Dream interpretation

What dreams of lice in my head by dream book

To find out what the head lice dream about, read this article. It contains interpretations of popular dream books, thanks to which you will recognize the future, get valuable advice and will know how to act in difficult situations.

Slavic dream book

Dreamed lice promise wealth that you get very easily. Money can come through receiving an inheritance or winning the lottery. Or, for example, you will find a treasure. Absolutely anyone is likely, even the most unbelievable outcome of events.

More interpretations:

  1. Collect lice from the head and there is - to losses and problems with money. The adverse period will drag on for a long time, but you still have time to make savings and create an airbag that will help in a difficult life period.
  2. Lice on someone else's head - the goal to which you aspire, is not feasible, because you took the bar too high. Try to reduce requests and go to the fulfillment of the dream gradually, in small steps.
  3. Violet lice - to receive a valuable gift from a person who you practically do not know. You can not refuse. To accept the gift should be gratefully, so as not to offend the donor and open your personal financial flow.
  4. Green insects - a talent is dormant in you, which you do not realize and do not see yet. But very soon you will be able to express yourself, be realized in life, get success, recognition, fame and great wealth, working in pleasure. Activities will focus on helping other people.
  5. A lot of lice - to the same amount of trouble. Every day will begin to bring new problems, and it will take tremendous your patience to withstand a difficult period and cope with everything.
  6. Louse on the body - detractors will show unprecedented activity to harm you. Get ready to repel the attacks of enemies, but do not let them win, otherwise you will lose hugely.
  7. Lice-infested hair - due to the fact that you often gave bad advice to other people, a big trouble will happen. It is also your fault that you constantly keep bad thoughts in your head. They materialize, bringing with them misfortune.
  8. Comb lice - get a lot of small gifts that will greatly please you. Due to the fact that you treat people with warmth and love, they will reciprocate.
  9. Squeeze the nits - there will be an additional source of income, which at first will remain a hobby, but in a few years it will become the main income. Follow your vocation, and get rich.

Islamic Dreambook

Lice - a sign that you will suffer. And the more insects were in a dream, the more misfortunes will fall on your head.

More interpretations:

  1. Destroying lice - the black stripe in your life will end soon, and the suffering will end. You will be able to rejoice and enjoy the usual activities. Try not to recall the difficult past, and the favorable period will come sooner.
  2. Being bitten - you will be insulted in public, and you will not be able to fight back. But people will be on your side, and offenders will not be good for them. Provided that you do not sink to their level.
  3. Lice that pour from the head - to the acquisition of great wealth. It will not be easy, you will be rewarded by fate for long and hard, hard work in the past. The more good you bring to the world, the sooner you will get rich.
  4. Yellow lice - to tears and frustration. You will begin to cry because of the betrayal of someone whom they considered the closest and dearest person, whom they trusted and loved. You will not be able to forgive him, but simply parted.
  5. Lice that crawl around the house - the husband will be promoted. This is your merit. Thanks to your faith, he has achieved a lot. And over time it will get even more if you don’t stop supporting it.
  6. To experience a great desire to get rid of lice - you were recently on the verge of a lot of money, although you did not realize it. But they could not get wealth because they did not dare to make the last step to the dream.

Modern dream book

According to this dream book, lice are a favorable symbol, which promises the dreamer deliverance from all misfortunes, as well as good profits.

More interpretations:

  1. To feel lice crawl on the head, but not to see them will lose something very important for you. It can be both money and work or a relationship with a loved one. What you value and why you are afraid of losing the most.
  2. To kill insects - you can find an additional source of income, which will eventually become the main one. And this is only the beginning, in the distant future you will become a very rich person.
  3. Crush the nits - you are a purposeful person who always gets what he wants from life. Overcome difficulties by clicking them like seeds. Keep up the good work, and soon fate will smile upon you.
  4. See nits on your own head - to career achievements. Your success in the service will appreciate. The head will offer a better position. True, it can cause the envy of colleagues, which you should not attach much importance.
  5. To see insects on the head of another person - boldly take up a new business. Luck is on your side, thanks to which you will certainly succeed, leaving behind all the competitors and eliminating the enemies. No one can stop you.