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The value that the color of the candle has in magical rites


Candles are used in magic in a variety of rituals and ceremonial activities. In this case, their hue plays a significant role, because the result of the mystical action will depend on the value of the color of the candle. Therefore, if you are ready to conjure, we advise you to carefully read this material.

How to choose candles for the ritual

To master the magic of candles, you do not need special training or training. It is available for almost every person. The main feature of this magic - for the rite you will need to stock up on a few candles, as well as have pure thoughts and believe in a positive result without limit.

Fortunately, today the stores are replete with a very wide selection of candle products. In general, what kind of candle you will get - the usual one, which we use if the light is turned off, or acquired in an esoteric shop - does not have a special meaning.

But it is imperative that the candle was completely new. After all, if it was already lit (even for a short period of time), then it managed to fill with a certain amount of information and it can negate the whole effect of the ceremony. In addition, previously used candles give the vibration flows into space and will no longer help you in fulfilling your desires.

An important nuance. Candle magic will work only if the ceremony is completely transparent and clean.

Generally ideal - it is to make candles for the magic rite with his own hands. Handmade candles are filled with the energy of the person who creates them and it helps to create real miracles. Therefore, if you have the makings of a sculptor, be sure to use this and make a few candles with your own hands. Thanks to this, you will be able to attract a very powerful flow of energy that will give you the confidence that absolutely any dream can really be realized in life.

The hue of ritual candles is also very important. Each of the shades has a different characteristic, so when choosing candles for the ceremony, be sure to consider the purpose for which you need them and what events you want to bring into your life.

Why do you need to pay particular attention to the color of the candle?

Candle hue should be chosen based on the specifics of the planned ceremony.

Specific colors attract individual forms of energy, so color can both enhance and reduce the impact of the ritual performed.

And in order not to make a mistake, it is necessary to become familiar with the meaning and characteristics of each of the colors in the magic of candles.

Candle magic: the characteristics of colors with their properties

Consider the purpose for which you need to use a candle of a particular color:

  • White candle - correlates with cleansing, health, sincerity of the soul, divine power, peace and tranquility. You can light it in meditative practices and during prayer. It also applies when working with the 7th energy center. White candles are also used as altar candles.
  • Ruby red. This shade, as a rule, is used in love magic, helps to influence people's feelings (both in positive and in bad ways). This means that by applying a candle of a given color, you can both provoke a feeling of love, anger, hatred and jealousy.
  • Red - has a wide range of effects. With the help of a red candle, it is realistic to attract love and passion into a person’s life It also helps to restore health and gives physical strength. The red hue is related to the fire element and can be used to help a person achieve his goal (for example, to advance in his career). Corresponds to the 1st chakra.
  • Pink candle is a symbol of femininity, attractiveness, romantic and friendly relations. A pink candle will help attract delicate and pure love, as well as contribute to building a serious relationship if you suffer from self-doubt.
  • Orange candle - helps to control the situation and change it. Associated with strength, attractiveness, power. Also, the spectrum of action of a candle is everything related to sex life and everything that gives a person pleasure. Orange color is associated with the 2nd chakra.
  • Yellow candle - with its help it is possible to increase the creative energy, imagination, and also to fill a person with vital force and activity. Corresponds to joy and attractiveness. Increases the assimilation of information, improve memory. Yellow candle is good to use in clairvoyance or divination. With its help, you better concentrate on something, your imagination will grow. Matching the yellow candle is the 3rd chakra.
  • Light brown candle - it is used in money magic. Thanks to her, you will receive financial benefits and benefits.
  • Brown - allows you to successfully solve court cases, and even treats pets. You can also search for missing items using a brown candle.
  • Olive - attracts money, luck in gambling, business, promising work. The difference between olive and green - the first has a softer and longer lasting effect.
  • Green World - will also attract good luck in gambling, business, good work, good harvest. Another green color relates to harmony, rejuvenation, healing of the physical sheath, marriage, charity. It has a connection with the 4th energy center.
  • Celadon Candle - helps to heal emotionally, comforts, protects.
  • Blue - associated with spirituality, meditation, prayer, peace, tranquility and protection in the home. Helps to pass exams. Blue color is associated with the fifth chakra.
  • Blue candle is shown in the use of rituals that give a person wisdom and protection in meditative practices. Promotes healing, improves well-being. It reveals spiritual potential, fills with inspiration. It will help to achieve peace and harmony in the home. And also contributes to weight loss. Its correspondence is the sixth chakra.
  • Dark blue - can be used when seeking the help of light forces. Dark blue candles will help with fractures, improve the process of splicing bones.
  • Purple candle - will help with clairvoyance and fortune telling. Also, a purple candle can be lit when spiritual contacts are made. Connected with the 7th energy center.
  • Purple candle. Purple is a highly spiritual color. It is used when the spells are lifted, the dark forces are expelled, and also when severe diseases are treated. Hue will help with clairvoyance, divination, seance, and contact with the other world. In addition, it correlates with power, domination, subordination, control, control. Connected with the 7th energy center.
  • Gray candle - contributes to the soft exile of dark forces, successfully copes with various negative influences. Also, a gray candle can be used in the process of thinking about complex tasks. She is associated with charm, charm.
  • Black candle - it is often used in cases when you need to absorb and destroy negative energy. She binds evil forces and protects. Will help get rid of the evil eye and damage. Often, black candles are used as altar candles (along with white ones) to normalize the energy balance.

Influence of moon phases on magical rituals.

In many ways, how successful a magical ritual will be will depend on the phase of the moon. Before conducting any rite, you must carefully study the lunar calendar.

  • Growing moon - suitable for those ceremonies that are designed to increase something (money, strength, energy, love), for creative actions;
  • Waning moon - suitable for rites for the destruction of something and getting rid of unnecessary (eliminated obstacles, misfortunes, difficulties, diseases, and yet - various troubles are caused);
  • At the time of the full moon - you can resort to any rituals;
  • At the time of the new moon - are held cuffs and exile.

Now you know which tint candles you should choose for your magical actions.

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