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What does the horoscope promise us for May 2018?


The horoscope for May 2018 will tell us about the general trends that await us in the last spring month. What will please us May-month except warm days and good weather? About this you will learn from this article.

Astrological picture on May 2018

The planet Uranus will be in the constellation Taurus on May 15, 2018 and will remain there for the next seven years. This means the beginning of the Era of a new revolution in the scientific and technical sphere. Ecological constructions, the newest methods of energy conservation and innovation in the field of transport, small aircraft and so on will be actively developed. Also, the development process will affect the sphere of IT, the space industry.

Planet Mars will be in the constellation of Aquarius on May 16, 2018. This event foreshadows extensive communication, work with a large information flow. It opens a great time to create your websites, blogs on the Internet or implement various projects in the field of IT-technologies. And those people who work in this field will receive excellent opportunities for creative self-realization.

Next, we will look at the whole May 2018 by dates and find out what each of these periods promises us.

From the 1st to the 2nd of May, a decaying conjunction of Mars with Pluto and Lilith will occur. It marks the fact that different local hostilities begin simultaneously. Probably the end of some long-lasting military-political crisis, civil war.

This does not exclude the occurrence of difficult situations in the business and entrepreneurial industries. Your activities may be subject to various checks. It is necessary to show attentiveness and calm, do not lead to aggressive behavior and not provoke conflicts.

From the 3rd to the 4th of May - the union of Venus with the star Aldebaran. Planet Jupiter will fall into the critical degree of Scorpio. Such aspects indicate a variety of natural disasters, earthquakes. There is an aggravation of the world geopolitical situation. This is fraught with new sanctions, foreshadows trade wars, the global economic crisis. In general, there will be a period of global crisis.

From the 6th to the 7th of May - thanks to the bright and creative configuration of the planets, a creative ascent becomes possible. These days it will be easy to resolve meaningful questions and tasks. Now it’s really possible to overcome a very difficult situational barrier, removing any obstacles to your goals. It is important at this time to concentrate as much as possible on the main direction of development and activity. In addition, important, fateful acquaintances and meetings can occur now. It is necessary to be attentive to your contacts in these days of the month.

May 8th, 2018th. The planet Mercury falls into the critical degree of the sign of Aries. This promises a violation of the delivery of goods, obtaining information, the work of communication tools. On the road, now you need to be careful, because there are great risks of getting into an accident, move only by the rules of the road. The weather also promises to bring inconvenience - changing weather conditions, temperature, cloudiness.

May 13th. Mercury will go into the sign of Taurus. This marks the beginning of the pores, when it is important to give maximum attention to the financial sphere. Until Mercury goes to the constellation Gemini, extensive opposition to Jupiter remains active. She points to various issues and problems that will require you to make unplanned expenses. Begin to save hard until May 30th, strictly control your expenses and income, otherwise you will not be able to avoid a local financial crisis.

May 15th. The new moon in the constellation Taurus, the planet Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus and will be in it for the next seven years. This day will have a huge impact on all modern civilization. For example, in 2011, the year in March, when the planet Uranus appeared in the sign of Aries, the Great Japan-Eastern earthquake happened, and an accident occurred at the Fukushima nuclear power plant (Japan).

When Uranus is again in the sign of Taurus, resonance may occur and the occurrence of a global natural disaster is not excluded. People did not learn for themselves any lessons from what happened in Japan on March 11, 2011.

The constellation Taurus corresponds to the energy of nature and the Earth. Therefore, if modern people do not cease to treat our planet brutally and continue to pollute the environment - the Earth will avenge them with its Element.

May 16, 2018 Mars transition in the sign of Aquarius with square to Uranus. The emergence of difficult weather conditions, various natural anomalies: possible strong winds, storms, the occurrence of anomalous thunderstorms and showers. Power transmission lines may be disrupted, as well as communications. There are also very big risks of traffic accidents caused by difficult weather conditions. It is important at this time to be very careful in using the equipment and also carefully driving the vehicles.

May 19th. There is a transition of Venus in the constellation of Cancer. A great time is coming to improve the atmosphere in the family, to comfortably equip your family nest. Now recommended cosmetic repairs, work in the country, the land. And the people you meet these days later may even become your life mates.

May 21, 2018. The sun will be in the constellation Gemini. Weather conditions will change, summer will begin to actively manifest itself. The probability of strong thunder storms is not excluded. This is the time when various contacts, trips, intensive communication, information sharing will be actively taking place.

Try now to record the most important information that you will receive in a given period of time, since it will affect the development of your business in the summer.

May 29th. The full moon, the moon falls into the sign of Sagittarius, and the sun - Gemini. At this time, all emotions will be at the peak. Combining with Pluto, Lilith will point to various manipulations of consciousness, as well as attempts to inculcate the feeling of guilt, you will be disoriented in the direction of your activity, as well as in ways of solving problems. In no case can not give in to someone else's will, someone else's will is evil.

May 30th. The planet Mercury is in the constellation Gemini (that is, in fact, in his own home). Mercury will give diverse new ideas, will be responsible for making new interesting acquaintances and contacts.

This is a wonderful period of time to relax in nature, gather mushrooms with berries, medicinal herbs and enjoy the gifts of nature. Now it is important to feel the powerful energy of nature and of our planet as a whole with every cell of our body.

In June 2018, the planet Neptune will begin to move in the opposite direction. This will provoke a spiritual transformation of modern humanity and civilization as a whole. World religious and spiritual doctrine must change. The principles of social justice in society will be restored.

What are you preparing for in May 2018

Now consider what the stars advise us for this difficult period of time.

Astrologers say that in May of 2018, the atmosphere on our planet should turn into an amazing fairy tale in which each of us will get a role.

You may wish to become a fairy-tale prince, who is on a white horse in a hurry to meet his beautiful princess. Or you will be a beautiful princess sitting by the window waiting for her prince. Whatever the end of this spring, all your secret secrets with dreams risk becoming real.

But for a miracle to happen, you will need to make some effort. It is also very important to be yourself, not to betray your dreams and listen to other people less. And the latter just really want to give you their "valuable" advice, try to dissuade from any actions and generally impose their own vision of the problem.

Therefore, if you suddenly meet the same "clever man", do not be afraid that you will produce the impression of a rude and uncouth man, because only a couple of intelligible words and the "adviser" will calm down.

A positive moment - the personal sphere of life of all living at this time on planet Earth promises to be better. If you are already in a relationship, then your union will become even more trusting and harmonious (but, of course, you will need to meet certain conditions).

Try to spend as much free time as possible with your long-time friends discussing the news, but with your loved one. Share your tenderness and warmth with him and you can be sure that you will get all these positive emotions back, and a hundredfold multiplied.

And if you are still in search of your second half, then May 2018 will be a wonderful time to follow the dream and not be afraid to feel strange (strange) at the same time. If there is some kind of person in your environment to whom you feel sympathy, but everyone did not dare to reveal their feelings, then now you will have the happy opportunity to do so. So be bold and do not be afraid!

Now it is necessary to say about the business sphere of life, in which also a happy accident is foreseen (now it means the improvement of financial affairs). May 2018 will have a very positive effect on the state of the professional sphere of those individuals who do not complain about their fate, are friends with colleagues and generally perceive life in a positive way. Your income level will start to grow exponentially (a very big chance that lucky times will be to blame again).

If you are a private entrepreneur, you will begin to receive much more than before, as soon as you can master the new revolutionary method of work (but hurry, because you risk to suffer from the actions of competitors).

This may be the month of May, with such trends he should come to us. Now you know what to expect from it, and finally watch the interesting thematic video material: