Dream interpretation

Angel Ilya's Day on the Orthodox calendar


Name day in people named Ilya is celebrated 24 times a year. In the Orthodox calendar, the name form is Elijah.

  • 01.01 - Elijah Muromets, Pechersky; the martyr Elijah the Egyptian;
  • January 21 - Elijah the Egyptian Hermit;
  • January 25 - Elijah the Miracle-Worker;
  • Jan. 27 - Rev. Martyr Elijah of Sinai;
  • 03.02 - Priest-martyr Priest Elijah Berezovsky;
  • February 13, Rev. Martyr Elijah Ardunis;
  • 03/01 - the martyr Elijah the Egyptian, the Caesarean;
  • 04/05 - Holy Martyr Hieromonk Elias Vyatlin;
  • 10.04 - Martyr Elijah the Persian;
  • 02.08 - the prophet Elijah the Tishbite;
  • August 25, Hieromonk Elijah, hieromonk of the Belogorsk St. Nicholas monastery
  • August 30 - Rev. Ilia Calabrian;
  • 16.09 - Holy Martyr Archpriest Ilia Bazhanov;
  • 26.09 - Martyr Elijah Tomsky (Kyustendzhi);
  • 30.09 - the martyr Elijah of Tyr;
  • 16.11 - Rev. Elijah;
  • 17.11 - Elijah the Georgian;
  • 22.11 - Holy Martyr Archpriest Ilya Rylko;
  • December 5, Holy Martyr Archpriest Elijah Gromoglasov;
  • 09.12 - Priest-martyr Priest Elijah the Conception;
  • December 18 - Holy Martyr Archpriest Elijah Chetvertukhin;
  • 29.12 - Priest-martyr Priest Elijah Cheredeyev;
  • December 31 - Holy Martyr Priest Elijah Benemansky.

Characteristics of Ilya

The name has a very interesting story. It has its roots in the Bible and has Hebrew roots. The biblical name Elijah means "my God, my Lord." With the advent of Christianity in Russia, the name was pronounced Elijah. This option remained in the Orthodox calendar. For the convenience of pronunciation, the name was pronounced and written like Ilya. Due to its simplicity of sound, meaning and characteristics, the name was always popular and does not lose its relevance in our days.

Ilya is a very rational and resourceful person. His sociability and diplomacy can be envied. By type of personality, Ilya is an extrovert, by type of temperament - a sanguine or choleric person. He has sociability, openness and straightforwardness. He is always ready for any adventure, easy to lift. He does not like conflicts and is ready to solve everything peacefully, to find a compromise. Ilya - hot-tempered and emotional nature. But after a flash of emotions, it can quickly calm down and there will not be a hurt in it. However, during his guilt he may torment himself with the torments of conscience.

Ilya is always focused on the future, on the future. He makes plans and lives by their embodiment, forgetting about today, which can be bright and unforgettable. On the one hand, this character trait is practical for life. But on the other hand, Ilya can be constantly dissatisfied with his present and all his life expect better days and changes for the better. He does not like to be alone, loves traveling and educational hobbies. Despite his independence, Ilya can get under bad influence and choose the wrong friends for himself. Fortunately, he will be able to quickly understand and correct the situation. In dealing with others behaves cautiously.

Ilya has been well-developed since childhood. It is independent and economic. It always helps the mother to whom is very attached. He has a heightened sense of responsibility and a sense of ownership. By the choice of his wife Ilya fits clearly and carefully, so getting married late. Also, late marriage can be explained by the fact that he is trying to become financially secure. In family life with all the forces trying to provide for the family. Wife appreciates and respects. He loves children and often pampers. In any profession can succeed. It will be a good doctor, investigator, mechanic.

Ilya is a kind, generous and reliable man with spiritual warmth. He is always ready to help the needy person. If not by deed, then at least by word and advice. However, in his inner world, he is not ready to let anyone in.

The most revered patrons name

Often the parents choose Elijah the Prophet as a patron for a boy. He was born in 900 BC. From an early age, he gave his life to serving the Lord. He lived for a long time in the desert, observed the strictest post and prayed a lot. He was persecuted by King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. The Lord appeared to him and called him to become a prophet, comforting that he is not the only one who suffers in the name of the Most High. For his unshakable faith and life, the prophet was taken to the kingdom of God alive, thereby avoiding the agony of bodily death. His disciple and follower Elisha witnessed how he ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire. When Elijah the Prophet was the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ, he took physical death.

Another revered patron of the name of the Orthodox is Elijah of Murom (Pechersk). He was born in a peasant family in the middle of the 12th century near Murom. It is he who is a prototype of the fairy-tale hero Ilya of Murom. Elijah was paralyzed before the age of 30. Healed after meeting with three elders, was successful in military service until he was injured. After being wounded, he was tonsured at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Archpriest Elias Chetvertukhin is singled out from the Russian new martyrs. He was born in 1886 in the city of Moscow. While studying at university, he read the works of Theophan the Recluse and decided to devote his life to serving the Lord. At first he served at the poorhouse, then in the temple on Tolmachy and in the church of Gregory Neokessariysky. For his faith and religiosity he was sentenced and several times exiled to the camp.