Dream interpretation

Nameday Egor on the church calendar


Of course, before telling about the birthday of this person, it is worth learning more about the secrets of the name, to understand Yegor, so to speak, from the supernatural. After all, if the name is associated with the owner, he experiences harmony, but if the owner does not have harmony, then he will not even be able to sincerely celebrate his own birthday, he will not have any pleasure in this case, he will not be able to take those necessary measures to achieve his goal . After all, the celebration of the name day is aimed at the realization of the ceremony, at the realization of the ancient ceremony of binding the name and the person wearing it.

The main dates of the name of Egor:

  • November 26, Yegoriy Kheossky, a new martyr.
  • January 11
  • January 21
  • January 30

Egor is usually born in the autumn month, and if that is exactly what happened, he will be a kind of exception to the rule, which will be inviolable: he will become an unshakable person with iron principles and resistance to bad habits, will hate all these vices of humanity, will appear than something like a prophet who allows humanity to get better and better.

Other dates:

  • April 18th
  • 20 April
  • 26 April
  • May 2
  • the 6th of May
  • May 10
  • 26 of May
  • May 29
  • June 8
  • June 18

Since childhood, Egor is an extremely naughty child who, nevertheless, can use his stubbornness and in a good way, achieving various goals and becoming better in his work. For him, there are no barriers, he constantly transcends himself in the past.

He is very careful, such a striving for cleanliness from organization often makes Egor a pedant who does not stand up to even the slightest dust and wants to be only in frequency. Fortunately, such neglect of dirty rooms does not make him a social phobia and does not endow him with any phobia, he just becomes a rather arrogant young man in this matter.

Egor is an extremely capricious child who does not tolerate a long distance with his mother and seeks to always be in the center of attention of his parents, almost never leaving the protective wing, which becomes for him a symbol of love and care. He tries to give the same upbringing to his child, who, it is worth noting, can have a completely different character, and against his will to give such care is completely undesirable.

Yegor studies very well, usually on some fives. For him, there is a problem only with teachers, he does not want to just be a sucker in the eyes of teachers, to use various techniques to become the first in teaching in order that teachers simply notice him. According to him, in the process of learning, the main thing is to learn, and not to be loved.

Egor is extremely careful, he hates careless people and strives to develop in absolutely every activity. For him, there are no barriers, and he believes that barriers exist only in the minds of people, but in fact very easily problems are overcome.

Peculiarities of behavior of a person with a church name

Egor often succeeds in sports and military careers, where good muscles and excellent response are needed. By participating in school physical education competitions, and generally participating in school life related to sporting events, he gets a good form and reaches the necessary athlete base, which then remains only to be developed. That is why men with the name Yegorushka often have a very good physique, which makes women appreciate more and more such a sporting and remarkable in character husband-perfectionist.

Egor’s youth is very stormy, he doesn’t want to find a wife for himself, and he really wants more freedom, especially when he comes out from under the parent wing. It is extremely important for him to live independently, not relying only on the opinions of his parents, constantly indulging their demands. For Yegor, such behavior is often the most unacceptable option that he does not even try to consider. Parental love is love, there is no need to stop the boundaries. Although he, when he becomes a father, does just that - he stops that line between raising an independent and spoiled child, do not give the child a right to make a mistake by spreading “airbags” everywhere, as modern parents do.

He chooses his wife not with respect to his appearance, much less his ability for coquetry, sincerity is very important to him. He is not going to tolerate a hypocritical wife, who constantly thinks about the evil plans for his own family, so he gathers with his thoughts for quite some time.

This concept also applies to friends, the sincerity of the actions of their friends is very important. And in general, sincerity, sincerity, which exists in themselves, is extremely important for all church names. For them, hypocrisy in people is the most terrible quality, they do not tolerate betrayals. Egor himself is trying to re-educate people, considering enlightenment to be his duty.

Egorushka is an extremely practical person for whom organization, arrangement and order are important. Emotions are not so important for him, his sensuality is much lower, nevertheless, there is an already formed sense of justice, which finds its application in the application of “friendly judicial intervention” to his friends, whom Egor daily tries to do better and better.

Friends, of course, do not immediately make contact and try to disengage from all this, consider this behavior to be extremely unreasonable, they understand that they have their own head on their shoulders. That is what prevents Yegor from interfering in the personal affairs of his friends.

Angel Day Egor on the church calendar

For the name you need to choose the date itself, which would be as close as possible to the real birthday of this person for maximum effect, only in this case everything will turn out and the person’s dreams will be translated into reality, otherwise no effect can occur at all. It should be more attentive to this moment.

If Yegor gives birth in summer, he will be energetic, he can become the most mobile person who is constantly in search of the true self in order to come to a consensus with his own body, to harmony. Spring Egor more value stability, they are not subject to various changes in life and want to become people with less creative work, where you need to work more on a pattern and use less of their abilities.