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Amazingly tender and beautiful lotus in tattoo art.


Each tattoo has its own special meaning, so by performing this or that tattoo on your body, you can improve your life and, on the contrary, bring trouble into it. That is why, before you go to the tattoo parlor, you need to find all the available information about the symbol of your choice. And about what the tattoo lotus will have, this article will tell.

Historical background of the lotus flower

The lotus flower already during a large amount of time causes surprise and admiration among people not only due to its attractiveness, but also due to the ability to preserve this beauty wherever it grows - even if it is dirty lakes or swamps. This is where the unusualness of this delicate flower lies, which grows through the mud and silt and opens its petals towards the rays of the sun.

The lotus is present as a significant religious and cultural symbol in most Asian countries.

For example, among Hindus and Buddhists, the lotus flower is associated with the awakening and striving to comprehend the real spiritual life. This is explained by the fact that the lotus grows from the bottom of the ocean, from mud and mule, while slowly but surely rushing towards the sun's rays. When the flower reaches the surface of the water, it blooms.

An ancient legend says that the Buddha himself was born from a lotus flower. Therefore, it is often used as a throne for meditative practices by Buddhist holy monks. He is personified with divine energy, a combination of opposing elements, a victory of the positive over the negative, love over the hate.

In Hindus, the lotus symbolizes the feminine principle, feminine energy and fertility, it is often shaped into a cup.

The ancient Egyptians painted a lotus flower next to the deities of the daylight. Here he was personified with high intelligence, eternal life, represented the emblem of the Upper Nile.

Phoenicians, Assyrians and Hittites used the lotus in the funerary symbolism. They have this plant acted as a symbol of death, rebirth and reincarnation.

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In ancient Greece and Rome, the patron saint of the lotus was Venus, the goddess of love and beauty (called differently Aphrodite).

In Iran, the lotus symbolized solar energy.

As for the culture of the ancient Maya, there the flower was associated with the manifested Universe - the Earth itself.

In the Taoist tradition, this solar plant turned into a cosmic wheel of life and began to symbolize the heart of man.

The Tibetans believed that the delicate plant keeps and symbolizes an unknown mystery.

In Japan, the flower has always been personified with chastity.

Different variations of lotus tattoo values ​​for girls

The lotus in tattoo art is not just a decorating image, but a sacral sign. Selected as tattoos, the lotus will tell you that the person wants to achieve harmony with himself, to become truly wise. And thanks to this, his faith in himself increases, the energy potential increases, and personality development takes place.

Next we look at the most common version of the interpretation of the value of this tattoo.

Female energy, the power of seduction

The lotus flower in the tattoo design is very similar in appearance to the cup into which the stamens, seduced by the beauty of the petals, are trying to penetrate. Such a tattoo is shrouded in a halo of sensuality, personifies a real female power.

Many young ladies cannot express their feelings to the object of sympathy with the help of words and this is where the image of a lotus flower comes to their aid. And the representatives of the strong half perfectly feel the mood of the girl and, of course, pay great attention to her appearance.

For this reason, it is not by chance that in Eastern myths and legends the lotus symbolizes the desire to please, to lure into his networks the attracted young man.

Harmony and purity

In Buddhist poetry, we find a description of how beautiful the fields, mountains and gardens, rivers, and plants are. The lotus flower has gained its natural harmony due to the especially delicate shape of its petals.

Many religious trends associate the lotus with purity. As the night approaches, the flower will disappear, leaving under the muddy water, and in the morning will again delight with its divine freshness and the absence of traces of dirt.

The clergy have a tradition to place the lotus flower on the church altar, thus it symbolizes purity. Lotus helps to eliminate all negative vibrations around itself and create a very powerful energy field.

Spiritual awakening and eternal life

The deep meaning lies in the awakening of spirituality in young, fragile souls. Spirituality is extremely important for a person, because it helps him to develop and improve himself. A delicate lotus flower with the help of its strong energy is able to lead a person out of the darkness and push him to the true path.

The famous philosophers of ancient Greece in their sermons said that a person develops his spirituality when he realizes and attains immortality. In the lotus flower lives immortality.

Wisdom and truth

Only the person who was able to fully understand the wisdom for himself can be considered happy. This is the winged saying of the greatest scientist, the sage Galileo Galilei.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, in his famous fairy tale about the little prince, wrote that people are always in search of the meaning of life, but only a few can find it. However, the truth can be found in one single lotus flower. Although it will not be easy to find.

Life and love

The lotus is a great flower, rising from the bottom of the reservoir and bringing up the symbol of God. He has a connection with the process of the birth of life and love.

The deity of Ra was born precisely in the lotus flower. Every person in one way or another, but needs to love and be loved. A lotus tattoo will not allow to ignore this high feeling.

Therefore, we can summarize the main variants of the lotus flower value. This magnificent plant is associated with:

  • female power;
  • temptation;
  • harmony;
  • purity;
  • spiritual self-improvement;
  • immortality;
  • wisdom;
  • the search for truth;
  • life;
  • love

What makes a lotus tattoo special

The girl is a very gentle creature. Therefore, she often seeks in choosing a tattoo to stay on a clean and delicate symbol that will help point the right way in life.

It is also enough for modern tattoo fans who have a very strong nature. In their case, the lotus flower will help to strengthen this inner strength.

In some situations, a tattoo with a lotus will help to become more resolute to change something in your life, to leave the annoying reality, replacing it with beauty and unexplored reality. Here the lotus flower will also be useful and fill with your inspiration.

Pay attention to the fact that the lotus flower is a very multi-valued symbol combining fragility with tenderness and strong energy, hardness of spirit. For this reason, if you plan to apply such an image on your body, first determine for yourself what the tattoo will mean to you personally.

As the lotus is associated with gods and sages

The ancient Indian sages compiled a classification of different types of the fair sex. The most attractive girls used lotuses. They are distinguished by external beauty, delicate taste and aspen waist. Other females tend to imitate them.

Also part of the romantic ladies, stopping at the lotus tattoo, wants thus to devote themselves to the goddess Venus, like the beauties of ancient Greece.

This magical plant will help to deal with their tender feelings. One famous Chinese poet called a beauty, similar to a lotus, a goddess who sprang from the depths of the ocean.

That is the meaning of a tattoo depicting an amazing and mystical lotus flower. To learn about this plant a little more - we recommend you watch a fascinating video: