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Name Day Nicholas - character, fate, career and church uniform


The worldwide popular male name Nikolai originated in ancient Greece from the two words “win” and “people”. In each country it is pronounced differently: in Armenia - Nikolayos, in Belarus - Mikola, in Bulgaria - Nikola, in Hungary - Mikos, in Georgia - Nikoloz, in Spain - Nicholas, in Italy - Niccolò, in Germany - Nikolaus, in Poland - Mikolaj, in Romania - Nicolae, in Serbia - Nikola, in Slovenia - Miklavz, in Sweden - Niklas, in Japan - Chitonoséri.

The diminutive form of the name: Kolya, Kolya, Kolya, Kolya, Nikolyusha, Nick, Nikusya, Nikolasha, Kolya, Kolyaasha, Kolka, Nika.

According to the church calendar, Nikolai celebrates his name day 121 times a year. The most revered saints bearing the name Nikolai:

  • St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - his memory is revered three times a year: May 9, July 29, December 6. During his lifetime, he was famous for healings and miracles, and now believers turn to him in their prayers to help them heal or solve problems.
  • Nikolai Novgorodsky, a holy fool - the day of memory is set on July 27. Born in a wealthy family, from his youth he visited churches, kept fasting. He was famous for his wonders and vision.
  • Nikolay Pskov, blessed - his memory is revered on February 28. Outwardly he was insane, but inside he was a pure soul. He prayed for every passer-by, performed miracles, was a visionary. In 1570 Pskov saved from the invasion of Ivan the Terrible. He died in 1576.
  • Nikolay Sevastiysky, a martyr - he is commemorated on March 9. One of the forty warriors who suffered for the Lord in the year 320.
  • Nicholas of Japan, the Archbishop - revered February 3. He possessed the gift of preaching, was the rector of the temple in Japan, and later - the archbishop, expanding the number of Orthodox communities in the country. He died in 1912.


From the time of year of birth depends on the nature of Nicholas:

  • Winter - Despotic, judicious, attentive, temperamental, persevering.
  • Spring - Selfish, light, extraordinary, windy, frivolous.
  • Summer - Ambitious, charming, intelligent, kind, predictable.
  • Autumn - Stubborn, domineering, narcissist, withdrawn, silent.


Little Nikolasha starts to walk and talk early, grows up as a positive, smiling and non-conflicting boy, who loves to travel, to learn something new. Each day, her parents are given a thousand "why." With the guys trying not to quarrel, even if there is a reason for a quarrel, can get along with even the most gloomy and unfriendly child. Does not pay attention to other people's shortcomings and bad behavior. He loves when he is often praised. Parents and adults may not be afraid to praise Nikolasha, praise will not spoil him, but improve. Without praise, Nikolai will grow up a closed and insecure child.

During his school years, Nikolai becomes more self-confident, more purposeful, more tactful, friendlier, not afraid of hard and monotonous work, always protecting the weak and offended. Thanks to these remarkable qualities of character, many guys, even older ones, strive to be friends with Nikolai. Nikolai can listen to his interlocutor, without interrupting, will give him effective advice. Nikolai can help out an unpleasant and deceitful person from the misfortune, but he will never let him into his social circle. At school, possessing natural curiosity, he learns well, listens to teachers attentively, performs all tasks. Especially easy to give him the exact sciences.

Adult Nicholas has charisma, knows how to please people who are drawn to him so much. He is friendly with everyone, can support any topic, looks at the world positively, learns something new until old age. There are always many friends around him, among them are close friends. Its disadvantage can be called excessive demands on others. He wants to see them as ideal and does not want to accept that fact that not everyone can meet his requirements. To its credit, to say that Nikolai, even for his own benefit, will not leave his friend in distress. True, this friend should be a close person.


Nicholas carelessly refers to his health, abusing addictions, so for old age he has problems with his lungs and heart. Often, Nicholas pulls alcohol, from which it will be very difficult to get rid of. Nikolay should go in for sports, stick to a diet and not abuse alcohol, do not smoke, get enough sleep and undergo medical examination.


Nikolai is not afraid of hard physical work, he is well versed in technology, can cope with a new technique without repair, repair a car. He does not want to work in the financial sphere, to participate in all sorts of frauds. The sociable and inquisitive Nicholas will achieve great success in politics, medicine, the army, industry, teaching, and law. The leader Nikolay will be tough, demanding and principled, for which his subordinates may dislike him.


Nikolai is not demanding of the female sex, he can even fall in love with a seemingly ugly woman. For him, the main thing - intelligence, emotional attraction and love chemistry. Gossip surrounding him do not care. He likes a little plump and tender women, he avoids rough and aggressive. Nicholas can be called a womanizer, but, unlike them, he falls in love with a woman for a long time and does not cheat on her while they are together. Without a mind, having fallen in love with a woman, she can offer her hand and heart on the second date.


Nicholas enters deliberately into marriage. Family man, he will be caring, loving comfort and peace. He likes to do something around the house, easily agrees to the repair of housing and does not delay it. Can fix any equipment, nail the shelf without much persuasion of the household. He likes to receive guests, gets along with his wife's relatives.

Compatible with female names


  • Excellent: Nina, Svetlana, Alina, Catherine, Irina, Polina, Barbara, Christina.
  • The bad ones: Julia, Nadezhda, Natalia, Elina, Yana, Angelina, Valeria.


  • Planet - Jupiter.
  • Name color - Blue.
  • Season - Spring.
  • Happy day of the week - Wednesday.
  • Lucky number is 6.
  • Metal - Iron.
  • Zodiac sign - Sagittarius.
  • Element - Earth.
  • Totem animal - Horse.
  • Plant - Gladiolus.
  • Tree - Ash.
  • Mineral talisman - Sapphire.

Famous people named Nikolai