Dream interpretation

What dreams of chickens by dream book

To find out what chickens are dreaming about, read this article and find the interpretation that is right for you. This will help you find out what awaits you in the near future. Try not to ignore the advice of dream books, because they lead to well-being and happiness.

Dreams in alphabetical order

Chicken promises the arrival of guests. You will be visited by close friends with whom you have not seen for a long time. You will have a great time in a warm and pleasant company, having received a lot of positive emotions.

More interpretations:

  1. A hectic chicken that runs headlong around the yard - you will be visited by feelings of confusion and fatigue. You suffer from boredom, not understanding what you want from life. And it periodically brings to this despair.
  2. Loud clucking - you have to go on a long road, although you did not plan it at all. Abandoning the trip will not work, no matter how you resist. It only remains to accept the circumstances.
  3. The chicken laid an egg - you will find happiness in love and will be able to build a harmonious relationship with a person who suits you in all respects. And another nice bonus will be winning a large sum of money.
  4. The rooster tramples the chicken - you will enter into a secret love affair, which will have to be hidden from others for a long time. But sooner or later, the secret will become apparent, and a wave of public contempt will cover you, you will be condemned.
  5. Brood of chickens headed by mom - miss an important chance for you and because of this you will regret a missed opportunity for a long time. But if the dream had a dream of an unmarried girl, it promises her family and many children.
  6. Buying a live chicken - fortunately. You will find yourself in the flow of luck. Any business for which you undertake will be successful. So dare and use all the possibilities that fate will send you.
  7. Boil chicken soup - to unpleasant duties at work, from which you can not get out. Try to do everything qualitatively, so as not to give the leader a reason for cavil and displeasure with you.
  8. Fry or stew chicken - to a series of endless household chores that only you can do. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and redo everything as quickly as possible, then after a while you can breathe freely.
  9. There is a chicken - you have to visit the doctor and find out about the unpleasant diagnosis. The disease will cure, it does not pose a threat to life, but will spoil a lot of nerves.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Chicken - a symbol of great hassle and incessant vanity. You will fall on a large number of responsibilities that will have to cope, giving up personal life and sacrificing free time.

More interpretations:

  1. The chicken laid an egg - you need to become more patient. Only then will you get what you deserve. You should also stop going from one extreme to another, and learn to go toward goals gradually, in small steps.
  2. Black chicken dreams of troubles that will affect relationships with loved ones. They will not meet your expectations and add problems. Try not to get angry, but agree.
  3. Dead chicken - because you are often annoyed and intolerant towards other people, you may suffer. Family happiness is at stake, so if you do not want to part with your spouse, be prudent.

Esoteric dream book

Big and beautiful chicken promises happiness in love, which you have been waiting for so long. Your loneliness will soon come to an end and you will meet your betrothed, who will exceed all your expectations and bring you closer to a state of absolute happiness.

More interpretations:

  1. A few chickens - to massive hassle and some chaos in life. Cases will noticeably increase, and it will seem to you that you are not in time. But worries will come to an end quickly, so you should just wait a little for a hectic period.
  2. A huge variety of birds - to the hard and hard work that you have to. We'll have to sacrifice sleep, rest and entertainment. But the reward for your efforts will be very high, so it’s definitely worth the effort.
  3. Feed the chickens - meet a person who will take care of you. He can become not just a lover, but also a friend, soul mate, ally. Take care of such a person and try not to let go of yourself for a long time.
  4. If there is a chicken, you will receive a valuable gift that you have long dreamed of, but could not afford. He will be handed to you by a man from whom you absolutely did not expect such generosity.
  5. Chicken eggs - to cardinal changes in life, but also very happy. Your way of life will change completely, you will have to adjust to new circumstances for some time, but in return you will receive everything that you have long dreamed of.
  6. Rooster chasing chickens - to disagreements and conflicts with the second half. In order not to bring the matter to a major scandal, you need to sit at the negotiating table and try to find a compromise - a solution that suits both.
  7. Chopped off chicken head - get the important news you've been waiting for. This information will please you and lead to favorable life changes.
  8. Chickens - to the addition of the family. This does not necessarily symbolize the birth of a child. You can buy a property or a car, make new friends or a pet.
  9. To feed the chickens - to poverty and deterioration of the financial situation. This will happen due to the fact that you do not know how to handle money, and do not want to learn this. However, if you catch yourself in time, problems will be avoided. You need to master financial literacy and start keeping track of the budget, plan all expenses.