Dream interpretation

Sign of the god Veles: the meaning and application of the symbol


Velez is a skilled magician and magician who can create unprecedented things with his power! Of mortals, no one can resist this God, because by his strength he is not inferior to Perun himself. Veles himself loves and helps people who honor him. With his power he gives the wise and strong the will. They will reveal the gift of Veles completely!

Also, Velez gives strength to those who bear his mark. He is depicted as a horned head. Why? How to use such a sign? It is in this article that we will tell you this. Believe, it will be very interesting!

Who is Velez?

Veles - one of the Slavic Gods, who was created as a traveler between the worlds. This ability can not envy any of his fellow. Veles can go into the out-of-body form in which he studies the world, people and morals. It is clear that such a God has exceptional wisdom.

Also Velez has a very close relationship with nature. According to the tributes, he understands the language of all animals, birds, fish and insects. This gives him the opportunity to get to know our world even closer, which of course he does. The whole animal world is a real home for Veles.

Veles can turn to any animal, but more often it appears as a bear. This is due to the peculiarity of his character: a strong and unbreakable will. It is clear that the bear is perfect for this role.

Velez appears to people in the form of an old man, whose clothing consists entirely of hides. Next to him constantly his faithful companion - the bear. Everything in his image speaks of unity with nature!

What is the power of the symbol of Veles?

Veles has almost all the powers known to man. However, for you, we have identified the main, most fully showing the influence of Veles on human life. And this:

  • Creating ease in the body. It shows the acceptance by the body of this sign, which indicates the beginning of a beneficial effect on the body;
  • Thoughts are cleared, and it is easier for you to think and realize your dreams. Yes, Velez directly affects the human mind;
  • The symbol protects against excessive persistence in matters that do not require it at all. This saves from the waste of the host’s forces and resources;
  • The sign of Veles develops the magical component of man. He literally gives the opportunity to become a real wizard of his life;
  • The symbol of Veles helps people achieve fame and glory. Of course, if you need it!

Well, you know the theory of the sign of Veles, it's time to move on to practice!

How to use the sign of Veles?

Veles sign can be used in different ways. There is no single right option, just the forms of respect for it are different. Accordingly, the result is also different. In this paragraph, we list all possible options with their features.

Sign on the door jamb

  • One of the most common ways to use the sign of Veles - the image on the door or jamb. This approach protects your home from harm and danger. This sign forms a kind of shield through which the discord does not pass into the house. It is worth noting that this method creates an ideal atmosphere at home, where comfort and understanding prevail.
  • Of course, Velez will also give the house spiritual purity. Vices will not enter this bright kingdom and cannot prevent the creation of an ideal family. However, it is not necessary to combine this sign with others, because different energy will compete with each other, letting go home discord.

Medallion Badge

  • The medallion or necklace is the most popular image objects of the symbol of Veles. They open the access of the energy of Veles to the heart, which has a very positive effect on its owner. The first thing that will manifest itself while wearing such a medallion is a feeling of lightness and understanding of the laws of this world.
  • Also, such a medallion creates an extraordinary aura around its host. She does not let evil and negative into his body. In this way, a magic shield is created against all threats, which saves the host from huge waves of negative information, with which the world is simply overflowing. Be sure, the effect of such protection will be felt immediately and will not leave doubts in the work of the medallion.

Bracelet badge

  • The bracelet is also a popular place where the symbol of Veles is applied. Being on hand gives you the opportunity to help Veles in your work and everyday life. It will help your hands and soul to gain strength that you did not even dare to dream about. Of course, we are not talking about magic and elemental control, but the strength of spirit, body and character is completely at your disposal.
  • There are many blood vessels on the arm. They deliver the positive energy of Veles throughout the body. So you become more powerful and strong, both body and soul.

Tattoo symbol

  • Tattooing was also popular with the ancient Slavs. Of course, the process was different than now, but the strength of the Veles sign remained the same. She helps you to reach unprecedented heights in life, love and career.
  • The main thing that the tattoo was made because of faith and respect for Veles, and not because of the cold calculation to get everything at once. You must strive to be successful!


So you learned about the magical properties of the sign of the great God Veles. Let's recall them again:

  • The emergence of bright thoughts;
  • The development of a magical gift;
  • Achieving success in life;
  • Protection from excessive persistence where it is not required;
  • Finding unity with the world;
  • Protection from external influences.

We hope you understand the importance of the sign of the god Veles, because it gives an unprecedented result. Be true to yourself! Good luck and happiness to you!