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Rooster and Dog: can these people achieve harmony in relationships


The love compatibility of Rooster and Dogs - is it high enough to create a happy and harmonious relationship? Is it possible to marry between such people, as well as at what points in the relationship you need to pay attention - this article will tell you about everything about it.

Overview of Rooster and Dog Relationships

A pair of girl-dog and guy-rooster is quite difficult and problematic. In such a union, both its participants will be able to demonstrate their intelligence, ease of communication, and partners will feel a sense of pride for each other. But with all this, the Rooster man will begin regularly to get the Girl-Dog with his nagging and grumbling, and she, for her part, follows an overly direct and frank demeanor and is accustomed to express what she thinks.

Partners risk falling asleep to each other by mutual accusations, plus due to inconsistency of characters, frequent quarrels and conflicts will arise. They differ in their opposing views on life; in rare cases, such individuals are too comfortable with each other. But, of course, if real love arises between them, then all obstacles will become surmountable. Then harmony will come into the relationship, a sincere and sensible girl-dog will be able to pacify a violent man-rooster, plus she will be able to evaluate his intelligence and abilities according to her merits.

What difficulties may arise in such a pair

Eastern horoscope says that the compatibility between the guy-Rooster and the girl-dog is quite problematic. The rooster likes giving commands and being in a relationship. He will constantly try to stick his nose into the affairs of his faithful, believing that he is more intelligent, strong and therefore will begin to suppress his beloved.

The Lady Dog, certainly, will not agree to be reconciled with such injustice and will begin to prove to the man-rooster that he is wrong that he will make him angry even more. Girl-Dog has a rather balanced temper, she is unable to understand why her pious is so angry and what causes him so much irritation. Neither he nor she is able to look at the world with the look of her beloved person, as a result of which they do not understand why their behavior can be so angry.

In addition, the Rooster man is not ready to reconcile with the fact that the Girl-Dog is not the ideal neat and clean wife, and she also shows more inertia and is unable to support his morale, encouraging him to perform this or that feat.

He is also annoyed by the fact that the spouse is constantly striving to be independent and self-sufficient. The male Rooster is unusually jealous, and the model of the behavior of the female Dog begins to provoke various nasty guesses in him.

Woman-Dog and man-Rooster have different temperaments, different life positions, to maintain the relationship they both need very serious work on themselves.

Most importantly, they need to stop caring about these differences and focus on the factors that unite them. For example, lovers have a heightened sense of justice, their own hard principles, thanks to which they have mutual respect.

When there is an assessment of all the positive aspects of each other, it will be easier for the beloved to accept mutual disadvantages.

Characteristics of the relationship of a man-dog and a woman rooster

If we talk about compatibility for marriage between a man-dog and a woman-rooster, then it promises to be good, but both will have to make efforts for this. In fact, the partners do not have so many points of contact, but on the condition that they honestly express their feelings, fears and act as their conscience tells them, they will be able to draw closer.

Both he and she are distinguished by straightforwardness and frankness, ingenuousness, they strive for an independent solution of their problems. It is more likely that the lady in the rooster will be the leader in this pair, serving as an interesting, bright and emotionally open person. She also has enough worldly wisdom and practicality to create a comfortable environment in the home and ensure family comfort.

Man-Dog will feel comfortable next to such a fair sex, but one should not forget that he needs increased attention to his own person, it is important for him to spend a lot of time with his second half.

The explosive temper of the Rooster girl can turn into a problem, as she pays increased attention to details. Such a lady can flare up very quickly, but at the same time she will also depart quickly enough. The man-dog is frightened by such behavior, it is difficult for him to listen to such claims, since he does not see problems where they are for the girl-rooster.

The constant shouts and quibbles of the Rooster begin to drive the man-Dog out of himself, who begins to prove that he is right and to defend his case. To settle the conflict, he, of course, can agree, but it will be exclusively in verbal form.

The best solution in any conflict for such a couple is to honestly express your feelings, fears and feelings, so that you can find a compromise. Since both partners have sufficient common sense and psychological preparation for a full awareness of the incident and the correct assessment of the situation. Of course, you will need to make an effort: to open new facets of each other, to get a new life experience, but the easy way will never bring you so much pleasure and interest.

Overview of a pair of female dogs and male rooster

As for the love compatibility between the girl-dog and the man-cock, it will be somewhat worse than in the first case. Love and marriage, whatever one may say, is a rather problematic topic. But, of course, do not rush to make hasty conclusions and despair, because if you really have sincere feelings for each other, you will be able to overcome a great deal together.

At the beginning of the relationship of such a pair, everything is more or less harmonious, but then the Rooster man will want to take over and he will decide on the emotional provocation of his partner. Not for nothing that he can flare up even because of the little things and attaches importance to even very minor details.

Such a representative of the stronger sex "starts with sex trafficking", he may, for example, not like the tone in which they talk to him. But at the same time, he got used to cool down quickly. Girl-dog absolutely does not like to listen to claims to herself, especially if she does not see any problem, where the Rooster has already noticed a real “catastrophe”.

The stubborn and balanced woman-dog suffers from the shrill and meticulousness of such a man, so he begins to defend his position and protect it. Thus, it seeks to achieve equality and wants to preserve its independence. She will not agree to walk at attention all the time and stick to the rules established for her by someone else.

Intimate compatibility of female dogs and male roosters

As for sexual compatibility in such a pair, it will be significantly higher than in everyday life. At the beginning of the relationship, the Rooster man will show his originality and extravagance in bed, which shocks the Woman-Dog. But provided that she manages to adapt to his wishes, she will be able to receive unforgettable pleasure.

In a couple, the woman-dog and the man-cock the bed often turns into a place to solve most problems. But still, spiritual closeness between such people is achieved in rare cases, since emotionally they are too different personalities.

Recommendations on how to save such a relationship

As it has already become clear, compatibility between the male Rooster and the female Dog is very difficult. Such people differ in their habits and the general perception of life. They hardly find mutual understanding, but if they sincerely wish to save the marriage, then it will be necessary to simply make some effort.

  1. The most important moment in such a pair is for the partners to learn to negotiate and accept each other, without noticing all the shortcomings of their partner.
  2. The Rooster Man should show more attention to the life of the Woman-Dog, her desires, he should not try to change his beloved.
  3. Woman-Dog must realize that the male Rooster is distinguished by extremely high everyday demands, therefore, being with him she will not be able to calmly wallow on the sofa while reading the newspaper. But then, having such a man, she definitely will not be bored, because he has a lot of hobbies.
  4. Also this couple will be saved by the wisdom and support of the girl-dog. If she learns to perceive her faithful more calmly and not react so strongly to him, and also realizes that all his actions have a good purpose, then there will be much fewer conflicts in the couple. In no case can a woman compete with her man or strive to make fun of him. On the contrary, she must become his inspirer and gently and carefully guide him in the right direction.
  5. Both partners, if they want to strengthen their relationship, need to think less about their own problems and be more interested in the inner world and the interests of each other. Harmonious union is impossible without effort. Therefore, start with yourself, your personal negative sides and then, provided you do not stop working on yourself, you will be able to boast of successful and harmonious happy relationships.

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