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How to hypnotize a person


I always dreamed of learning how to hypnotize people: it makes it easier to find understanding in conflict situations, and it looks like something magical. To learn to hypnotize correctly, it took me numerous meetings with fortunetellers and hypnotists, as well as hours of practice. But you can learn correct hypnosis much faster!

The technology of introducing a person into hypnosis

To hypnotize a person with his consent is quite simple. Indeed, in essence, hypnosis is a psychological phenomenon, when the instructions of the hypnotist directly affect the mind, but only if the person believes in their power. So, to get the result after following all the instructions here, it will turn out, even if you do not have experience in the business.


To practice the skill you need to find a person who voluntarily accepts hypnosis. Otherwise, you risk failing. Your partner must be willing to follow all instructions and must not have any mental disorders. Otherwise, the effects of hypnosis can be dangerous for others and for you and your assistant.

Find a quiet and cozy room with a homely atmosphere. The room must be muted lighting, it is best to completely isolate the space from natural light and light candles. Free the room from strangers, close the windows and doors, warn the household so that they will not disturb you until you give your permission to do so.

Then you should inform your partner about how hypnosis works and what it can lead to. Explain that you are going to work out the usual relaxation technique on it (the beginner hypnotist really cannot do something more). Explain that during the hypnosis session the person will not become unconscious.

You should find out why your partner agreed to hypnosis. Remind him of the benefits of the procedure: it relieves acute stressful states, relieves obsessive and disturbing thoughts and, according to some studies, even strengthens the immune system. When contact with a person is finally established, you can proceed to the introduction of a trance.

The introduction of consciousness in a trance

You need to speak slowly, evenly. The following phrases will be most appropriate: “Allow yourself to relax as much as possible, because you are safe and at rest,” “Your eyelids grow heavy and close, your muscles smoothly relax, and you sink into calm” directions. "

When it becomes obvious that the partner is completely relaxed, you need to ask him to focus on the rhythm of breathing. It should be as smooth as possible. Give accurate and unambiguous advice: "Take a deep breath, and then, with a slow breath, empty your lungs." Proper breathing facilitates the release of consciousness from unnecessary and disturbing thoughts.

Next, you need to focus the person's vision on a specific object. Ask him to look at you (in that case do not move) or at the pendulum of the clock (this technique is often demonstrated in the cinema), at a poster on the wall or for anything static or evenly swinging.

After you need to complete the relaxation of the body. In a calm and even tone, say something in the spirit: "Relax your legs, their muscles are relaxed and light, you do not need to spend strength to hold them." Encourage step-by-step relaxation of the person with smooth, encouraging phrases. If not, concentrate on breathing and relaxation.

To properly assess the condition of the subject, watch his body language. Moving eyes, finger tapping, soothing swaying, and breathing rhythm will speak about excitement or the wrong effect of hypnosis. Inhale and exhale should be measured, long. Do not stop until the person completely relaxes or asks to stop.

Tell the partner to imagine himself at the top of the stairs, and offer to slowly descend. At the bottom of the stairs is complete relaxation and his subconscious. As you descend, speak to the person: “Every step is a step towards the subconscious, with every step you become calmer, and your body will be filled with bliss.”

Exit from hypnosis

Then the person should be taken out of the trance state. Tell your partner that he is slowly returning to reality, and will finally get control of his mind when you finish the score from five to zero: "Now I will count from five to zero, and you will return with full energy and strength."

Next, you should discuss the session with a partner and analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of hypnosis. Ask the person in detail about his impressions and emotions from immersion in consciousness. But if a person is not ready to talk, do not insist. Probably, he needs a little time to be in silence and achieve mental equilibrium.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember that the main key to successful hypnosis is the relaxation of the subject;
  • You should not believe in the well-known myth that trance will allow you to get full control over human consciousness;
  • To help the hypnotist can sound. The most relevant are the sounds of nature;
  • The hypnotized should be in a calm state and good mood;
  • Control the tone of your voice. It is necessary to speak in an even and calm tone;
  • No need to snap your fingers, scream, stomp your feet or clap your hands to get your partner out of your trance;
  • Count on the fact that trance will allow to cure a person from mental disorders, it is not necessary;
  • Do not try to return people to the memories. This can only be done by a professional psychologist;
  • Remember that a person usually remembers all the events that happened to him during the period of being in a trance;
  • It is dangerous to hypnotize the same partner too often. It adversely affects human health.