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Zodiac sign ratio table


They say money is not happiness, and it really is. The greatest happiness is love and relationships. Each person seeks to find a soul mate in a person, a person who will understand you perfectly. Having found an interesting interlocutor, everyone wonders: "How compatible are we in life?". To answer this question will help the horoscope. My husband and I have full compatibility. I chose it using the compatibility table. Now I want to tell you how to use it.

Compatibility horoscope

There are 12 signs of the zodiac. But even this small amount gives an incredible amount of combinations that can occur between people in life. As a rule, everyone is interested in the main aspects of interactions:

  • love;
  • intimacy;
  • family relationships.

Also, the compatibility horoscope will help you to find out how successful your friendship or teamwork will be. With it, you can find out with whom you should not enter into a relationship, so as not to be disappointed in the future, and with a representative of what sign of the zodiac, on the contrary, it is worth getting closer.

In some countries of the East there is a custom to make a horoscope of compatibility before marriage. At the same time, as if the couple did not like each other, if the astrologer gives an unfavorable prognosis, then most couples give up their intentions. Moreover, if the compatibility of the pair is too low, then the authorities may officially prohibit such a marriage. Thus, strong and prosperous families are created in the country, and the divorce rate is reduced to a minimum.

In the compatibility horoscope, there are three types of relationships:

  • fully compatible;
  • neutral;
  • incompatible.

Based on the tips of the horoscope, you can find for yourself the ideal future partner, to avoid unnecessary disappointments and quarrels. Of course, there are no rules without exceptions. It happens that the completely incompatible signs of the zodiac live together a long and happy life. Unfortunately, exceptions only confirm the rules, they are so rare.

In addition to the compatibility horoscope, a person also depends on a variety of external factors that affect not only his character, personal qualities, but also his vision of life and the environment. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the past experience of both partners, which undoubtedly leaves its mark.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

Below is a table of compatibility signs of the zodiac. Find yourself and your partner. At the intersection you will see a sign. Below is a table of the decoding of these characters.


The blue sign indicates the relationship of the species "from hatred to love." These are classic opposites. In the circle of the zodiac, they are in opposite positions. They are also patronized by different, though compatible elements. The relationship between these signs is very complex. However, opposites attract, and the total between these signs is much larger than is commonly thought.

Partners in such a union are a reflection of each other and complement. However, their opposite can play against them. If the relationship is not suspicion, jealousy, then such a union will be very successful. Otherwise, contention will lead to a rupture.


The blue sign symbolizes the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac. These people belong to the same element that unites them. Despite the fact that there are differences between all people, they do not give rise to contradictions between partners, but only awaken mutual interest.

Both partners perfectly feel each other on an intuitive level. This compatibility is good in any form:

  • love;
  • intimate relationship;
  • friendship;
  • Job.

The disadvantages of this union can only be attributed to the fact that both of its members are too tolerant to each other. And sometimes they do not allow their partner to "breathe", limiting the space for self-development.


Red is a symbol of energy, action. So the union marked with a red square is filled with passion. These signs of the zodiac are twofold. Between them a great understanding. Business cooperation and friendship will give excellent results.

The love relationship between signs in the aspect of a square is passionate, exciting, full of emotions. And the latter leads to constant conflicts, which in the end bother both or one of the partners.

A family union may be short-lived if the couple do not learn to compromise. In this case, you need to give up from a pure heart so that both are comfortable. In this case, the partners will be able to constructively interact, and not just tolerate each other, and their union will be strong.


The sign of purple color characterizes interesting, but problematic relations. These people have practically nothing in common. They can communicate on the same topic, but never find mutual understanding.

However, each of the partners may perceive the other as his own opposite, believing that he has the qualities he lacks and, accordingly, supplements him. In fact this is not true. In reality, these qualities will not be expressed, or will be shown from a completely different side.

Often, this incompatibility of views creates a strong sexual attraction. Each of their partners sees the other extremely attractive. However, in the soul lies doubt, what is so attractive they found in each other.

To build a strong alliance, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of each other, learn to look for compromises and understand what exactly attracts them in each other.


The green symbol describes a union that is based on mutual sympathy. Representatives of the signs of the zodiac, in the aspect of sextile, are under the auspices of different, but compatible elements.

Such a union will give both opportunities for self-development. An even, calm relationship based on mutual sympathy and respect can be established between partners. Everyone in the pair will give another what he lacks.

Relationships can develop in any of their manifestations from love to business partnership. However, marriage will not be exciting passion and fire. If both partners strive to find stability and calm, the union will be strong and productive.


An orange sign indicates uncertainty. Signs are located next to each other in the zodiac circle. As a result, they are somewhat similar, which in union leads to some competition and even jealousy.

Representatives of neighboring signs need time to learn how to interact. They should leave a lot behind, forget the past and move forward.

The first sign of the Zodiac will seem that some kind of quality is lacking in his partner. This will lead to arrogance, attempts to teach the second. The latter perceives the partner as something indefinite, considering that he clings to the relationship.

A rather strange alliance, with some luck and effort on both sides, can become quite interesting. But when both partners overcome all obstacles, study each other, this duet will be exciting and sensual.


Based on the above, we can conclude: