Dream interpretation

Compatibility of Leo and Pisces - a novel without a happy ending


The compatibility of Leo and Pisces is not considered favorable. This is most often a tumultuous affair with a sad ending for both. It's all about the difference of their elements, which are badly combined with each other.

Compatibility in love

Despite the unfavorable compatibility, this relationship will be remembered by both for a long time. They will become a bright flash, a storm of emotions that, even after parting, will long remain memories in everyone’s heart.

What is characteristic of the relationship of this pair:

  1. Fish affect Leo in some magical way. Their sensuality and subtle mental organization is impressive, making them fall in love almost at first sight. Leo becomes a protector, a patron. He easily fulfills all the whims and desires of the second half. But only at the very beginning.
  2. Leo takes from this relationship too much. Next to Pisces, he begins to actively develop, gaining his missing qualities in a partner. He grows spiritually and sensually, knowing the emotions unknown to him until now.
  3. Both will get a good experience in this relationship, but sooner or later they will be disappointed in each other. It's all about the complete incompatibility of characters. Fish will not be able to tolerate long-term temper and low emotional intelligence of Lviv. And so tired of constant jealousy.
  4. Very often, close people prove that they are absolutely not created for each other. Public opinion is also often the cause of discord, conflict and quarrels.

At first, the Pisces will feel that Leo loves them like no other before. But gradually this dignity will fade before the faults of the chosen one, and they will decide to part.

Causes of conflict

If at first Pisces admire the ambition and purposefulness of the lion's nature, then in time they will realize that all this is ostentatious. And most likely, their companion is not as good as it seemed at the beginning.

This is the main cause of conflicts in a pair - Pisces' disappointment in the chosen one. What else it is worth paying attention to in a relationship to give them a chance to survive for a long time:

  1. If Leo becomes successful enough, reaches a high social status, there should be no problems. But if he is a strong "middling" who lacks hard work and energy, Pisces will be disappointed and will no longer respect him. At this moment, it is important for them to understand that it is impossible for the chosen one to demonstrate his superiority, he must be supported and inspired in order for him to achieve everything.
  2. Leo should work on his egoism and narcissism. He must understand that the world revolves not only around him, and Pisces also have their own desires, interests and preferences.

Insensitivity and tyranny of the Lion will force the Pisces, sooner or later, to part. This is given to them difficult, and they leave for a long time after a relationship, without realizing what happened to the romantic and reverent attitude of the chosen one at the very beginning of the relationship.

Female Pisces and Lion Man

The fate of the relationship will depend more on the woman. If she can understand the psychology of her chosen one and learn to gently manipulate him, they will be together for a long time.

At the very beginning of the relationship will develop very rosy. Both will fall in love and for some time will be in a romantic euphoria. But sooner or later, the girl may be disappointed, not receiving from the satellite so necessary for her emotions.

If she is able to gather her will into a fist, forget the insults and learn to control the recalcitrant Leo gently and as a woman, so that he does not suspect it, the relationship has a chance. But she will constantly have to put up with his emotional avarice, a fair amount of narcissism and a sort of self-indulgence.

If a girl is able to show such wisdom, then Leo will sooner or later be able to love her with all his wide soul. He will give her more attention, become a support and protection. The main thing is to praise him more often, to thank and emphasize his uniqueness, irreplaceability.

It is not known how long the relationship will last. It all depends on how quickly the rough and unfeeling nature of her royal man bores the girl. In principle, if he arranges her in material and domestic terms, she will not think about breaking up. But here she can look towards other men in order to get the emotions she needs.

If a man fails to provide his companion with a comfortable and secure life, she will defiantly humiliate him with his public flirtation with other men and show how much better they are.

With such behavior, she subconsciously takes revenge on her chosen one for her inattention, lack of sincerity and interest in her deep experiences.

Pisces man and Lion woman

What does a Pisces man expect from a relationship? He wants to see in his darling energy and readiness to accept his great love and constant signs of attention. He is inclined to give, therefore he is able to strangle with his feelings.

The woman in this pair is rational and pragmatic. She will always strive for leadership, which her partner is completely satisfied with. But she would quickly get bored with too much attention to her person, despite the fact that she adores swimming in the glow of admiration.

At first she will fall in love, and pretty much. She is attracted to the chosen one by great sensuality, the ability to foresee some things at the level of intuition, without connecting logical analysis. Therefore, she can be bogged down in her love for a long time.

Mature and experienced male Pisces are unlikely to pay attention to the Leo girl, because she does not have the qualities they need. But the young, and not yet gained the experience of communicating with the opposite sex, guys can "fall down" on the Lioness. It seems to them that it may well become their second half.

But Leo quickly disappointed and leaves his darling. She survives parting long and painfully, so it would be better for her not to get involved with Pista’s men.

The only option in which a couple can survive for a long time is the union of a gigolo and a mature, successful business woman. Only mercenary interest can keep Pisces near the Lion girl for a long time. That's just about love in such a pair of speech is not, only the naked benefit and heartlessness of Pisces.