Dream interpretation

What do snakes for a woman dream about?


To find out why a snake woman dreams, read all the interpretations in this article. If you can remember the plot of the dream in detail, you can learn about specific events that may happen to you in the future.

Psychological dream book

Snakes symbolize evil in all its manifestations, so such a dream can be a warning to make you behave more carefully. But there are other predictions.

Here they are:

  1. If you dream that you are bitten by a dead snake, you will suffer from the hypocrisy of a trusted friend. At a difficult moment, he betrayed, and it turns out that this is not the person you can rely on.
  2. If the snakes twist and fall on you from the sky, then in life there will come a period when you have to survive and struggle with circumstances. Because of this, you make a deal with your conscience, and in the future you will suffer from a sense of shame.
  3. A snake is killed - a sign that you are a goal-oriented person and are ready to sacrifice a lot to achieve your goals. And this behavior gives good results. Very soon you will be able to celebrate the victory over the old enemies.
  4. Passing through a field full of snakes - your life will be very unstable, which is why you will experience constant fear and anxiety about your fate. This will be due to financial problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible ...
  5. To be a stung snake - your detractors will begin to be more active to thwart your plans. It will take the support and help of friends to get out of crisis situations and defeat enemies.
  6. See how a huge snake twines around your body - you are exhausted and feel that you are not able to cope with the hail of problems that have befallen you recently. You need rest to recover.
  7. To hold an amphibian in the hands - to achieve success, you need to set a goal and go to it, regardless of adverse circumstances. Ill-wishers will interfere with you, but you are able to neutralize them and not succumb to intrigues.
  8. Step on the snake is an auspicious sign. He promises the onset of positive change in your life. From this moment joy and happiness will become your constant companions, and fate will send many opportunities for your well-being.

Dreaming nostradamus

The most famous astrologer and soothsayer also dealt with the interpretation of dreams. He believed that the snake symbolizes the fall of man, the cunning that he manifested, and the evil caused to other people.

Here are his predictions:

  1. See a snake crawling on the ground - your life will be in grave danger. You will find yourself in a situation that will bring great trouble to you. To prevent this, one should avoid hasty decision-making.
  2. Seeing a snake cautiously approaching a stranger is a sign that you will be able to avoid danger thanks to lucky chance. But it is important to draw the right conclusions from what happened, so that fate will not again give you a similar lesson.
  3. The bite of a venomous snake - become a party to a grand scandal, as a result of which the financial side of your life will suffer. Your loved one will be guilty of what happened, so the relationship with him can seriously deteriorate.
  4. A huge snake that crushed your neck - to the danger that threatens the life of a loved one. He may suffer through your fault. To avoid this, give up lightheadedness and start looking more seriously at the world.
  5. Black huge snake symbolizes the universal evil. The forecast in this case is disappointing not only for you, but also for the entire population of your country. Riots will start, because of which people may die.
  6. The snake, which is wrapped around the rod - close people hide from you the sad truth that can upset you. While you are in blissful ignorance, but soon the secret will become apparent and your life will be turned upside down.
  7. A huge snarl of snakes symbolizes your enemies and detractors. They are desperately jealous of your success and will certainly try to harm you. But this will not work, because you are much stronger and able to give a fitting rebuff.
  8. Snakes in the fog - a great danger is approaching the world. All of humanity may suffer from a global catastrophe, which will be a payment for the sins committed. Such a dream is the forerunner of the apocalypse.

Family Dream

To feel the serpentine gaze on you - you are under the gun of public condemnation. It is necessary to make the slightest offense, and an avalanche of anger will come down on you. Therefore, you should be attentive to your statements and not take rash decisions.

More interpretations:

  1. Poisonous huge snake - your enemy has become strong, he is more cunning and smarter than you, therefore, can cause a lot of harm. His actions will cause multiple troubles. Get ready to solve a lot of problems because of this.
  2. An aggressive amphibian is a sign that there is a person in your environment who is experiencing great hatred. But he has not yet decided to act, therefore he does not pose a serious danger to you
  3. A small snake growing before your eyes - in the past you did not attach importance to any petty problem and started the situation. In the near future, it will grow to such a scale that it will take a lot of effort to solve everything in the best possible way.
  4. Hold the snake in your hands - to success in your career. This means that you have worked well in the past, and now, finally, your efforts will be marked by leadership. Expect promotions or salary increases.
  5. A dead snake is a sign that you trust people who can set you up at the most inopportune moment. You will find yourself in a situation where you will need help, but will be left all alone. And you will have to rely only on yourself.