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Male name Nail: love relationship, fate and characterization


Name Nail is of Arabic origin, it means "achieving success", "acquirer", "worthy".

Distributed in a Muslim society among the Tatars, Kazakhs, in the Caucasus. This name has a female form - Nailya.

The diminutive name variants are: Nailka, Nailchik, Nailyushka, Ilka, Il, Il, Nalik.

Characteristic name and fate

In the early years, Silva is tender and vulnerable. Friendly and sympathetic boy is always ready to help. As the eldest child in the family, provide care for the babies. You can rely on it.

Education gets strict, which helps in the formation of responsibility and performance. The boy is always looking for justice, his peers can turn to him with help. To be honest, judge, protect the weak.

Father for Nailika is the most authoritative person. With such a “baggage”, he will enter adult life.

At Nailchik communication skills are well developed. Due to this quality, people are drawn to him, he has something to talk about. Has the gift of persuasion, eloquent. The main thing is that he himself is comfortable in this state. He is sincerely happy if he can reconcile the disputants.

Ilya is helped in his studies by a wonderful memory, imagination and developed speech. Often, before school, this child can read and write. School science masters without coercion. At home she performs tasks and is always ready for lessons.

Nail likes physical education and the exact sciences. He easily versed in clever puzzles. Can become a professional athlete, and in school years loves team sports.

In the character of the young man it is worth noting such quality as independence. He does not need to repeat many times, he is very disciplined.

Growing up, the young man tries to go to college. He is determined early on with a choice of profession, selecting the one that will become a reliable source of income. Nail will always earn well, his family will not need anything. Until the very end, she will take care of elderly parents, helping them financially and morally.

Readability and sociability, as well as some adulthood, help Ilchik to be an interesting conversationalist, both with peers and with people who are much older or younger.

Man Nail becomes courteous and gallant. Girls feel his strength and confidence, trying to get to know each other better.

This person is not prone to conflicts and aggression, it is difficult to find weak points and shortcomings.

Among not the best qualities of character, it is worth noting some detachment and immersion in their thoughts. Ilya will not be specifically interested in the problems of friends and may not show proper participation. Unless you ask him for help, in this case, the man will demonstrate his best qualities. It also amazes some people how inhospitable it can be.

Nalik sets feasible, conscious goals. It should them progressively and aggressively. He often continues postgraduate education, can go to graduate school or graduate from another university. Will not regret time and financial resources for the implementation of the plan.

Nail is an intellectual, and he is also hardworking and hardy. At work, he is valued, respected and listened to.

The man has very few true friends, most of the time is busy with his career and is a rather conservative person.

The fate of a man named Nail is stable and built by himself. You should not expect him to congratulate on holidays, he does not remember significant dates and is not too romantic.

He is a principled and business man, confident in his opinion and does not like to prove anything to anyone.

Mystery Nail

Appreciates people who respect his personal living space. Do not parade their thoughts, concerns and preferences. The internal state protects and does not change beliefs.

Health, habits

Ilchik initially has good health. This is a strong boy, agile and hardy. In school, he spends a lot of time in the yard, he loves physical education classes. His elements are volleyball and football sections. With due attention and diligence can choose the sport as their profession.

At older age has some problems with the musculoskeletal system, suffers from a lack of vitamins. Nailu should not start smoking, as diseases of the upper respiratory tract are not uncommon for him.

The emotional background of this man is incredibly stable, he rarely loses his temper, trying not to stir up conflicts. This has a positive effect on the mental state.

Various characteristics of the name, the day of the angel

Namely Nail does not notice. This name is not in the church calendar due to Muslim affiliation. If Nail wants to be baptized, they will select the appropriate naming from the calendar.

  • Heavenly Body - Jupiter
  • Zodiac constellation - Sagittarius or Pisces
  • The rock - beryl, corundum
  • Color shades - all shades of blue and red
  • Animal - Swift, Partridge, Peacock
  • Tree, plant - apple, mint, eucalyptus, lavender

Family relationships and love

Men with the name Nail, have attractiveness for the female sex. Girls appreciate the balanced character, calm look and mind of this young man. In this case, the young man himself is in no hurry to give attention and give out compliments.

Do not care too well, a romantic can be called with a stretch.

Having fallen in love with a decent and impartial girl, will create a family. In the marriage union enters into life only once. For a family to exist for a long time, a woman will have to become in many ways the head of the household. Domestic problems, support of parents, raising children - all this will fall on the shoulders of the second half.

From the side of her husband she will lack attention, affection and passion. Nail does not give gifts, does not surprise with surprises and does not remember memorable anniversaries. This man has other virtues, and if the spouse is willing to put up with this way of life, the family is destined to prosperity.

The financial support of the family union will be maintained by Nail, he will work a lot, and his family will not need anything.

A faithful man will never commit adultery, he appreciates the comfort, economy and cleanliness of his wife.

Compatibility in love is successful: Daria, Tatiana, Regina, Elvira, Svetlana, Alina, Gulnara, Gulchira, Olga, Venus, Linara, Guzel, Amira, Katya, Yulia, Veronika.

You should not start a relationship: Victoria, Eliza, Golsina, Irina, Diana, Renata, Lida, Nina, Oksana, Bella, Dinara, Safina, Elsa, Ralina, Alina, Sofia, Alsou, Uliana.

Who is going to work

The diverse nature of hobbies Nalika in childhood, favorable for a good life choices. At a young age, shows an attraction to the exact sciences, he has an analytical mindset. A good choice would be to study science: mathematics, chemistry, programming, engineering. Nail can stop the choice on the profession engineer, technician, criminologist.

A man learns foreign languages ​​well and can become a linguist or translator.

He is distinguished by self-discipline and efficiency, he is accustomed to be responsible for his responsibilities, knows how to be responsible.

Naleyu is on the shoulder and a managerial position, there is a good chance to become a department head or to head a company.

Professions such as lawyer, journalist, teacher, man can also successfully master.

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