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Compatibility of Libra and Pisces - the gap is inevitable


Compatibility of Libra and Pisces is one of the worst in the zodiacal table. The elements of Water and Air constantly conflict with each other, and a compromise is hard to find. Let's talk about what the danger of such a relationship.

Compatibility in love

Usually, Pisces have naturally developed intuition. But when they get acquainted with Libra, the premonitions are deceiving. It seems to them that this is an ideal partner and life partner, the very second half. It is Pisces who fall in love completely, without noticing a single lack of a partner.

What is characteristic of the relationship of Libra and Pisces:

  1. Fish fall in love at first sight. Libra may not have romantic feelings at all, but will agree to start a relationship if they seem to be profitable.
  2. Pisces immediately understand that their chosen one is not available. But being in the grip of the senses, they put a lot of effort into drawing attention to themselves.
  3. The air sign will dominate in the pair. Scales will make decisions, not particularly taking into account the opinion of the partner. Gradually, it is this fact that will lead to separation, very painful and difficult.
  4. Pisces will be badly paired with Libra, because the partner is not ready to listen for hours to their stories about feelings and experiences. The absence of emotional and emotional intimacy is another confusion of the relationship of signs.
  5. Surprisingly, violent quarrels between them do not happen. Both natures are diplomatic, soft. They prefer to give up, and not argue, foaming at the mouth to defend their opinion.

Here only Libra, feeling his undivided power, will eventually become impudent and sit on the neck. They understand that they are allowed to do everything, and often act ugly. It is in their relationship with Pisces that they show their worst qualities.

But the relationship in the work between them always develop safely. Provided that the executor will be Pisces, and the strategist and the generator of ideas will be Libra.

Causes of conflict

Compatibility of this pair is almost minimal, so conflicts are inevitable. If you are already in such a relationship, it is important to learn how to bypass sharp corners and solve problems correctly.

What can cause conflicts in such a pair:

  1. Scales seem to Pisces very cold. They should learn to show their feelings more clearly, to allow the partner to share their experiences. Listen to him, sympathize when necessary. It is difficult, but you need to try.
  2. Libra can not stand homework. They believe that they are created for the beautiful, and let the partner solve everyday problems. Pisces can only accept and pull life on themselves, because forcing Libra to do something around the house is almost impossible.
  3. Pisces need to learn to defend their borders, otherwise the stalls will literally sit on their necks. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to forget about his pliability and gentleness, so as not to turn the chosen one into a real tyrant who believes that everything is allowed to him.

All of the above is given to these two signs by hard work. Only if both are ready to focus on the positive qualities of the partner and put up with its shortcomings, the relationship has a chance.

It is especially dangerous for Pisces to do nothing. It is their mild nature that becomes the source of all evil.

Woman Fish and Man Scales

At first they are very comfortable and interesting together. They can talk for hours, sincerely and with great interest listening to each other. The girl admires the intelligence and erudition of his chosen one, and it flatters him. But only the first time.

Over time, enthusiasm will be replaced by complete disappointment. A woman will understand that behind the sociability of her partner lies a frivolous nature. She sees that he is giving his attention to the left and to the right to all the girls around.

The man in this pair turns into a stern critic who will wear out the nerves of the second half with constant remarks and complaints. Self-esteem darling because of this will go to full zero, she feels inferior, unloved and unwanted.

The girl wants her partner to be ready to listen to long monologues about her feelings and experiences. But he does not want to do this, because any such conversations are tiring on him. As a result, she suffers, he misses, and the relationship reaches its logical conclusion.

No common character traits and former romance will save this relationship. Parting is inevitable, and it happens most often on the initiative of the windy Libra man. The girl is experiencing a gap extremely painful, for a long time she is not able to trust men.

Man-fish and woman-scales

When a man meets this woman, he falls in love almost immediately, fascinated by her beauty. Even if he didn’t succeed in meeting and making contact, he will do his best to find out her phone number and schedule a date.

But he does not act too decisively in the future, fearing to intimidate his impregnable beauty with his pressure. He will be very careful, understanding that the usual methods of seduction in this case will not work.

She seems to him quite special, not like all the women he had met before. Therefore, make every effort to get her.

The woman initially refers to attempts to conquer her condescendingly. Man-Pisces seems to her too soft, emotional, she is not interested at all. But if there are no other, more successful options, she can agree on a relationship, for the sake of experiment.

She will always feel her power, realizing how much her lover is in love with her. And sooner or later he will abuse his feelings, becoming impudent with time eventually. Pisces becomes absolutely dependent, forgetting about self-esteem and dreaming only about one thing - not to lose this woman.

Relationships will continue exactly as long as Libra does not get tired of playing with the feelings of a partner. Then she can meet someone more suitable for herself and decide to leave.