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Simple ways of divination for the future and love


What girl doesn't want to be happy? And not only a girl - every woman wants to find the only thing destined to her. And we all are not averse to finding out when this happiness awaits us and how soon we will meet our beloved.

Divination at home will help us lift the veil and look into our future. They will not only suggest what needs to be done for a quick reunion with their half, but also, perhaps, will show the betrothed, the one that we all, girls and women, look forward to. Also in this way you can learn not only about marriage, but also about many other events.

Ways of home divination

To find out what awaits us in the near future, it is not at all necessary to go to the gypsy or fortuneteller. Simple divination can be carried out independently at home. And this is no big deal. The most common ways of divination for love and the future:

  • using cereals;
  • divination with a candle;
  • using wax;
  • divination with a mirror;
  • with a piece of paper;
  • divination by the book;
  • fortune telling with a needle and thread.

How to tell fortunes for the future with ordinary cereals

For fortunetelling with cereals, you must prepare:

  • some rice and buckwheat in equal proportions;
  • A bowl in which the cereal mixes;
  • cup filled with water.

Groats are mixed in a bowl and poured into a cup of water. More grain will sink to the bottom, and part of it will remain on the surface of the water. There is more rice left - the future will bring only good events, and if there is more buckwheat, you will have to go through far from easy times with problems and losses. There is a third option - rice and buckwheat in the same amount remained on the surface of the water. If this happens, the future will depend on what the guessing person undertakes.

Candle telling methods

There are several ways of divination with a candle. With their help, you can learn about the betrothed, and about any exciting situation.

Divination for the beloved

On a small piece of paper they write the name of a loved one and burn a piece of paper on the flame of a church candle. What is left of the sheet, placed in hand and go to the balcony. If the ashes remain on the outstretched hand, then the beloved will stay with you for a long time, and if the dust from the leaf flies to the wind, then you can not wait for the future with a person who is wondering.

Vorozhba on the situation

To do this, take the usual wax candle, purchased in the church, and light it. When conducting these manipulations think about the situation of interest. If the flame of a candle burns evenly, then the problem will be resolved quickly and easily. If the candle fire is cracking or splitting, then a smooth resolution of the situation can not be expected, but if the candle goes out at all, then you need to prepare for the worst.

Divination with wax

It is necessary to pour milk into a cup, melt the wax of one church candle and pour this wax into the milk with the words: “My master is the brownie, come to a plate of milk to drink and wax to seize.” Now you need to try to understand how the wax in the milk froze. If the wax casting is similar in shape to a flower, then the fortuneteller is expected to get acquainted with a young man who will end in a successful marriage. If the wax figure resembles a little man, then the fortune-teller awaits the love of her whole life, and if the wax has frozen in the form of a star, then luck awaits the woman in all spheres of her life.

Divination with mirrors

The most popular is the divination for the betrothed, for which you need to prepare:

  • two mirrors - large and small;
  • two church wax candles.

Mirrors are installed so that the small is located closer to the guessing, and the large is placed in front of the small. Mirrors should be reflected in one another. Between these mirrors place two burning candles. Divine looks in a small mirror. At the same time, he says the words: “Show off a married man.” As soon as the image of the bride appears, you must immediately say: “Chur me!”. These words are spoken so that the vision disappears and does not cause harm.

This fortune-telling is held at 24.00. The girl should wash, dissolve her hair, put on a new shirt and take off all the jewelry.

Simple divination on paper sheets

It is necessary to take the cut sheets of paper and write on each of the male name. The leaves are twisted into tubes and put in a jar. Shake the jar so that the paper tubes mix. Then with the words: "Suicide, give your name," pull out one piece of paper. That name will be the name of the future husband.

Vorozhba on the book

Choose a book, the best artistic, formulate your question and open a book on any page. Further, the fortunate one should stick a finger at the line, without looking at it. Then the girl should read what is written there and try to decipher as accurately as possible.

As with the help of fortune telling, you can find out the exact number of future children.

This divination is reasonably accurate. When I wondered in such a way to my sister, the fortune-telling showed that she would have four children. We only laughed, but everything came true exactly as predicted by this fortune-telling. To hold it, thread is threaded into the needle. The thread should be double about 20 cm long. The ends of the thread are tied into a knot. The thread with the needle is placed over the palm.

If she starts spinning in a circle, then the first will be a girl, if swinging like a pendulum is a boy. Next, the energy charge is removed from the thread by simply passing it through a squeezed hand and repeating the manipulations. Do so until the thread with a needle stops moving, that is, it will hang above the palm in a frozen state. How many times the needle on the thread moved, so many wonders and will have children. Thus, you can even tell fortunes.

What rules must be followed when divination in the home

In order for the divination to give the most accurate result, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • to be all alone and make sure that during the fortunetelling fortune-telling no one is disturbed. Also, do not tell anyone about your intention to guess;
  • if divination time is not specified, then it is better to spend the fortunement in the evening until midnight;
  • the girl should have the appropriate attitude, carefully prepare herself - bathe in water, dissolve her hair and get rid of all the ornaments, and prepare everything necessary for the process of divination in advance;
  • Spell can be carried out on any day. The exception is Sunday and those days that fall on church festivals.


Do not turn to divination, if there is no faith in what you are doing. Also, do not admire only curiosity for the sake of. A person must be completely confident in what he is doing, as well as in the accuracy of the result, only then divination will be most effective.