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What are the signs of the zodiac for the month of April?


April is a bright and ambiguous month: in the morning it will warm the spring sun, and in the evening it may freeze. April gave a part of its unpredictable character to people born this month. Among the April zodiac signs, spring days are divided between Aries and Taurus. Let's learn more about the representatives of these signs.

Characteristics of people born in April

The zodiacal circle begins at the vernal equinox on March 21 with the sign Aries. In April, Aries owns two decades of the month. April 21, he gives up his place Taurus.

Aries and Taurus are considered to be the most obstinate signs of the zodiac. These people are very hard to convince and win over. These qualities are of great benefit to the signs in achieving the goal. But in communication with others, stubbornness often provides a disservice to Taurus and Aries.

People born in April are realists and pragmatists. They are not peculiar to illusions and soaring in the clouds. As a rule, they quickly and easily find their way in life and stubbornly go to the goal.

Impulsive Aries

Aries opens a new zodiac cycle. The element of Fire gives representatives of the sign a special charisma and vigor. And the warlike Mars patronizes these ambitious, fiery and motivated people.

Aries have strong leadership qualities, perseverance and iron will. These traits help Aries to reach unprecedented heights in his career.

But, on the other hand, a lot of problems Aries brings quick temper, impulsivity, temperament, and even aggressiveness. These qualities often lead to conflicts at work and in personal life. To avoid this, representatives of the sign should learn self-control and sensitivity to others. Only in this way can you achieve inner harmony.

Aries of the first decade of April

From April 1 to 10, mature and spiritually developed personalities are born. Their patron moon motivates them to change the world for the better. But harshness and impulsivity often makes it difficult to bring it to the end.

Aries of the first decade have excellent health, always full of energy and ambition. These people are incredibly honest and become faithful companions of life. They are monogamous and the very idea of ​​treason makes them disgusted.

Despite outward self-confidence and a formidable appearance, Aries inside are very vulnerable and have many complexes.

Representatives of this sign are always vehemently defended their opinion and often even oppose social norms.

Aries second decade

This is a period of strong and powerful individuals who seek to win the attention of others and love to be praised. Aries of the second decade often become the soul of any company, they are loved and respected in school. They are very energetic, cheerful, look at life with optimism.

Sometimes Aries are slightly naive and gullible. This often leads to frustration, especially in his youth. In maturity, these qualities disappear, and Aries become staunch realists and pragmatists.

Aries often occupy leadership positions and reach great heights in their careers. But at the same time material values ​​do not play a primary role for them. Much more important for the representatives of this sign is recognition of their significance.

Aries Men

Aries men who celebrate their birthday in April have these qualities of character:

  • born leaders and entertainers;
  • hardworking and active;
  • optimistic and cheerful;
  • extremely stubborn and do not compromise;
  • fair;
  • quick-tempered;
  • jealous;

They always seek to take a leadership position: in work, personal relationships. The family are good earners. Can afford to flirt on the side, but not prone to real treason.

Aries Women

The April Aries women have such traits:

  • bright appeal and charm;
  • straightforwardness and frankness;
  • talkativeness and sociability;
  • friendliness;
  • organizational skills;
  • emotionality;

In private life, they often take the initiative to get acquainted. Flirty, love to be in the spotlight.

In the social life of a woman, Aries are incredibly active and sociable. As a rule, they become the soul of any company or team.

They make excellent spouses and mothers. True, sometimes Aries women tend to control their loved ones too much.

Sensual Taurus - a sign ending April

Completes the second spring month Taurus. His sidereal time comes on April 21, and his sensual Venus protects him.

The April Taurus is very different from the May. He is not so calm and slow, more hot-tempered and emotional. But at the same time, the representatives of the mark inherit the seriousness, patience and reliability that are characteristic of all Taurus.

Tauruses are lively, friendly and charming, love pleasure and fun. Often, the passion for entertainment comes to their extremes, leading to waste and overkill.

Tauruses tend to exaggerate their problems and sufferings by making "out of a molehill." Therefore, representatives of this sign should learn to control themselves in everything, so as not to transmit too much.

Since childhood, Taurus spends a lot of time alone in his favorite activities. He remembers the new information slowly, but, if he remembered, it is already forever. Therefore, representatives of the sign can achieve a lot in school and work, but they are strongly hampered by stubborn character. Since childhood, Taurus is distinguished by unprecedented stubbornness, and over the years, this property is growing.

Representatives of the sign - people with incredible patience and endurance. They manage to perform the most painstaking and monotonous work, achieving great results. They are responsible and accustomed to bring to the end.

Usually by the age of 40, Taurus has time to achieve everything they desire. They have a stable job, a strong family, their housing. Representatives of the sign are not indifferent to nature, therefore they often acquire a house outside the city and like to engage in agriculture.

April Taurus - people are emotional and sensitive. In relationships, they prefer not to be active and not in a hurry to take the first step. The initiative usually comes from a partner. At the same time, they show unconditional loyalty and devotion to their loved one.

Male Taurus in April

April Taurus men are distinguished by such personality traits:

  • calmness and prudence, balanced temperament;
  • stubbornness and perseverance, overconfidence;
  • friendliness and peacefulness;
  • emotionality and impulsivity;
  • straightness;

Representatives of this sign have a strong need for home comfort and a warm family atmosphere. They like to spend evenings with their loved ones at a delicious dinner.

At the beginning of the acquaintance they never take the initiative, but wait for active actions from the beloved. Not prone to treason, but very jealous.

As a rule, earthly Taurus constantly pulls to the earth and nature. They love farming, and their favorite pastime is fishing, hunting or outdoor recreation.

Woman - April Taurus

As a rule, representatives of the sign are calm, soft and caring. They are beautiful and graceful, have a feminine figure and smooth movements. Possess powerful sexual energy and incredibly attractive to the male sex.

The April Taurus women become excellent housewives, and any other sign of the zodiac will envy their housekeeping abilities. They are excellent cooks and know very well how to create comfort in the house. Taurus women make wonderful wives and mothers.

At the same time, they differ in stubbornness and meticulousness. And their touchiness and inability to perceive criticism sometimes goes to extremes.

Taurus women are sociable, but prefer home comfort to fun entertainment. Incredibly practical and realistic looking at the world.

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