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Compatibility Capricorn and Capricorn in a relationship


Compatibility Capricorns in relations can not be called favorable. This is an immature union, in which many pitfalls. To build love, to become a happy and harmonious couple, both will have to try pretty hard. Let us analyze their relationship in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Both signs are subject to the elements of the Earth. Partners are alike, but they don’t immediately realize it. They look at the chosen one, as if in a mirror, which reflects not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses. This is the cause of many problems in their relationship.

What is characteristic of such a zodiac pair:

  1. They will constantly compete with each other. This is a union of two leaders, in which no one wants to cede the main role. The constant struggle for power leads to multiple conflicts, quarrels and disagreements.
  2. But everything can turn out well, if they begin to give their belligerence to the achievement of goals and realization in life. Then in a relationship, they will be able to show only their best traits.
  3. It is important for them to stop competing with each other and understand that the partner is also an integral personality, with its own desires, attitudes, beliefs and values. Then they will be able to inspire the chosen one to even greater accomplishments, while simultaneously engaging in their own development.
  4. Their relationship is rarely the proverbial love at first sight. Usually they are friends for a long time, communicate and look at each other. Then, at one moment, they begin to think that there is no better partner, and decide to build a relationship.
  5. They respect the strength and dedication of the partner, because they themselves are endowed with these qualities. But during quarrels it is difficult for everyone to take the first step towards reconciliation. Therefore, each conflict threatens to remain unresolved and provoke separation.
  6. They are conservatives, do not like change, the personality is closed. They are afraid that they will be rejected, because then their pride will suffer. For this reason, the relationship may not start at all, because everyone is afraid to take the first step towards.
  7. Only with strong feelings they start a relationship. Even small attempts are valued and give rise to feelings.
  8. Relationships can start at the moment when Capricorns are engaged in a common cause. Creativity, work or business. It does not matter. The main thing is to have common goals, to which they will begin to achieve, making joint efforts. Cooperation between them is usually effective, which cannot be said about relationships.
  9. It is difficult to predict how their relationship will develop. It all depends on dedication and goals, on how long they will be. Most likely, having achieved success, there will be nothing left between them, and the relationship will reach its logical conclusion.

Fear of losing a partner is the only thing that can keep their union afloat. Therefore, in a pair of at least one must sincerely fall in love. If they marry, it is most often based on the calculation of one.

Causes of conflict

Capricorns are volitional, stubborn and uncompromising natures. At least for this reason, conflicts between them are inevitable. But you can learn to bypass the sharp corners in order to preserve harmony and love.

What it takes to work in a relationship Capricorn:

  1. They must understand that the chosen one is a reflection of their own essence. Therefore, they must accept the partner’s shortcomings as their own and not attach great importance to them.
  2. Due to the similarity, they quickly become predictable for the elect. This can lead to a period of stagnation, a relationship of habit, and not of love. It is important for them to learn to give a partner emotions, to invent something new, to get off the ground and not get bored in the union.
  3. Also, both are quite closed, do not like to share experiences and show their feelings. For this reason, they may seem soulless, insensitive, cold and devoid of emotions. But if the partners are already quite experienced, then this character trait will be perceived rather as a virtue, thanks to which the relations between them are rather calm and stable.
  4. It is important for them to learn how to take the first steps towards reconciliation, sometimes forget about pride and put up with the shortcomings of a partner, accept him for what he is. It is also worth working out the problem of the property relationship Stop controlling your partner and impose your point of view on him.

A constant race for material goods can kill feelings altogether. They will achieve goals and forget that you need to pay attention to your loved one. For this reason, partings also happen, although it does not bring strong experiences to Capricorn.

Capricorn Woman and Capricorn Man

On a strong passion in such a relationship can not speak. But between the partners will always reign true trust, which is a big plus. They set common goals and achieve them together, sharing success with a partner. Due to the fact that common success, it is easy for them to share it with each other.

With such a woman, a man is very comfortable at home. He knows that at home he is always waiting for a reliable rear, he can rely on the chosen one. They never give cause for jealousy and do not order tantrums.

Surprisingly, it is the man who is more impulsive and at the same time gentle in relationships. In this relationship, he does not show his dictatorial character, as with other partners.

The only problem is that the woman is unlikely to be satisfied with the supporting role. She also wants to be a leader, never become a classic housewife. It is difficult for her to be soft and feminine, she does not demonstrate feelings. Therefore, a man receives less feminine energy and inspiration, which he urgently needs.

It is very important for partners to learn to hear the chosen one, to forget about their own egoism and to behave as they would like them to do with them. Then the relationship can be prosperous and very happy.