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The value of the mysterious purple in psychology


Purple is deservedly a very mysterious and mysterious color. It is around this color that various legends and legends appear, and it is not in vain that mystics and sorcerers walk in purple robes.

And what is the meaning of purple color in psychology and in life? Is he so extraordinary? You can read about it in our today's material.

What symbolically denotes the shade of violet

The subconscious of a person perceives a violet hue as something mysterious and otherworldly and is associated with mysticism, astrology, esotericism and healing. After all, if you look at the picture, which depicts a magician or a witch, in most cases you will be able to note that he or she is dressed in purple clothes.

The violet tint is traditionally a symbol of the underworld, which only the elect are allowed to contact. By the way, since ancient times, purple clothing testified to the uniqueness of the person wearing it. For example, the shade of purple, about which the ancient narratives dedicated to kings and priests constantly mention, is closest to the violet. Ordinary people were not allowed to use the described shade.

At the time of the Middle Ages it was the color of mourning, but it was also allowed to be used exclusively by members of the royal family. The lilac association with the noble sorrow was kept by the Orthodox Church. When clerics fast, they clothe themselves in violet robes.

Traditionally, violet is believed to cause an inner concentration, detachment from reality, which is necessary if a person wishes to be purified in the spiritual plane. In addition, shade also means transformation - changing one state to another. Here you can talk about pregnancy, and about death, and about deep internal changes.

An interesting nuance. If you often see a hint of violet in your night visions, then this foreshadows dramatic changes in your life.

Sacral characteristic purple hue

The main value inherent in the lilac shade is veiling. Combining the two strong, but radically different shades in meaning - red with blue, above all, will tell about suppressed arousal.

Combining two shades - red (symbolizing strength and passion) with blue (a tinge of tranquility and passionlessness), the violet hue is almost always in opposition, and the contrasting values ​​of these colors create the mystery of violet color. Because of this purple color is often popular with pregnant women (especially on the initial terms of pregnancy), and even among homosexuals, who seek to hide their sexual preferences.

In addition, the duality of the violet hue symbolizes abstinence with willpower. By analogy with how blue hues restrain the power of passionate red, violet evokes associations with humility, limitations, and struggle with its carnal side. That is why the Catholic higher clergy are supposed to wear rings with lilac amethysts, symbolizing celibacy.

And still the gentle violet shade causes associations with the mystical sphere of life and all phenomena that cannot be explained logically. It is also the color of the sixth sense and instinctive desires. And besides this, the purple hue is a color that gives originality, idealism, individuality and reveals the creative potential in a person.

What does the color purple in psychology

The main psychological associations of a violet hue are sensuality and emotionality. But at the same time the color of violet can also tell about the psychological immaturity and instability of the nervous system. This explains the love of the purple things of people with an unstable psyche and teenagers.

It will be more correct to consider the value of violet color, based on its particular hue:

  • for example, a rich purple tone with a predominance of blue hue is a symbol of brute force and authority;
  • lilac shade, which is dominated by red - will tell about emotional immaturity, impulsivity and infantilism;
  • but a gentle purple tone - has a mild sedative effect and expresses tenderness and delicacy.

In general, it should be noted that psychology refers violet color to rather “heavy” shades. It is for this reason that it should not be worn by children, otherwise it can reduce their vital activity.

Color therapists use a violet tint when it is necessary to heal headaches, relieve pressure, relieve a person from eye pathologies, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue.

And psychotherapists treat depressive and neurotic states with this unusual shade.

Who likes purple clothes

Clothes in the purple palette are appealing to individuals who strive for inner peace. Color allows you to find peace of mind, completely calm down, turn away from the surrounding haste and vanity.

In addition, dressed in violet attire, you can reduce your selfishness and desire to engage only in their desires and thoughts. The choice of this hue indicates spiritual openness and a desire to listen to your inner voice. But in everything it is important to comply with the measure, because the bust with purple color will provoke a desire for privacy and minimizing contact with other people.

Psychology experts believe that the choice of a purple hue for basic clothing and accessories indicates some infantilism and insufficient control of the conscious sphere. Gentle lavender shade creates the illusion of coolness and detachment, it is very attractive for dreamers.

Are you a feminine and dreamy person? Then, without a doubt, get clothes, accessories or violet hues for yourself - thanks to them you will increase your faith in yourself and be filled with power. To create the most stylish look, combine purple with gray (to get what you want most), with brown (to achieve a luxurious life).

What kind of people like purple color

With regards to those who choose for themselves a purple hue, most of these people are very secretive natures. They are accustomed to very critically evaluate themselves and those around them, so they often achieve a lot in life.

Often these are real pedants and formalists. They show emotional restraint in society, but in fact, real passions are raging inside them. In life, for such individuals, their own feelings with intuition are much more important than public opinion. It is an excellent intuition that often provokes arrogance and vanity in them, which slightly repels them.

Even such individuals like to feel special, they often stand out against the general background because of the great hobbies and passions of the bulk. As a rule, they adhere to a solitary lifestyle, have several close people.

Violet personalities like no one else are capable of creating long and deep relationships. With regards to their negative sides of character, one can mention passivity with shyness. Many find them for eccentrics who are completely unadapted to reality. For example, such people can perfectly understand philosophy and religion, but they do not know how to cook food and do not clean in their home.

As a rule, the violet tinge causes antipathy among overly mundane and rational personalities, straightforward, who are irritated by ambiguity and uncertainty. Also, the rejection of violet hue will tell about the dislike of mysticism. These personalities are not interested in religion, omens. They may have good intelligence, but they have absolutely no creative abilities.

We can confidently say that the color purple is the king of all shades. It inspires thanks to its sophistication, nobility and mystery. It does not surprise at all the fact that the color is loved by adherents of symbolism, as well as by creative persons. The violet hue represents spiritual wealth and close union with the Universe.

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