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What is the eastern calendar of animals: the characteristics of all 12 animal patrons


The Eastern calendar today is no less popular than the more familiar Zodiac horoscope. Knowing what animal is the patron of a person by the year of his birth, one can better understand the characteristics of the character of such a person and quickly find the right approach to it. In this material, we present the calendar of animals according to the Eastern horoscope with a detailed description of the characteristics of each of the 12 creatures.

Eastern horoscope - what is it?

The eastern horoscope, based on the years of the birth of a man, is popular with both residents of Eastern states and Westerners. The Chinese calendar is already more than four thousand years old, but time has no effect on its prevalence.

The eastern horoscope says that every year passes under the sign of a particular living creature. And a person born on this or that year acquires the innate characteristics of his patron, which greatly influence his life and destiny.

At the same time, each new one from the eastern years takes its countdown from the lunar calendar, and each month a new moon begins in it. The beginning of the eastern year falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice (twenty second of December). Therefore, if you were born in January or in the first days of the second month of winter, you can still refer to the sign of the previous eastern year.

There may be such types of animals according to the Chinese horoscope:

  • Rats;
  • Bull;
  • Tiger;
  • Rabbit (or Kota);
  • The dragon;
  • Snakes;
  • Horses;
  • Goats;
  • Monkey;
  • Rooster;
  • Dogs;
  • Pigs

The ancient eastern legend says that it was in this sequence that these living beings came to bid farewell to the Buddha who left the Earth forever. And for this they were given a reward - the opportunity once every 12 years to rule over time and human destiny.

All 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope are divided into four "triads":

  • The first triad is represented by the Rat, the Dragon and the Monkey. Representatives of these signs are distinguished by activity and vigor. They can be very good or very bad, and the concept of the golden mean is unknown to them;
  • the second triad is represented by the Bull, the Serpent and the Rooster. These personalities are characterized by hard success in life (due to hard work and constant tireless efforts). Such personalities are very hardworking, and they also remarkably manage to plan everything;
  • the third triad is represented by Tigris, Horse and Dog. Representatives of these signs support the dialogue very well, they are able to convince others that they are right, they are easily given new connections. Such individuals, as a rule, have a large number of acquaintances, but in reality, they need only one close person to be happy;
  • The fourth triad is represented by Rabbit (or Cat), Goat and Pig. Such personalities are seduced by a beautiful life, they possess a strongly developed sense of beauty and well-manifested creative abilities. In addition, they are distinguished by their artistry, have good intuition and excellent manners.

Having knowledge of the year of birth of a person, it will be much easier to find an approach to him. Thanks to the Chinese horoscope, you will better know yourself and the nature of your loved ones and friends.

Another important nuance - the eastern horoscope reveals the peculiarities of compatibility with others (both love and friendship, partner and so on) and will contribute to smoothing negative moments in communication with an increase in positive aspects.

Characteristics of animals according to the eastern horoscope

Further we will consider all twelve animal patrons with the description of qualities of character and behavior peculiar to them.


Rats have a special charm and attractive appearance. They are very thrifty people, although they behave generously, but only in relation to personalities they like. Such people combine strength with elegance. They outwardly behave calmly and cheerfully, but all this is nothing more than a bait. And with longer communication, you will realize that in fact the Rat is very restless, tense, tends to show aggression.

It is distinguished by accuracy, pedantry, ambition, but also pettiness, straightness and vital energy. They prefer to live in the present moment, but at the same time tend to save.


The Bull Man is distinguished by his modesty, diligence, patience, reticence, perseverance and endurance. But on the other hand, he can show his eccentricity and impatience, quickly losing his temper. Then he is dangerous for his surroundings, as he copes with internal aggression with great difficulty.

As a rule, Bulls have excellent abilities, not only mental, but also physical abilities. They strive to be in the company of other people and as soon as possible to create a relationship, a family.

With age, the Bull is more and more like a man of the old school, solid and respected, though having a conservative mind. Re-educate such a person is extremely difficult, for the most part they remain the same as they were in childhood.


The personalities that were born in the year of the Tiger are very different from each other, and most of all - in matters of spirituality and morality. For some of them very strong positive qualities are inherent, and for others - sharply negative ones. For the first group in life, classical concepts about honor and decency are most important. They are distinguished by courage, dedication, integrity, always ready to provide their assistance to the weaker and weaker person.

And the second category of Tiger people is also quite bright, but at the same time their qualities are directly opposite. They have a lot of vanity, self-confidence, unreal stubbornness, painful sensitivity, hot temper, irritability, sharpness, rudeness and pettiness.

Rabbit (or Cat)

Always it turns on "their paws." Such a person has a very bright individuality, a lot of talents and abilities, is reasonably different in ambition, modesty, refinement, goodness, has good taste and understands beauty perfectly.

This person is attracted to society, and society loves him. The rabbit is distinguished by goodwill regarding strangers, shows attitude to them as to their relatives. He is a faithful and devoted friend, gentle and affectionate with those who are in the zone of his sympathy.

In addition, the Rabbit has the intelligence and intelligence, lightning reaction, prone to rapid analysis. If he sees the goal, he will achieve it with perseverance and perseverance, but without hoping to get everything at once. He always looks to the future with optimism, hope and faith.

