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Horoscope for September 2018: the favor of fortune


The beginning of autumn will be held under the sign of good luck and luck. The charge of energy received from the summer sun, will allow you to work with a twinkle and enthusiasm. But do not forget that ahead of the expected period of depressive decline called "autumn sadness." What does the horoscope for September 2018 promise all signs of the zodiac? Let's see.

Characteristic of the month

Joyful optimism and optimism will ensure the success of many signs of the zodiacal circle in all spheres of activity. The lonely will finally meet their love, and the lovers will burn with the desire to unite their destinies together. Businessmen will be able to make useful contacts, sign contracts on favorable terms. People of art will be full of original ideas that can be translated into reality.

However, the boiling energy can dissolve in the bustle and be spent on minor matters, if a person fails to direct it in the right direction.

Self-discipline and prioritization is the main task in September.

Excess energy can be dumped in the pool, for a walk or dancing classes. To strengthen health and immunity, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables - they are good enough this month.

Astrologers advise to engage in long-term planning - to indicate the direction of their future activities. The period of vacations and summer carelessness is over, while roll up your sleeves and do business.

At this time, you can review business contacts, get rid of unnecessary connections and establish new relationships.

Despite the favorable energies of September, it is not recommended to invest. You should also abandon the idea of ​​taking a loan, because you can get into the debt trap for a long time. It is better to devote time to planning, rather than the start of a large project.

Horoscope signs of the zodiac


In early autumn, you will have to start working for real in order to receive a decent reward in the near future. The holiday period is over, and you need to accept it. On the love front, care should be taken, as you can get into an unpleasant story. Families Aries are advised to become more romantic, so as not to bring the matter to scandals and showdown with their spouses. Everyone has disadvantages, including you - be more indulgent to close people. Excessive activity can lead Aries to a nervous breakdown, and not get sick for long. Surplus energy is best left in the gym or pool.


Venus's favorites will be financially successful if they restrain their impulses and do not conflict with superiors and colleagues. Calm and once again calm is the motto of September for impulsive Taurus. Try not to get into corporate parties this month, so you do not regret the words and actions under alcoholic couples. On the personal front, Taurus has a lull. Single people do not have a romantic relationship yet, but family people need to think about introducing at least a minimal variety of relationships. Health in September will be good if you stick to a balanced diet.


Stars promise a big money jackpot to Air Twins - a legacy or a worthy profit from the deal. Winning is not excluded. Also Gemini expects a radical change in life - a wedding, divorce, change of residence or change of workplace. A trip to distant countries or some other interesting event is possible. However, this month there may be dramatic mood swings, which may result in a prolonged fall depression. Irritability and aggression are best left in the gym or pool, so that it does not spoil relations with loved ones. Health will be good, however, there is a risk of injury.


Representatives of the element of water can not yet take themselves in hand and tune in to the working mode. Because of this, many Cancers may have problems with their superiors. Hide from the problems will not work - you will need to be responsible for the mistakes and mistakes. In the personal sphere, too, nothing good is foreseen - romantic meetings do not shine on the lonely, and the family has to go through conflicts with relatives. Astrologers do not advise lonely Cancers to make new relationships, since you can meet a dishonorable person. This month there is a risk of suffering from interaction with electrical appliances, so it’s best not to risk it. And so, health will be good.

a lion

This month, fortune can please the royal lions with cash receipts, but subject to the availability of additional part-time work. Especially lucky creative individuals: their talent will be noticed. Lonely Lions headlong into the romance of new relationships, and not just with one chosen one. Family Leo will have to be patient in order to accept the reproaches of the second half with dignity. Health of royal persons will not fail, however, there is a risk of energy overspending in the first half of September - you can get sick. Therefore, balance work and rest, do not overwork and do not overstrain.


Power Virgos can enjoy rewards for their efforts. In September, it is expected to receive financial income from additional sources, as well as a long-awaited increase in the career path. A cooling is expected on the love front - you just have to go through this period. Do not break relationships and burn bridges. It is better to take a vacation and go with your partner to a romantic trip, this will contribute to the revival of the former passion. Lonely Virgos lucky enough to attract the attention of an interested person. Health in September will not fail, only in all you need to know the measure.


Fortune smiles fondly at Libra and suggests taking advantage of success in business and partnerships. In the love sphere, there is also a revival - idle Libra will feel an acute shortage of the second half and will rush to search. But family Libra should be a little chill, as the activity will be aimed at clarifying the relationship. Do not go too far - you can bring the conflict to the end of a relationship. Do not exaggerate the shortcomings of the partner, you have the stigma in the gun. In September, Libra will feel the weakness of the liver, so you should not allow yourself to drink alcohol and finish the organ to the end. Allow the liver to recover and adjust the functionality.


Hot-tempered Scorpios will have to safely hide their sting so as not to mess things up. Conflict will lead to depressing consequences, echoes of which will be heard for a long time. This is especially true for elderly relatives - they can be a source of additional experiences. Also, trouble can follow from the children, who will literally unbalance their disobedience. It is not worth the risk at the conclusion of transactions, it is not necessary to lend money - wait out the unfavorable period, and everything will work out. Some Scorpions may spin the affair, but this relationship will not last long. With health everything will be in order, if you keep your nerves in your fist and do not dissolve.


Temperamental Sagittarius should be vigilant when concluding transactions and signing financial documents: trust only trusted partners. In September, you should not spend money on real estate and make large acquisitions. In family life, everything will be fine if you leave the company of friends and spend time with your family. Lonely Sagittarius will battle for the desired person with a strong rival. Health can also bring surprises in the form of exacerbation of pain in the joints - you will have to visit a physiotherapist.


Hardworking Capricorns expects an increase in career and monetary rewards. However, enemies are not asleep and can strike from the back, so do not trust important matters to anyone. Luck will be on your side if you are alert. Astrologers advise to build a trusting relationship with the authorities in order to receive support in a timely manner. An unpleasant period of conflict with friends and family is expected to endure, which will adversely affect well-being. It’s worth forgetting about love affairs too - Capricorn’s acrimony will be unbearable. In family relationships, too, not everything goes smoothly, because you will need to keep yourself in hand and not provoke a soul mate to a scandal. Health in general will not fail, but you will need to give up bad habits.


In September, Aquarius can show their creativity and surprise their colleagues with fresh ideas on business reorganization. Stars have to change in fate, but not in the sphere of personal relationships. Aquarius will want solitude to indulge in philosophical reflections on the meaning of life. There is no time for romance. September is a time of increased injury for Aquarius, so utmost care should be taken.


Sensitive Pisces will not be easy, as the emotional sphere will be under the gun of trouble. This gossip behind his back, and the unfriendly attitude of colleagues. You should prove the professional suitability and not count on rest. Conflict may also arise in the family if Pisces does not want to compromise. During this period, you can easily get sick if you do not save yourself from physical and emotional overstrain. Allow yourself to get a little pleasure, enjoy delicious dishes and admire the beauty of nature.