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When to congratulate Valentine on the Day of the Angel on the church calendar


Girls named Valentina are distinguished by their sincere and benevolent temper, women are given a cordiality and hospitality by a female uniform. If you have to visit the birthday party that Valentina celebrates, you won't be bored, because the cheerful Valyusha is able to arrange a great celebration for her guests.

The mystery of the church form of the name

The nominative form belongs to the category of paired names that correspond to both women and men. The translation of the homonymous root "valent" of two forms of the word is associated with epithets healthy, strong, even powerful. Calling children the female or male form of the name, the parents wished the boy good health, and the girl to be tenacious to life, since in pre-Christian times there was a high mortality rate among infants.

According to the Scandinavian legend, the son of the god Odin bore the name Vali, he was predicted the opportunity to experience the end of the world and see the beginning of the new world. With the birth of Christianity, the ranks of the saints were replenished with female martyrs, whose name is celebrated on such days:

  • January 8 was the day of the martyrs Valentina and Ufa bishop Andrew;
  • February 23 is the day of the virgin martyr beauty Valentina of Caesarea;
  • July 29 commemorate the martyr Valentine, who was also called Alevtina.

How to celebrate the birthday of Valentina: you should choose the day of veneration of that holy martyr who is closest to the birthday of Valyusha. Particularly expensive gifts on Angel Day are not presented, the main gift for the birthday will be attention.

Character features of the birthday girl

  • Valya grows up to be a kind and sympathetic child, she worries about people in distress, pities homeless animals, bringing them home. The girl is agile and obedient, but she takes herself too seriously. Valechka's character is not devoid of hot temper, but brief moments of anger give way to sincere regret.
  • Dreams of an adult Valentina are not at all about career growth, but about creating a strong family, the girl is eager to start raising children. Gathering in marriage, serious Valyusha carefully chooses a worthy challenger capable of sincerity of feelings. After getting married, a balanced carrier becomes an excellent mother for her children, a hospitable hostess.
  • With all the positive traits of the character, the peace-loving Valyusha has one negative quality - excitement. Therefore, the bearers should not engage in gambling, painfully experiencing defeat, the owner of the name is set to revenge.

Communicating with Valya, it should be noted that she understands humor poorly, sharply reacting to a joke addressed to her. In addition, the scrupulous lady by nature is suspicious of monetary calculations, encroachments on her rights.

What is known about the patron saints

On the day of the birthday of the church calendar, St. Valentina is asked for the mercy of God's mercy and grace, waiting for forgiveness, strengthening the principles of faith, a godly life in love. Christians have the holy martyr in great respect, they turn to her for deliverance from false prophets, protection from adherents of false doctrines and temptations, they ask for purity of thoughts.

The main dates when Valentine's should be celebrated birthday, are the days of February 23, as well as July 29. If you are going to call your daughter Valentina, find out more about her patron saints.

Who were the holy virgin martyrs

The Memory of Valentine of Caesarea

Brave virgin was born near the city of Caesarea, located in Palestine. The future saint led a righteous life, helping the suffering, as a good Christian. After the denunciation of adherence to the pagan gods, the brave maiden had to stand trial by the procurator of the province of Firmiliana. The official ordered the young Christian to abandon his belief in favor of paganism, which she did not do.

Then the martyr, not only beautiful in appearance, but also internally, was beheaded. Over time, the girl who gave her life for the faith, was elevated to the rank of saints, appropriating the name of Valentina of Caesarea, whose name is celebrated on February 28 according to the church calendar.

Holy martyr sisters and Paul

The sisters Valentina and Chionea, descended from Egypt, also had a martyr's fate. During the reign of Maximilian, who persecuted Christians, the sisters together with Paul brought the emperor to trial. Pious Christians refused to worship the Palestinian idols, the martyrs were firmly convinced that the Lord for their suffering would open the way to the Kingdom of Heaven for them.

After martyrdom on orders of the ruler, the Christian sisters were burned at the stake, and Paul was beheaded. St. Valentine's Name Day, as indicated in the church calendar, is celebrated on July 29.

The most noticeable mark in the history of modern society was left by Valentina Tereshekova, who in 1963 became the first woman astronaut. The courageous carrier of a worthy name aboard the spaceship Vostok-6 made 48 revolutions around the planet.

The history of male Orthodox saints

Since the female nomoform comes from the male naming of Valentine, it is impossible not to recall the saints of the same name who fought for the principles of the Christian faith.

  • According to the Church calendar, the Day of the Angel of Valentin Dorostolsky is celebrated on May 7th. A 30-year-old warrior from the city of Dorostol suffered for the faith of Christ during the times of terrible persecution of Christians.
  • August 12 in the church calendar is marked as the day of remembrance of the martyr Valentin, the Bishop of Intermonk. Saint is honored as the patron of pharmacists.
  • Martyr Valentine, nicknamed the Roman, had a chance to suffer for the faith during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. Commemorate the saint on July 19th.

Some believe that Valentine can celebrate their birthday on February 14th holiday. The date is recognized as the world of lovers thanks to the romantic legend of Saint Valentine, who connected the fates of lovers' hearts. However, such a holiday is not in the church calendars of the Orthodox and Catholics, so this date cannot be considered the Valentine's Day of the angel.

On Valentine's Day, when she celebrates Angel Day on the church calendar, send her an SMS with warm wishes of peace and warmth in her soul, good luck in everything and family happiness.

What you remember about the Day of the Angel Valechka will be the best birthday present for her. For the woman you love you can prepare a jewel with pearls, he is considered a talisman of the name, and also add a modest bunch of forget-me-nots. Choosing a present for the Angel's Day, do not forget that the blue-green color is considered to be magical for Valechka.