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Name Day Vitaly on the church calendar


The fervent male name Vitali is derived from the Latin word for life. It first appeared in Rome, when optimistic and full of life people began to be called Vytaly, later it became a male name, but occasionally they also called women.

Pronunciation of the name Vitali in different countries: Germany - Vitalis, France - Vital, Spain - Vidal, Portugal - Vitaliu, Italy - Vitale, Poland - Vitalis, Serbia - Vitalie.

The diminutive form of the name: Vitalka, Vital, Vit, Vitek, Vitalyushka, Vitya, Vitenka, Vitka, Vitas, Vit, Vityusha, Vityulya, Vityuha.

Dates name

According to the Orthodox calendar, Vitaly celebrates the day of the Angel 6 times a year:

  • October 7th.
  • May 5, 11
  • January 24th.
  • February 7th.
  • 5th of August.

Saints named Vitali

Famous saints by the name of Vitali:

  • Vitaly the Roman. Revered February 7. With his mother and siblings he preached the Christian faith in the Roman Empire, for which they were all killed with particular cruelty in the year 165.
  • Vitaly of Alexandria. Honored on May 5th. He was a monk, he read in Gaza the sermons of harlots, helped them with money, because of which many harlots could give up their occupation and begin a righteous life.
  • Vitaly Kerkirsky. Honored on May 11th. He was a disciple of the Apostle Paul, after which he preached the Christian faith with other Christians, for which he was burned at the stake in 63.


Vitaly's character depends on the time of year of birth:

Winter - Attentive, persistent, purposeful, pedantic.

Spring - Optimistic, sensitive, cheerful, creative.

Summer - Powerful, cunning, ambitious, jealous.

Autumn - Romantic, gentle, despotic, demanding.


Little Acne is growing very gentle and affectionate boy, strongly tied to his mother. The authority of the mother strongly influences him, so it is not surprising that Acne grows up as a timid, obedient boy, almost never participates in street fights. He tries to be friends with the guys younger than himself for a year or two, on which Acne can dominate, the older guys are a little afraid, because he understands that he cannot become a leader among them. Possesses irrepressible curiosity, due to which he often finds himself in the thick of things and participates in various events, forgetting about his shyness.

At school, Vitalik learns well, he always does his homework, he maintains an even friendship with his classmates, the teachers treat him favorably. In the transitional age, Acne, in order to hide his natural softness, begins to behave a little rude and cruel, often quite hot-tempered. Fortunately, this period he quickly passes and he returns his former self, cheerful and friendly. There are always many friends around him who value his decency, kindness and respectful attitude towards friendship.

Because of his mild nature, Vitali is not capable of causing evil to another person, for the sake of his goal he will never go over their heads. In life, he often takes the position of an observer, will not fight for a goal that is difficult to reach. A wrestler will never, preferring to go with the flow of life. Does not like to be the initiator of everything new, preferring the old and proven. He does not know how to manage money, he lives from paycheck to paycheck, he has practically no savings. Due to its natural charm, unscathed comes out of trouble. But because of kindness, he often turns out to be deceived by his friends, therefore, as an adult, he already tries not to trust anyone and does not let anyone into his soul. Therefore, he has no really close friends.


In childhood, Vitalik suffers mainly from infectious diseases, especially his tonsillitis. As an adult, due to improper diet, he may have problems with the digestive system and a predisposition to fullness. He needs to revise his diet and refrain from bad habits.


A careerist from soft-bodied, indecisive and lazy Vitaly will fail. In his work, Vitaly often misses a real opportunity to advance in his career; he makes mistakes in his work because he is distracted by several things at once. He has a logical mind, can achieve great success in science, for example, he will make an excellent teacher, mathematician, physicist. Sociable and friendly Vitalik will be an excellent guide, sales assistant, journalist, actor. Vitaly, having received a salary, spends almost all of it at once, and then has to borrow. Vitaly's own business is better and not to start.


Vitali tries to conquer only beautiful girls, with whom he behaves like a real gentleman, gives them flowers, takes them to restaurants, movies, makes romantic walks. As soon as the girl has all his legs, Vitaly immediately loses interest in her and switches to the next inaccessible object of adoration. Himself falls in love with the female sex very rarely, his heart can truly be conquered only by a woman with a strong character with whom he will never be bored. If his chosen one tries to rule over him, restrict his freedom, check all his messages, e-mail, he will break off relations with her.


Since Vitali is serious about family life, his wife will choose a long time. She should have many positive qualities and not try to claim leadership in the family. To such a wife, he will become a very caring and loving husband; Vitaly raises his children in love and austerity. Vitali usually has a strong and happy family with an atmosphere of trust and comfort. But if, already married, he meets another girl, whom she loves very much, without whom she cannot live, she can leave the family, leaving the jointly acquired with her to the wife and children.

Compatible with female names


  • Excellent: Elizabeth, Hope, Tamara, Anastasia, Olga, Maria, Tatyana, Elena, Alexandra, Christina.
  • The bad ones: Svetlana, Catherine, Irina, Victoria, Valeria, Marina, Xenia, Alena.


Planet - Mercury.

Name color - Purple.

Season - Winter.

Happy day of the week - Saturday.

Lucky number - 5.

Metal - Copper.

Zodiac sign - Aquarius.

Element - Earth.

Totem animal - Tiger.

Plant - Violet.

Tree - Poplar.

Mineral talisman - Sapphire.

Famous men named Vitali

Vitaly Gromadsky - Soviet singer.

Vitaly Bianki - Russian writer.

Vitaly Dubinin is a Russian musician.

Vitaly Davydov - Soviet hockey player.

Vitaly Margulis - Soviet pianist.