expectant mother to eat meat and other meager foods. Of course, after all, a developing baby must receive everything he needs on time! And this is not the advice of a pediatrician - the fathers agree with this opinion. The comments of the holy father are in this video: