Dream interpretation

The meaning of the name Julian: a detailed description of the name


The beautiful and fairly common name of Julian has quite ancient roots, and its translation is interpreted from ancient Greek as: "fluffy" or "curly." According to another version, the origin of the name goes back to the "stars" in the literal sense of the word, and is presented as "descended from Jupiter".


  • Yula;
  • Julia;
  • Yusya;
  • Little yule

Name day

Carriers of this name celebrate birthday twice a year:

  • February 7;
  • February 16 (according to the Catholic calendar).

general characteristics

When choosing the name Julian for their child, parents should be prepared for the extremely hyperactivity of their child. Still, since Yusya since childhood is a terrible fidget. Energy and positive radiate from it. Also, the baby is inclined from an early age to unprecedented artistry and sudden mood swings. Such a capricious woman may require a lot of attention, and calm down and keep quiet only during sleep.

With age, one more remarkable feature of Yula appears: along with sharp flashes of emotions, her quickness is characteristic. She quickly forgives offenders and does not hold for a long time evil. In her life there is no place for semitones; she is all made of extremes: either she laughs and laughs happily, or she is sad and actively expresses this. The baby is stubborn, demands fulfillment of her requests and promises made to her.

In school, Yula becomes a real instigator! She cannot be called a gossip, she is active and kind, open with everyone, can start any company and is completely devoid of the habit of hanging labels on people.

In adulthood, Juliana is still the same "clockwork orange." Only at the same time such features as sensitivity, tact, wisdom, ability to listen and hear people join the character of the girl. She feels very subtle human nature, knows how to be a great friend.

Detailed feature

  1. Planet Jupiter.
  2. Stone mascot amethyst.
  3. Capricorn zodiac sign.
  4. Totem animal scat.
  5. Yellow color.
  6. Element - air.
  7. Plant - Rubber tree.


The fate of Juliana is full and full of sharp turns, holes and potholes. It should be considered in more detail in terms of the main areas of life.

Love and family

The carrier named after Julian is distinguished by high demands and demands for her future elect. She will choose the man who will best meet her high standards. It may take some time, however, choosing it, Juliana will be faithful to her chosen one. She likes reliable, wealthy men with a great sense of humor, to match her own standards. In relations, Yusya is trustful and vulnerable, prone to insults at the slightest reason, but at the same time she never conceals her feelings and is always open with her partner.

In family life, the wife of Juliana will have to face the wayward character of his wife: the girl is very active and, like in childhood, cannot sit still, therefore the role of a housewife will not suit her. Attempts to make her sit at home and quit any business will not lead to anything good. Juliana is a workaholic, and even the appearance of children will not make her change her lifestyle. Her spouse must be patient and be prepared for lack of attention due to the complete absorption of the work of the spouse.


A very important factor when choosing a profession for Yula is a combination of a hobby and work. It is important that she entirely like what earns her. Therefore, the professions associated with creativity, variety art will be the ideal for her. This kind of activity involves tremendous dedication, the ability to act promptly and improvise.

If she doesn’t succeed in finding her niche as an employee, it’s worth a while to try to start her own business. An entrepreneurial by nature, Juliana will easily cope with the task and has all the chances to develop her business. Career is of great importance to her, it is the viability in this area that determines her mood and spiritual state. Having taken place professionally, Juliana will feel confident and happy.


Juliana's “Achilles heel” - lungs and bronchi. It is on them that she should pay special attention. It is advisable to breathe more fresh air, keep your chest warm and do not tear the vocal cords.

The best sports for Yusi will be dancing, fitness, yoga or swimming.


The highest percentage of compatibility will stand out between Juliana and the following male names:

  • Anton;
  • Miron;
  • Julius;
  • Yaroslav;
  • Ian

Famous carriers named

  1. Juliana Karaulova is a famous Russian singer.
  2. Juliana Banze - German singer.
  3. Juliana Norwich - English writer of the Middle Ages.
  4. Juliana Yakhnina is a Russian translator and renowned literary critic.