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Compatibility Sagittarius and Capricorn - better in deeds than in love


The compatibility of Sagittarius and Capricorn is considered unfavorable. After all, the elements of signs - Earth and Fire are not well combined with each other. Because of this, there is no mutual understanding in the relationship. Let's try to figure out why it’s difficult for them to work together, and whether there is a chance to save love.

Compatibility in love

These people are very different in nature, which is why it is so difficult to understand what they found in each other. But, despite the difference in temperaments and interests, they always have something to talk about. Astrologers describe this type of union as "Envy under the mask of love."

What is characteristic of the relationship Capricorn and Sagittarius:

  1. Usually their relationship begins with friendship. They may be familiar from childhood, be friends or conduct common affairs. And then something happens, and they decide to try to build love.
  2. A calm and stable relationship will not be. They can passionately put up, then part and not talk to each other for months. But for some reason stay together.
  3. Do not particularly count on a long and harmonious union. This is due to the fire nature of Sagittarius, who is an extremely changeable and unpredictable person. Capricorn never knows what to expect from a partner. Because of this, he gets tired and annoyed over nothing.
  4. Most often they are united by common goals and aspirations. They are ambitious and always want a better life for themselves. Only ways to achieve their goals are usually different. Capricorn is used to work long and hard, he is a real workaholic. Goes to success slowly. Sagittarius more impetuous, he is always looking for easy ways, and finds. This causes a partner bewilderment and envy.
  5. Capricorn respects partner for strong character and healthy ambitions. He is attracted by this bright nature, charm and unpredictable disposition of the chosen one. But gradually life on the volcano bothers and the first quarrels begin.
  6. Capricorn would like to control the partner, not leaving him personal space. Sagittarius, in response to attempts to control him, desperately resists and begins to look for easier and more comfortable relations on the side.

We summarize: these partners are very difficult to get along with, because they are very different. And the egoism and strong character of both does not allow to search for compromises. Therefore, the fate of their relationship is easy to predict - they will last exactly until the moment when both can tolerate each other.

Causes of conflict

Relationships in this pair will not be cloudless. But if both try to preserve love, make every effort to live in harmony, and know how to resolve conflicts peacefully, there are chances.

What can cause conflicts, something worth working in a relationship:

  1. Sagittarius and Capricorn are usually great friends. If they are able to maintain friendships, then love will always be there.
  2. Sagittarius seeks eternal holiday. This is absolutely not a home person. He does not want to satisfy the desire of a partner to create a quiet cozy family world in which it will be good for both. The first conflicts usually arise on this basis. Capricorn seems to him unbearably boring.
  3. To avoid conflicts on this ground, Capricorn will have to learn to share the interests of the partner, to be with him in society and more often spend time outside the home. Sagittarius also need to understand that some evenings can still be spent only together, in a quiet family circle.
  4. The impulsiveness and unpredictability of the second half often drive the rational and somewhat fierce Capricorn to a dead end. He will do his best to control and limit his partner, which is detrimental to the relationship, because Sagittarius values ​​his freedom and is not ready to lose it. Capricorn needs to loosen his grip and not stifle his partner with his control and jealousy.
  5. They understand freedom in different ways. Capricorn sees her in material independence, confidence in the future. Therefore, he is often a workaholic, working for wear and striving for well-being.
  6. Sagittarius perceives freedom as an opportunity to constantly travel, to communicate only with people who like it. He also needs his partner not to control and limit him.
  7. Both partners are egoists, so they often do not hear each other, insisting on their own. This is the most problematic moment in their relationship, which must be solved, otherwise the separation is inevitable. They should learn to accept the chosen one as he is, listen to his opinion more often and argue less.

If the couple breaks up, then more often on the initiative of Sagittarius. Capricorn is difficult to break the existing relationship, no matter how complex they are. He is more willing to make concessions, unlike his recalcitrant chosen one.

Capricorn male and Sagittarius female

Even if these people love each other very much, their relationship can ruin jealousy very much. It reaches a tremendous power with which partners cannot cope.

It will be jealous man. He will not be indifferent to the success and attention of the second half in the society of other gentlemen. He understands: if they part, as she instantly finds another, equally good partner in life. It plagues him and makes him constantly jealous.

Although at first everything is pretty nice and smooth. A man is attracted by temperament and passion, sensuality and sense of humor of the chosen one. But he wants to see in her a partner for the family, the keeper of the home. She is not able to give it to him, so the gap is almost inevitable.

Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius Man

This woman is truly unique. She has a huge inner world, she is constantly evolving. Her character can be called strong, ambitious, purposeful. She strives for stability and success, wants to stand firmly on her feet.

A man attracts her with such qualities as sincerity, charm and decisive character. She can especially like her if he has already achieved something in this life and occupied a high position in society.

First of all, she will look precisely at his ability to support his family, to achieve goals. If this is all right, the relationship can be very good. If the guy is still young, looking for himself in this life, he has practically no chance to win the favor of the chosen one.