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The value of owl tattoo for guys, girls, on the zone


Owls for most people are rare species of birds. Some attribute to this feathered mind and wisdom, while for others they embody a mystic. Owl tattoo is popular with tattoo art fans. The value of the owl tattoo will depend on its location, as well as on the look of the tattoo.

Historical information about owls

The first to give owls a negative value were the Chinese. It was in this state that the night predator was attributed to associations with fear, evil forces and all the magic that the human imagination is capable of.

In general, this is not very surprising, because the owl is able to move almost without making any noise. And in conditions of complete darkness, only her two large eyes sparkle brightly. Also, with a high probability, the image of an owl was supplemented with sharp claws and a head, like a knife, which turns almost three hundred and sixty degrees.

That is why the Chinese called the owl the real cause of all the misfortunes occurring in the world, or at least their forerunner. In addition, they believed that the owl is able to peck out and gouge out eyes. Most likely, birds can really do it, although it is not entirely clear what motivates them to do so.

The ancient Celts owl bore the name "scavenger" and it was believed that it portends death itself.

In the Christian culture, an owl was personified with magic. Could tell about the lack of faith or that a person serves evil forces.

Some African tribes were convinced that the owl, as well as the witches, dances a terrible dance on the grave on Sabbath day.

Mexico has turned this bird into a symbol of cold and night.

The inhabitants of India owl stands a creature that accompanies the soul of a deceased person in the process of transition to the other world.

This creature has a similar meaning in the myths of the ancient Egyptians. There, an ancient owl was considered as an intermediary between two worlds - the living and the dead.

In Indian tribes, the owl embodies the highest wisdom. No wonder that the birds' feathers were often used when protective amulets and amulets were made. For example, the amulet of the dream catcher must necessarily consist of owl feathers.

As for the culture of Americans, their owl personifies wisdom and longevity.

The ancient Romans and Greeks revered the owl as a symbol of science. They sincerely believed that this bird is a faithful companion to the goddess of knowledge and science. The image of the bird was decorated with coins. In Greece, it was believed that the owl is able to predict future events. It is likely that she gained this ability due to the fact that it is surprisingly well oriented in complete darkness.

As for domestic culture, here the owl symbolizes wisdom, intellect and science. In some cases, acts as a symbol of spirituality.

About tattoo

Since the days of distant antiquity, the owl has symbolized the mystic and the embodiment of real evil. In the culture of the ancient Celts to meet an owl was considered an extremely bad omen, which indicated the onset of the black band, filled with negative and terrible events.

A unique feature of birds is that they are able to turn their heads one hundred and eighty degrees. Due to this ability, they observe everything that happens around them. Also, birds are excellent hunters, the activity period of which falls on the dark time of the day.

Due to all these habits and unique abilities, owls began to attract people's attention. They invented different meanings, and fans of tattoo art eagerly depict these nocturnal predators on their bodies.

General characteristics of owl tattoo

Tattoo with an owl is described in various kinds of characteristics. But the main thing with which such an image on a human body has a connection is a feeling of love for the night, for the dark, because an owl is a night hunter, adhering, as a rule, to an active nightly lifestyle.

What else does this tattoo matter?

  • Tattoos with an owl symbolize a profoundness with prudence. The majority of people perceive the drawn tattoo as a protective ward against evil forces, enemies and bad thoughts.
  • Residents of China talk about the negative characteristics of the owl tattoo. In their version, it speaks of death and various negative events. Such a conclusion is made on the basis of Chinese wisdom, which asserts that the owlet is able to peck out the eyes of its own mother if she is sick or weakened.
  • Owl drawings also cause association with cannibalism, because the owl kills its own tribesmen.
  • In the Orthodox tradition, the owl depicted on the body symbolizes the rejection of the Almighty, distrust and the desire to speak foul.
  • The designation of a tattoo with an owl from the inhabitants of India will tell about eternal life. Hindus are sure that a dying owl will certainly reincarnate and become another living creature, thus continuing life on this planet.

Characteristics of owl tattoo girls

The fair sex, loving tattoo, give their preference is usually sketches of birds abstraction or animation plan.

What does an owl tattoo mean for girls?

  • The tattoo depicted on the arm will tell about the wisdom and mystery of its owner.
  • In the case of images of the comic version of the bird, the characteristic of the tattoo will tell about the fun and carefree life of the girl.
  • Tattoo in soft and colorful colors attracts attention to itself. He will be chosen by those persons who aspire to communication and new acquaintances.

Value have guys

Representatives of the strong half give their preference to a more serious e tattoo. In this case, the designation of the tattoo can vary greatly depending on different factors:

  • If the tattoo is applied to the right hand, it will indicate wisdom and determination.
  • Tattoo with an owl, stuffed on the calves of the legs and in the foot area - will tell about the renunciation of pain.
  • Tattoo in black and white colors - symbolizes peace, wisdom and determination. The presence of bright colors on the tattoo will tell about the fun and reckless way of life of a young man
  • If an owl is depicted in its usual appearance, it speaks of the power and love of life. Birds with unusual flaws or disproportionately large parts of the body will tell about the abandonment of the usual vital haste and fuss.

The value of the tattoo on the zone

Performing a tattoo with an owl in the area will tell about the past and priorities of the life of a former prisoner. Basically, a sketch with an owl in a tattoo is depicted by those jailers who perceive their lives pessimistically. Then the value of the owl's tattoo will be determined from the position of renunciation of the whole world or death.

Often, the tattoo sketch is supplemented with auxiliary characters, which also affect the character characteristics:

  • owl, depicted next to the owl - such a tattoo is mostly memorable. It is performed when a person has a child;
  • owl and clock - tells about the ability to appreciate time. Also will tell about the desire to constantly engage in something useful and interesting;
  • an owl and a skull are directly opposite kinds of meanings: such a tattoo will tell about great luck or a quick death;
  • owl and key - means "comprehending the basic secret of life" and the desire to hide this secret from other people.

Who is tattoo suitable for?

A tattoo with an owl will look equally good on both sexes. Choosing a place to put a tattoo, you need to be guided by the size and sketch of the future drawing.

So, black and white sketches are quite rare, they are mainly decorated with small areas of the body: the area of ​​the forearm, wrist or the base of the feet.

Owls of bright and colorful flowers, made in the style of realism, are great for large areas of the body: back, shoulders or abdomen. And the owl, which spreads its wings, will look most impressive, having settled in the chest area of ​​the stronger sex.

Girls like to portray the head of an owl on their hips.

Now you know a lot about owl tattoos. You can get more detailed information from the following video: