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The value attributed to the snake tattoo


The image of the snake is shrouded in various contradictions in all cultures of the world. On the one hand, the snake is a reptile, tempting man and pushing him to commit sins. On the other hand, the serpent symbolizes eternal wisdom, medicine and rebirth. Tattoo in the form of a snake is done quite often, and about what value a snake tattoo has - you can learn about it from this material.

Snake history

The first thing you need to mention about ancient Greece, in which there were two colorful personalities associated with snakes. The first is Hermes, the god of wisdom, cunning and quickness. He possessed a huge number of different skills and knew diplomacy, created the alphabet and measure. His famous attribute was a staff twisted around two snakes.

The second well-known character of the ancient Greek epic is Asclepius, who created medicine. His attribute was a cup with a snake, which bent over it.

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt believed in a huge snake eating its own tail, which, thanks to this, lived forever.

It is very strange, but in India, in which many people regularly die from snake bites, this reptile is considered sacred. Many Hindus believe that the snake is the original creature that created the entire universe.

Adherents of Buddhism, too, have a positive attitude towards snakes, calling them fair and harmonious creatures who are ready to give their help if necessary. So the ancient legend tells about a cobra, which protected the Buddha from the scorching sun with the help of its hood.

The inhabitants of Japan since the times of antiquity, the snake is considered a symbol of sexuality and all the most positive female characteristics. After all, she is so elegant, strong, resourceful and prudent. And she is always waiting for the right moment, until the last remains in the shadows and disappears in seconds if she feels danger.

In Christianity, the snake gained ill fame. It is believed that they are the servants of the devil, because it was the serpent who seduced Eve so that she could pick the forbidden fruit.

What does snake tattoo mean

Many mistakenly believe that snake tattoos have extremely positive energy, because the snake symbolizes wisdom. It should be noted that this judgment is not true.

Ever since ancient times, people knew that snake tattoos symbolize both positive and negative energy, and to the same extent. This is not at all surprising, because the face of a snake can be interpreted from two sides: someone thinks that it symbolizes hell, and someone else associates it with fertility.

It should also be remembered that it is with the snake kingdom that various mythical stories are connected (often even mysterious ones). The snake can at the same time become both a deadly killer and a healer.

A tattoo with a serpent is associated with natural and supernatural power, as well as abundance, wisdom and eternal life. In Western countries, snakes were often also personified with temptation and symbolized female sexual power.

Often a snake tattoo is depicted in conjunction with drawings of Adam and Eve against the background of the Garden of Eden.

A distinctive feature of the tattoo with a snake, which adds to her even greater popularity - the ability to combine it with other images. Plus, a snake can decorate almost any part of your body: arms, legs, thighs, stomach, back, and so on. Because of this, such a tattoo is very popular not only among the fair sex, but also among men.

The snake is a very ambiguous and controversial image. Indeed, on the one hand, it can, like kill a person with its deadly poison, but in moderate quantities its poison can, on the contrary, help to heal.

Basically, the various designations of snake tattoos are due to various secret mythic tales that surrounded the population. Moving away from mythology and considering the snake as a simple reptile, it can be noted that it symbolizes strength and also arouses a feeling of respect due to its power, mortality and natural grace.

As a rule, people put this image of snakes in the form of tattoos. Basically choose a cobra, often during the application of her deadly bite. Also sometimes applied image of a cobra, which is already dug into the skin. At the same time, it is not necessary that the whole snake be depicted completely. After all, using the vivid natural coloring of this reptile, you can twist it around the sleeve or apply it on a large area of ​​the body.

More rare are images of coral red-black snakes or vipers that entwine around a person's legs, arms, or spine.

Another point - often snake tattoos depict the whole scene. For example, it could be a snake wriggling under the snake charmer's pipe. Or a man with a beard of hanging reptiles. Or a dark snake who is hypnotized by a snake charmer and dances her amazing deadly dance.

A very interesting idea is the image of the goddess Coatlicue, whose skirt and face are formed by a large number of snakes, which are closely related to the deity. This scene symbolizes the life and death that were in the patronage of Coatlicue.

Now consider the symbolism of tattoos with snakes in both sexes.

What does snake tattoo in men mean

Representatives of the strong half portray snakes for various reasons (they cause sympathy to someone, while others dream of receiving the right qualities from them).

In general, the snake tattoo in men will mean the following:

  • primary meaning is mind, mental harmony;
  • lack of fear, courage;
  • strength of mind;
  • kindness;
  • fighting temptations;
  • power.

To demonstrate such an indicator as the mind, the snake should be depicted calm, balanced. If you look at her face - you will see that she seemed to be thinking. And her calm will tell about the calm character of the person who makes such a tattoo.

The tempting snake is often depicted wrapping fruit around the whole body, as well as having a very tricky little face. This is a reference to the Bible when she pushed Adam and Eve to fall into sin.

If the meaning of power is embedded in such a tattoo, then often you may encounter a different interpretation. The imperious snake is depicted in such a way as if it fits its crown or battle sword with its torso.

In general, the man, using this reptile, will focus on his character trait or body zone.

The fair sex

Girls decide to do a snake tattoo almost as often as men. It is the best way to talk about dexterity, deceit, cunning, devotion in marriage, mind and many other qualities of the character of its owner.

Snake dexterity is portrayed quite simply: the master must simply draw a thin, writhing reptile, which is twisted in a neat spiral.

Speaking of dexterity in this case, we mean not only the physical characteristics, but also the ability to think outside the box, but also the successful solution of very difficult situations. Relationship partners may wish to get a snake tattoo for some kind of anniversary. In this case, the tattoo will be immediately with both members of the union.

Then in most cases the picture will be as follows: two snakes intertwine with each other with a strong knot (as strong as the relationship in such a pair). The second version of the picture is also a snake image, but which is wrapped around the heart. This tattoo will mean that the man managed to achieve the location of the girl.

It is unacceptable to make a tattoo with a snake of too large size, because otherwise a girl may lose her natural sexuality.

Most people try to avoid these reptiles, many feel the goosebumps on their skin when the snake begins to hiss, while others are fascinated by the deadly snake dance. However, among all people, you will not find one who shows complete indifference to these beings.

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