The Dragon

Representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope have excellent health and a large supply of vital energy. They are distinguished by vigor, activity, emotionality, decisiveness, but at the same time arbitrariness and willfulness.

The dragon is a very strong-willed, noble and generous person. He always seeks to cultivate himself, which adds to him extreme demands, both in relation to himself and to other people.

But the Dragon has a number of negative characteristics, namely: slight irritability, rapid irritation. It may be overly stubborn and not watch your tongue.

More Dragons are great enthusiasts, they always win the cases for which they are accepted, actively inspire their position, convince and even persuade other people. Their opinion is always significant, it is taken into account, as it is inclined to meaningful and useful recommendations.


The Serpent Man is distinguished by innate wisdom, insight and insight. Also, such personalities are very energetic, hardy, patient, they place high demands on themselves and other people. Although the Snake on the other hand is a bit stingy, selfish and even vain, but it is always ready to express its sympathy to those who are even worse than her.

The snake unconditionally believes that it is entrusted with a great mission and always achieves its goals. In order not to be wasted on trifles, it is taken for one thing, one person or one faith - for the area of ​​activity that suits and attracts it most.


The horse is always filled with vital energy, it is vital to adventure and feats. With a light temper, she charges others with her fun and cheerfulness. Such a person is smart, insightful and talented. He knows how to count finances and does not waste them.

To drag a horse is simple enough, because it is very energetic and impetuous. She vitally needs large areas, freedom of thought and movement. Often has excellent oratorical abilities. The horse easily attracts the attention of others.

Such a person also likes mass gatherings of people, so he can often be found in theaters, cinemas, at various exhibitions, concert halls, sports stadiums, rallies and demonstrations. They are often attracted to the sport and they can achieve good success in it.

The horse is self-confident, highly appreciates itself and always strives to be in the center of what is happening. She also experiences increased attraction to members of the opposite sex.


Such a person has many different talents and a very rich imagination. It is distinguished by courtesy, courtesy, elegance and artistry. As a rule, such personalities are endowed with good taste, they understand colors and form perfectly.

They also have good intuition and feel people easily. The goat quickly gains the favor of others, especially when it is beneficial to it. And she masterfully defends her position on any vital topic.

The goats are distinguished by kindness, mercy, they gladly share everything that they have with other people and will never refuse to help anyone. Also, such a person always has valuable and sensible recommendations and useful tips that she is ready to distribute to the right and left.

A monkey

The monkey is distinguished by a sharp mind, dexterity and agility. But also flimsy, inconsistency and unreliability. Such personalities are very hot-tempered, self-willed, and wayward. In addition, most of them are distinguished by ingenuity, originality, have common sense, tend to make independent decisions, often placing emphasis on their high self-esteem.

A monkey can achieve success in any area of ​​life, but its disadvantage is that it wants to have everything at once. Although it is easily distracted and persuaded. Due to even small clutter and changes in plans, Monkey can be in a bad mood. Such a person achieves fame and popularity only in situations where with persistence and perseverance fulfills his vocation.


The Rooster man is by nature very rectilinear and aggressive. He is somewhat harsh, does not hesitate to act the way he wants and demonstrate his true attitude. Whatever such a person would think and say - you will know about it right away.

But you should not always trust too much the frankness and eccentricity of such people. Indeed, in reality, the Rooster has a much more complex nature. He is distinguished by conceit, sarcastic, capriciousness, quirkiness, prone to internal stress, is extremely sensitive. And besides, he is endowed with inner charm and modesty, understands other people perfectly, perceives their needs and requirements, but at the same time seeks to subordinate them to their own will.

The Rooster Man is a winner in life and if he makes a decision, he will not retreat from him, despite the circumstances and will go towards his goal until it is achieved.


A person born in the Year of the Dog in most cases is characterized by heightened anxiety, is always "on the line" and has little rest. Such personalities are terribly annoying injustice. They are distinguished by loyalty, devotion, honesty and justice, and also - by nobility and generosity. True, on the other hand the dog is inherent selfish, stubbornness and sportivnost. These people are somewhat cold emotionally, more restrained, but at the same time they have a sharp tongue and often criticize others.

The dog knows very well what it is fighting for and how to do it. If she sets a goal, then she will go to her directly, independently and basically always reaches her plan.

Even the Dog is an excellent organizer and leader, it perfectly keeps secrets, both own and others. For this reason, it inspires confidence in other people. In relations with others, the Dog is distinguished by caution and extreme forethought, and also - good faith and goodwill. They rarely suffer from emotional explosions, and therefore often face internal stress.


The last sign of the eastern horoscope gives their wards courage and the ability to sacrifice themselves, if necessary. Such a person is very honest, conscientious, attentive to his surroundings.

The pig is distinguished by its truly knightly disposition, which her friends and acquaintances remarkably well know. She is endowed with natural gallantry, helpfulness, subtle mental organization and excessive scrupulousness.

And yet such a person is very intelligent, but completely helpless when he sees cunning, deceit, hypocrisy and flattery. Does not like to make excuses. Pig makes great demands, both with respect to itself and other people, but is not inclined to compromise. And she is also naive, inclined to believe what she hears from others, and always supports her position at the expense of solid arguments and facts.

We hope that this article was useful for you and will help you to better understand your relatives and friends, as well as strangers.

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